Tips for the newer/younger players.

Hello everyone.

This is a sequel/add-on to Mztik's article which can be found here:

First of all, this Tutorial is mostly for the newer/younger players who don't play ET on a fairly high level and would like to get there. But it's also for those, who just need some more knowledge. I've put here many things which people tend to forget/don't know about, while playing ET.
I have played this game a lot and often I see people making mistakes which they could easily avoid. Everyone makes mistakes, but the goal is to minimalize the mistakes.
So here are a few tips how to play better, help out your team, get further and achieve more.


Selfkilling is a very important factor while playing ET. It's not useful all the time, but it helps you to prevent getting fullspawns or push out and kill opponents before the spawn.
How to bind selfkill:
1) You need to type this into your config : /bind KEY(mouse5) "kill; forcetapout"
2) Force tapout helps you to tapout while pressing selfkill, without the need to press space to tapout. It's easier and it prevents players from getting fullspawns (most of the time).
3) I would advise binding selfkill, on a button, which you can press really fast and which is easy to access (for example mouse4/mouse5).
How can selfkilling help you:
1) It can prevent you from getting fullspawns.
2) It helps you/your team to push out before your own spawn and killing allies.
3) It prevents you from staying alone versus the opponents, when most of your team is dead and you're in a sticky situation. Most of the time it's better to selfkill and attack/defend again together with your team. THIS IS SITUATIONAL.


When it comes to spawntime, a lot of people forget how useful knowing spawntimes is. Spawntimes can give you a huge advantage when it comes to playing ET. On most of the maps Allies spawntime is 20s and Axis spawntime is 30s. On some maps the spawntime is different from 20/30s.
For example: Supply is with 20/30 but Frostbite is with 25/30s spawntimes. To find out on which maps what spawntime there is, go on a server and look it up, or use google.
How to get the spawntime: There are 2 most advanced methods:
1) Pay attention when the opponents selfkill and then -1s from that, you should get the spawntime. (This might not be accurate, since some opponents selfkill 2s before or even 4s before just to throw the enemies off.)
2) Try to get near the opponents spawn, where you can hear or see, when they spawn.
How to remember/let others know the spawntime of the opponents: Now, here there are 3 most advanced methods:
1) Just type in teamchat once in a while or say on comms (teamspeak/vent etc.). This is the harder method, since players tend to forget/are too busy playing + writing takes time.
2) You can download the ET Spawntimer, which should help you to spam the spawntime in the teamchat by clicking one button.
3) There's a possibility to bind a button (for example /bind f12 "timerset 20"), on which you click on when the opponents spawn, and then it will count down and reset everytime on 20, when it's gets on 0, so you'll know when the opponents spawn.
How can spawntime help you:
1) It can help you to push out and lowering opponents (maybe even killing them) before killing out yourself (selfkilling).
2) It can help you get your opponents on long spawns/full spawns.
3) It can help you to spawnkill. Panzer opponents, rifle opponents or set artillerys or airstrikes near the opponents spawn, so that they would get killed right after the spawn.


A lot of players forget to watch the compass which you have in your config (you hopefully have). The compass gives a lot of information about your and the opposing team. It's highly recommended to use compass and from time to time check the compass to get more knowledge about your and the opposing team.
How can compass help me:
1) When playing medic, using compass is a must. It helps you to revive more easily, as in it shows on the compass, where your allied companion who's in need of a revive, is.
2) It helps you to spot enemies behind corners or camping spots.
3) It helps you/your team to time pushes together and help eachother out.

Kill/reviving (for medics):

Kill/reviving can be very effective form of keeping your teammates alive/helping out your team. It's only done in situational times, where you're sure to help others. When you kill/revive a teammate, they get a spawnshield for a short amount of time.
How to kill/revive:
1) If you see your teammates being on very low hp (5-15%), you can kill them (with a shot of a pistol/gun or with a knife) and revive them instantly so they get half of their hp.
2) Make sure you're close/near to the teammate when you kill them, other wise this can turn out into letting the opponents gib the body before you get a chance to revive.
3) In situations where your engineer is planting/repairing/defusing something, it's helpful to kill/revive them, so that they could plant/defuse/repair with spawnshield. This can help your team to finish plants/defuses/repairs.


Gibbing/reviving is a very important aspect in terms of killing opponents and teamwork. Gibbing/reviving helps your team to get an advantage over your opponents. Both gibbing and reviving are mostly situational. It takes a good player to know when to go for another kill or when to gib, when to revive or when to go for a kill before reviving.
How to gib:
1) Make sure you gib most of the time (especially engineers, since they can build/repair/plant objectives, coverts since they can destroy objectives/take clothes).
2) Gibbing is situational, but in order to get a better position over your opponents, I most of the time advise gibbing although THIS IS SITUATIONAL.
How to revive:
1) It's good if every team has at least one medic going with engineers to help plant/build/repair/destruct. If you're playing that role, make sure you stay near your engineer, but not too close (that you both get naded).
2) When pushing together with your team, make sure the last person is there to revive your teammates when you/them die.

There's more to come. I will try to make/put pictures to make it easier to acknowledge. Also I will try to think of more aspects which might help the newer players.
I hope this helps.
this is solid
everything is situational, its good that u emphasize that

in general in most of your "highskill" matches i feel people selfkill too much (in bad situations) and also gib way too much. ofc u also need to know what to do when u dont selfkill in some of these spots, it can be better to selfkill just because of skill factors
ive found its alot of fun to pretty much live in supply caves and have most opponents rage hard for example. most people make shit adjustments when u stay there alot and dont selfkill much. like attack too slow, focus too much on killing u and not maybe bypassing and shooting while doing that etc. theres alot of spots in 3on3s where u can just leave some defender behind when he stays at silly spot, but 95% of players just rather challenge them in unfavorable fights for them and most of the time even if they get the kill its alot of time wasted already and the attack is pretty much ruined
im not a very good player or anything but i notice alot of spots where the vast majority of players play a certain spot wrong without ever realizing it
ive even thought about making few videos of some of these common spots that occure quite often but probably it stays at that, just an idea.
also most of the opponents start to call u a shit player when u pretty clearly outplay them in some areas of the game, so i suspect these concepts wouldnt be too well recieved

this is for people that have the foundations down already which u wrote about, but are not able to make it to the next level, which would be something like one of the very top players

the way i view the game makes me also gringe to all these debates of "brain/gamesense" and "rambo/aimer" players, coz i feel like most people miss lots of the benefits of being agro. people should realize that pretty much every action means something towards the objective part of the game
Go ahead and make the videos.
ut 95% of players just rather challenge them in unfavorable fights for them and most of the time even if they get the kill its alot of time wasted already and the attack is pretty much ruined

Exactly. It's hard to explain most of these things tbh, as I said, it's situational + when you haven't been in that situation, you won't get it. But yeah, tried my best and will continue adding more info here, when smth comes to mind.
Agreed on the selfkilling part. Though I feel like that's more of a problem for med+ or the lower tiers of higher skilled players/teams. You won't see most of the best teams do a massive selfkill unless they have managed to push out successfully. I've won numerous games by just abusing mass selfkills on the enemy team and I've taken countless full spawns trying to hold enemies off long enough for my selfkilling teammates to respawn.

I also feel, like you said, it's rather important to know that if you keep 3 guys busy or even just get them really low, they won't be shooting at your teammates. I tend to say this on comms when I can. Some people think those are redundant comms, but I think that those can be very useful if your teammates are smart enough to press their advantage.
Yeah, the problem is probably even more pronounced in OC prem / 2nd div levels. But in my view is its still there with most of the EC teams as well, discounting the top3 teams or so.. Its just less obvious and more debatable spots, when u look at better players. I feel like people default into selfkilling alot and dont really think it through in every situation (every spot is always unique). Same thing with gibbing. Theres a mentality that gibbing is always good, its really not..

Also thats not redundant comms at all, definitely keep doing it imo. Atleast better players would appreciate those calls.
Like you said, I was mainly refering to top 3 teams. Eventhough the difference is already very noticable on 'lower' levels. Because when bF was active and doing good (and I had to actually play), I never got frustrated about people selfkilling too often because most of them knew when not to selfkill.

But with a lot of other teams I got demotivated by always being the last man standing and seeing a stage get lost for no other reason than a full ammo clip and people not thinking things through :P
where are you going with this...?

You don't selfkill, you get spawnkilled!!
I was talking about the time when most teams were still motivated to get better :D
nononono, i don't get spawnkilled - I SPAWNKILL!!!! (followed by a fullspawn)
Except when the enemy (mostly an Allie) respawns in less than 5 seconds, I don't see why it shouln't be ALWAYS a good thing to gib the enemy. If my team has good aimers but who cannot be arsed to gib, it can be rolled by lower aimwise teams who are correctly coordinated between pushes and revives...
tout dépendant dans quelle situation tu es, si t'as tué 1 mec et il y a en un autre qui arrive, tu peux toujours le fragger si t'as un avantage par rapport à ta position/hp,etc. Même chose quand tu dois revive ou aller pour le 2e kill
Ah, vu comme ça, d'accord, j'y avais pas pensé !
All that knowledge and we didnt win OC D:
we had even bigger problems! =D
no knowledge will help you when you don't have any full-blooded rifle (not even engie for that matter) :)
Our rifle was perfect.
I dont remember having one :D
ah you were too busy spawnkilling :P
hey :( I was there :((((
I meant in officials
QuoteTips for the newer/younger players.

2003 years old game
2003, and yet we got some players who just started playing. Don't really get this comment.
still rolls any other multiplayer game on the scene
I'm a newbie in ET. True, i know most of informations written in this tutorial, but the part about how to get to know the spawntime of enemy is really usefull for me. It's still a pain in my ass to figure out the respawntime. :D So thx for the tutorial. :)
QuoteTutorial is mostly for the newer/younger players who don't play ET on a fairly high level and would like to get there


hahah just kidding, nice tutorial :)
nice, pain in the ass to explain it
finally i know how to selfkill
good, at least it's useful to some one.
can you learn me how to play?:(
I still can't remember if I have forcetapout somewhere at my configs, at least it is not after kill-bind. Still I don't remember being not instantly gibbed after I have sk'ed. Or did I missunderstood something here (again).
explains ur fullspawns LOL
bind k "kill; forcetapout" should work
Work for what? I always sk instantly, no need to push anything else.
oh i missed the "not" in the second to last sentence :P
u always get insta tapped out when you selfkill while you are still alive. But if you like get naded and not gibbed, you cant tap/selfkill without forcetapout for a second or 1,5sec, and thats the sitsuation where forcetapout helps. So then you can just tap out with your sk button, instead of jump, cause jump wont work unless u have forcetapout binded on jump aswell. I had it binded to space once, but it ended up into accidentaly taps while jumping and getting killed :D
forcetapout does not work for some time when you get naded and instagibbed, there is some sort of bug or smth.
It has always been there. It got "fixed" for some of us with the new .lua file, yet it ruined it for others.
well, it has never worked for me
it will work and u wont get full if u sk 1sec before ur spawn
I never use the compass tbh, or very very not often
Explains your skill then
I don't use it either so it proves nothing!
Explains your skill then
Could be true, I've never really got into the habit of looking at my compass I guess it's cause I can't multitask very well :(
i was joking :), using compass doesnt make you worse or better
same here :D
use command map, don't use compass
open command map every time you need to make a revive?
ok maybe revives are easier with compass, wouldn't know because i dont use it, if i don't know where to revive i either go look for them or dont revive =) works fine! but with commandmap it's easier to tell what's going on on
or just ask on ts where his dead body is?
far quicker to use the compass, where you can see for yourself - and it stops comms being blocked up with useless comments
true but i play et for fun and we laugh more at ts than serious trash :p
I love to trick the opponents into trying a revive when im in a good spot:)

shot 4-5 bulets in a dead mans body, wait for a desperate medic to go out of position, right before he reaches the dude to revive, you just take down the last 2 bullets in the dead dude while the rest of the ammo goes in the medics head;) sweet, fun and ohhhh so mean:)
Hehe, know what you mean :D Awesome feeling when that medic gets trolled :D

Much better to troll that way than crossfire-trolling;)
nice tutorial mate ;)
I am afraid there is no such thing as new players in et
Pretty sure you're wrong + also, im unsure that all the "older" players know every aspect of this tutorial.
too long stuff. gl
nice overall, would be good to create short clips to backup each point
too newb on the clipmaking shit to make them :<
Full version fraps + mic = quick usable content! I have been wanting to make some high production value learning content with some other aussie guys but we never got around to it lol
Quote2) Force tapout helps you to tapout while pressing selfkill, without the need to press space to tapout. It's easier and it prevents players from getting fullspawns (most of the time).

i got this bad habbit 2 shoot enemy till the last second and often selfkill on full :|
try to lose the habit !
Im Swanidius and what is this
This is a tutorial for some younger/newer/not so skilled players, who might find this info useful. LIKE YOU :)
How to gib:

I need to show this to my teammates
time check the compass to get more knowledge about your and the opposing team.
2) It helps you to spot enemies behind corners or camping spots.

Yeah, when oppos have shot a bullet or 2 towards you, and then behind the corners, it's easier to spot them. MAN U STOOPID.
this aint bf3 where u tag oppos when u see them :(((
I am not sure at this one, but i think when a oppossing player does a noise like shooting or switching weapons it will show a symbol in the direction it came from.
It actually does...
Most of this stuff is not new to me, but good work anyway! :)
Also, if a covert op (or any class?) is able to see some enemy players, they will be visible on compass and command map.
Nice, will add that soon ! :)
thanks for this
ill try the following:
1) /bind KEY(mouse5) (sounds a really cool way to selfkill instead trying to hit "l" with my fat fingers)
2) You can download the ET Spawntimer, which should help you to spam the spawntime in the teamchat by clicking one button. (i remember trying this, very cool, will try again. tho very embarrased to spam wrong spawn time ^^)
3) It can help you get your opponents on long spawns/full spawns. (never did this but ill try to put focus there also, but its hard as axis sometime i dont care if i kill on full or not ^^)
4) Compass: ( i never watch compass, but i keep on trying if it make me better)
5)Make sure you gib most of the time (especially engineers, since they can build/repair/plant objectives, coverts since they can destroy objectives/take clothes). (tbh most of the times ive felt gipping is useless, so i hardly ever gip, only engis if even them.. but it can be important so from today, ill try to gib more and get better results.)

so more game awareness instead of aim, big challenge. I try to be a more complete teamplayer.
Nice thanks, I'm a new player and stuff like this helps (even though I'm already aware of the basics).

ETpro does indeed have a very high entry barrier (2.6, 2.6b etc.) and most new casual ET players who download the game get stuck on some NQ pub. I downloaded WolfET.exe back in 2006/7 and got stuck on a funmod server and, like so many after such an experience, concluded that ET is rubbish.

I wish I would have discovered this awesome mod/game with a highly unique gameplay years ago. It needs better visibility and ease of access for new players, even within the wider non-competitive ET community.
Made this 3 years ago, you are welcome:

I know it has its flaws, but its informative anyway. I have planned to make new one, only for competitive, improved version with proper english and explanations etc but I'm lazy as fuck.

Posted it here too when I finally decided to register to CF:
Yep, MegaUpload is down, waiting new Mega to launch at January to upload it there.
Do it or you wont survive the next day
I like that you think you are some newsreporter with ur fucking lame intro.
I think weaponspread knowledge is also a need
dont need spawntimer - i know spawntimer after the game starts
dont need to look around - i can see you
forgot to add:
dont need to comment - i am retarded/useless.
played ET since... don't even remember, didn't even know the compass shows enemies.
that explains why i didn't know ':D'
It shows every enemy your team's covert sees. At least they appear on the map, I'm not sure about the compass.

Does it show enemies in other situations, too, like the ones that attack you?
If enemy player doesn't move for a certain amount of time, he will appear in the compass/command map.
It also shows a "sound sonar" (circles) when someone shoots nearby.
oh, that's what that is... thanks :D
I was obviously kidding.
It shows if someone of ur teammate sees them, or if enemy makes noise, he will appear on compass.
Thanks now I finally can go professional
gamesense - something u cannot learn by reading tutorials
but the teoretical part is a must to use it in practical way
Gamesense developes over time, but I believe if you know a bit more about the game, you'll develop the gamesense faster.
Well, I'd say gamesense is something that you learn if you play smart. It's easier to learn (or as you said develop) if you've got someone above you to tell you what u r doing wrong. You can get your gamesense even faster if u r smart enough. For example back in 2005, when I was still 'a rookie' and I had some awesome smg skills (old, good times) I had an opportunity to play with 'polish finest' (lazar, lkts, kr!sto, GrAszew - ex- Iron Cross , Hunt3r Team or Team Poland members) and it was so damn easy to learn how to play this game, just one pracc and instead of playing like med+ skilled dumbass I started to play smart. Enough of history...

Nowdays ppl care mostly about smg kills - they know less and less about spamming. Maybe there is enough of basics... Learn people how to spam or how to make their opponents 'scared' - example (from some pretty important match I played) my team needed like 5-10 seconds to get in position, played fops, had charge, but 'lightning mark' was red. Instead of holding them alone (which obviously would not happen on 'high' level games) I just threw (throw in the past - not sure if used right word) an airstrike and I held them till my team get back to set a crossfire - now how would you call that? Being dumb, or just being smart to make an advantage from nothing?:)

We could talk and talk about how to play this game... But what's the point?
That's true. I get where you're going with this and you're right. There are different approaches to having gamesense as well, but no need to argue over this. In the good old days, ET was worth so much more. Sadly, now it's starting to get arrogant somehow :<
Anyway keep doing your job!
now i know where i was going wrong!!!
so where is the tips ?
another tip:

when you're camping in a corner and the enemy team comes passed you, wait until the last one before you start shooting :) else you might backrape the first guy, but then you wont be able to gib/finish him off because the rest of his team will fuck you up

just my 2 cents :)
thanks for 2 cents :)
how would you like to show us your two cents? : D
thanks a lot!
wheres ipod? he needs to read this
was waiting for you to see this lol
you guys all seem to be experts and yet you get ownd by draakjes so hard
da fuq Krii :D
et experts xddd
There's a third commonly used method to get the exact spawntime.. It's somewhere between the two previously mentioned. It's often hard to get into the enemy spawn before they spawn and looking just tapout times, especially early in the game, can be quite unreliable, people can tap out 2-3 secs early to set the enemy off course. Anyway you get the exact spawntime by looking when the spawnshield disappears, as it lasts for 3 seconds. Well you get the rest.

Also I'd like to add about spamming. I'll use the general tactic about Supply last stage defense, axis are holding the depot outside. Anyway, if you have a good duo on east, heavily mined so the majority of allies won't use it, so most of the push will be concentrated on main, obviously. Axis will try to leave one player fucking up the push with crossfire from west tower/barrels, but what really brakes down the push is spam on main. People should avoid just randomly spamming their nades outside the gate, but in stead concentrate 3-4 differently timed nades inside the main gate to prevent the main push from strolling in. If a team does this it will be extremely hard to push in.

This is merely my own view & certainly not the best for every situation or only tactic available.
Thx, will put it up there soon, if you allow! :) Forgot about those!

Iceland phyZiC
Canada anim
United States of America kARDON

We play by three standards:


How can selfkilling help you:
1) It can prevent you from getting fullspawns.

i have it the other way arround, getting fulls by selfkilling :S
i wouldve considered reading the tips if you were actually a skilled player LOLOLOLOLOL
Oh oke bro. Got me there Mr.Cracker.
Hi im new
gonna download tzac
gotta wait 30 days
k uninstall
i guess anyone STILL playing the game or knowing about is well aware of any of these tips. i am also quite sure that the game (ever since i last played, which has been quite a time), has gone even more "aim-only". exceptional "game-sense" is something that really just comes down to making the right decisions at the right time.
for example one can think of the following: say you are the last fop guarding the bank on gold rush. your team is dead and you have 3 medics going for you while you, yourself are on low hp. you plan to sk anyway, so the best thing to do is collecting as many ammo packs as possible (for the enemy not to have them) and to leave the opponent no full ammo before you sk.
at the same time, if you were with two medics, especially on a map like goldrush where it takes some time to get back on your positions, it's certainly the better choice to just not hurry out and try killing as many opponents as possible, failing to do so and getting spawnraped after sk'ing.
if you know your opponent has, say, 3 players on full and you know that the other guys are 2 engis and a field op -> don't gib, because first, there's a good chance that someone forgets to tap out (which is when you actually gib the guy) and second you save ammo for killing the other guys.
one could go on with that list - even if one knows what would be best, it is the situational decision-making that makes one stand out and not following a predictable pattern all the time. this also allows you to beat players you would not be able to beat aim-wise.
Biggest tip is all the new players expecting to get good into leagues etc and one day playing for NC dont bother not gonna happen, People always pick the proven oldies. Prob wont even get into a decent team its happened to so many people.

By time there good enuf to play theres gonna be 0 competition.
Say that to Viko!
koop is NC captain -> point invalid
Nice guide dude. I used to know some of these tips, but not all.
Thanks Sinnu, I was half the player I'm now :)
hi subbi :)

Hello matey, how ya doin?
playing mostly LOL nowadays with spanish fellas,im even worse than on ET,np :P
haha, dunno about LoL, DotA2 is cool though :D
I would add in ammo as a tactical factor to think about. ppl tend to forget that the enemy normally has limited ammo, especially medics. of course, this is only practical for games like 3on3 or 2on2, since there are not as many weapons lying on the floor.
When I plan to selfkill, I sometimes collect and hide all enemy weapons to not give more ammo to the enemy. this sounds pretty useless, but in specific moments, it can give you exactly the advantage you need.
As an example: in a 3on3 on supply, you can force the enemy to selfkill up, if you let him use his ammo.

Also, I would emphasize, that this game is about a time to set. every action can litterally be seen as a gain or loss of time for the attacking team. sometimes a small delay of few seconds can render an attack useless.
Really good tips man
The most important one is overlooked easily:

Use your brain properly

Really, you can see so much coming at you if you just think about the situation you're in-game in.
New players are really missing out on that feature.
You should write 15 page tutorial how to use comms effectively and you could rule the world. In ET, comms arem in my HUMBLE opinionm the most crucial part of playing well.
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