UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

In this article I will go through the 10-15minute task of downloading, installing, setting up, running and making sure you are CB and CF cup ready for the months ahead.

First off you need to install the software from here: UAC Download

Once you have downloaded it is the simple task of running the executable file to install. Remember to start the file as administrator if you need to do this with other pieces of software on your PC.

image: img1

Run through the installation process as you would any other piece of software and install to the default destination location unless you prefer another.

Once UAC is installed start the software with the shortcut on your desktop, remembering again to start with admin if you normally need to. If you haven't got a UAC account already click the 'Create Account' tab and a box will pop up where you can fill out the information needed. I would recommend sticking to the username you are known by, just to make things easier all-round. The eMail address needs to be authentic as you will receive a confirmation eMail.

image: img2 image: img3

So now you have installed UAC and made an account you simply sign in after which you will be presented with 3 options, the main one being 'Play'.

image: img4

Once you have clicked play you will run through a donations screen that takes 10-15seconds before you can continue, once the timer is up click 'OK'. Next you will be presented with a screen that allows you to join a certain 'match room' for the game, and by CB rules this is the game ID on CB and with CF Cup we will have our own game IDs easily available to you.

image: img5

First off make sure you use select the game 'Enemy Territory' and then put in the MatchID required or agreed upon. I am going to use the ID 'cftest1'

image: img6

Once you have found a game or agreed on the match server you want to play on and connected to the server, click 'Start Scanning' and leave running in the background.

image: img7

UAC will scan and take screenshots while you are in game with screenshots being uploaded once you click 'Start Scanning' a second time after which your screenshots will be uploaded (no live upload lagging you out and this allows immediate screenshot reviewing by yourself) just incase you needed to check something personal, and it was unluckily timed with a screenshot, you can click 'Review screens from match' and delete any of your ones that were personal - you can also review other players screens if you feel the need from the game just played.

image: img8 image: img9

Becoming League Ready for Fall CB & CF Winter
If you want to play in the Fall CB competitions and the CF Winter Cup you will have to add your user ID to Clanbase here: Clanbase UAC - sign in required

image: img10

you can easily get your ID when you sign in to UAC, it is located at the bottom of the software. Hopefully this will help those of you who want to play the upcoming CB and CF season, good luck and have fun :)
Nice work! :)
Wow, you're a fast reader.
takes less than a minute to read all that...
cf people need to be told to press next on an installer wizard, awesome

e: thx for the effort though merlinator, it 's needed imo.
Worth to play some et this winter ? will be any teams be playing ?

Considering, if me nuggan, jonas, savage, doooing a comeback again´for this winter :D ???´´
if you do plan on some last minute swe-comeback, pm ohurcool as a last minute signup because the official signups have been closed since last sunday and afaik CB will be posting the groups of all leagues and formats in a couple days (ec qualis/invites too). =d
Thx i will talk to my m8s :D

I will try to get back my love crajsor aswell haha or GODCHILD OMG !

EC winners
yes do it!
oh u have to be kidding me :D
"just incase you needed to check something personal, and it was unluckily timed with a screenshot, you can click 'Review screens from match' and delete any of your ones that were personal"

So basically this program makes screenshots from the game and you can pick the screenshots you want to upload? So if you actually cheat and there are 10 screenshots in total, you can chose to upload the 9 clean screenshots and delete the 1 with cheatproof?

Where is the logic? Could someone explain it to me pls?
DExUS, the developer, goes through all of the deleted screenshots every day to make sure that none of them display cheats. I've explained this several times in most UAC-related posts on CF during the past few weeks. :P
ah alright thanks mate. didnt know that
So basically, if you delete a screenshot because it has personal information on it, he still gets to see it?

solution: wait until the match is over and UAC is finished scanning to do your online banking :)
lol you got burned to the ground son
wtf is that warning message?
doest seem to work, anyone download link of w:et & this shit?
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