ET Pack 1.4

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ET Pack 1.4

This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory" Folder on your Hard disk and you are ready to play. You just need to change the settings, they are all on default.

If you have problems or ideas for future version feel free to msg me in #fac.vae

Greetings swine

--- Version ---
ET 2.60b Version
ET Pro 3.2.6
Punkbuster Version 09.09.2007

--- Maps ---
- adlernest
- braundorf_b4
- bremen_b2
- frostbite
- supply
- sw_goldrush_te

--- Mirrors ---
VAE Mirror

--- Changelog ---

version 1.1
*Added descriptions for USB and accelprogram
*Added second USB program for people having USB problems.
*Fixed pbkey problem.

version 1.2
*Updated Punkbuster ( 25.02.2007 )
*Added frost_comp_b2
*Added Country Hack for ASE

The first version of the ETpack contained an ETkey. As the first version got downloaded by +50 persons a lot of people used the same ETkey.

This ETkey received a cheater warning on the 5th of February and it has been banned by PBbans. As this incident was treated as a leaked key case, the ban cannot be appealed and the warning will remain. The problem was solved in the first update of the ETpack
I wish to apologize for the problems we caused.

version 1.3
*Removed the tools for a better "handling"
*Updated the readme file
*PB Update ( 06.04.2007 )
*Removed Warbell
*Added Karsiah_te2 and bremen_b1
*replaced frost_comp_b3 with frost_comp_b4

<3 goes out for overdrive, Atarax and the other #etpromo guys :)
Feel free to mirror this file.

Anything 4 linux?
linux users are skilled, they need no prepack
i'm not skilled and i must put linux on in april :(
pmme if you need help
It's ezy to extract from the .run file, in ETs case I think it went like this (from memory):
1) Download the installer .run

2) type on command line:
Quotechmod a+x
sh ./ --target ~/games/ET

3) As soon as you get the chance, answer "no" to some of the installer's question to abort the installation

4) Now there is a folder called games/ET in your home directory. Go there

5) When you're in the folder, there is a folder called bin inside it. Go to bin/Linux/x86

6) In this folder (~/games/ET/bin/Linux/x86 should be the full path if you did everything according to this guide) there are three files, et, etded.x86 and et.x86. Copy them all back to ~/games/ET (in the ET root directory).

7) When you have copied/moved them to the ET root directory, you can delete the bin folder and all it's contents.

8) To make the game work, you must edit the file called et (just et, not et.x86). Open it up with your text editor of choice and replace the contents with this:
cd "/path/to/ET/root/folder"
./et.x86 $*
exit $?

Replace the second-first line with the path to your ET folder, e.g. /home/yourusername/games/ET if you followed everything according to this tutorial

9) You're done! Clean installation of ET in one (ok, two if you count ~/.etwolf) folder!

To create a shortcut to your desktop (if you use one!), just copy the et file there and rename it as you like. Or you could create a symlink to it:
Quoteln -s /path/to/ET/et

PS: If you play many patches (ie. 2.55 and 2.60b), just make two installations of ET, unless you're really tight on diskspace. If you don't want to waste any HDD space, make two folders containing the patch files and just patch and unpatch when you want to "switch".
add wolken :)
np for the banner =]
very nice! it's always been annoying to explain all this stuff to newcomers
this pack suck
Does this include mystics cfg?
I guess someone should make one for linux... lets see if I would have time after getting linux up and ready (got it installed FINALLY!!) woot, go me! :)
would be great if you can do it, cause i have no clue about linux :(
y we need this if theres ultimate installer?
wondering the same :(
and why sticky this instead of the ultimate installer?
cause its bloatware
err, not really.
Well, I only need et + etpro. I dont need jaymod + zillion other crapstuff. I rather have a rar file and extract it to some random folder, put in my config and start playing.

Besides, there were enough journal post about ppl using ultimate installer but had problems cause the guy who made it didn't cvar reset and kept some commands which made his version not work on some computers.
yes, for competition only player swine's pack could be better, but not for a pub player. comp players know how to get their shizzle anyway.
Ok, you win :/

this pack was made to get new ppl into ET and I guess jaymod is the perfect way to start playing ET these days.
why you make a package after 1000 years ET, there wont come new ppl who want to play this ugly game
you're ugly
Thank you, I'll give it a try.
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