ZodiMizer (supports Win 8.1)

Apparently some minimizers won't work on Windows 8.1, so I quickly made one. It will obviously work on most other Windows OS's as well and is considerably faster than Minimizor if you use native resolution in game.

The method for returning ET when it's not in native resolution may be a little slow, but I can't be arsed to find another method -- meaning you should run the "zodimizer.exe" instead of "zodimizer-reso.exe" if you use the same resolution in desktop and ET.

The hotkey is set to Alt+Z, but I can probably custom build if someone hates using it.

download (non-native resolution in-game)
relevant code
Free hax inside? If not, bah.
hm guess i could implement an injector in it, to enable RInput injecting (and your cheats apparently :S)!
Source for ZodiMizer with injector

you're welcome (why arent you on irc anymore???)
if you were polak i wouldn't trust you! :D
Just execute minimizers in xp compatibility mode like you do with ET.
But a minimi more is not bad anyway.
make one for cod ghosts?
Try this.
I don't have a copy of CoD:Ghosts myself, so I can't know if this method works on that game. Anyway, if the method works it should work.
Let me know!

(this only works if the window title is "Call of Duty® Ghosts Multiplayer", so I guess it won't work on single player anyway)
so why can't you throw in an "OR '||'" statement where you have the if statement to check for the Multiplayer and make one for Single also so it works for both ?
for example..
if (num1 == 1 || num1 == 2)
whatever... but 2 different values.. you get ?
Because I don't know the window title for single player.
Should work with rtcw too i suppose? At work atm, will test @ home, thx zodi!
wow kinda cool to see a guy like you posting on here :). If I remember wel you were the sponsor of the EDiT team at the CDC3 lan? good times ;-)
Hey :) hmm I was there with my team aMenti (TLR later on), with steelseries as sponsor... Maybe you're mixing me with another person? :D
hmm yeah it was aMenti then! I know mAus was in it ;-)..
correct! =)
any normal minimizor should work for RTCW i would assume.
Since the application looks for "ET Console" I don't think it's going to work on RTCW.
That's not the issue though. Although you're right, the minimizor method for non-native resolution wouldn't work when the application looks for ET Console to execute vid_restart through.

The problem lies in the minimizor looking for the window titled Enemy Territory which it will either minimize or restore -- and rtcw probably has a name of Return to Castle Wolfenstein or something. I could rebuild it to work on rtcw too if I knew the window title (like I did with CoD:Ghosts above).
Pretty much what I said. Except that I should've known what you hid in the code you didn't paste. Why would you not show it in the first place?
Because the code I showed ("relevant code") is the only part of the code that's important -- all you need to do besides that is bind the hotkey, check when it's pressed, and get the hwnd for ET.
and? Why would you not show the rest of it in the first place? Maybe some people like to compile the applications themselves? :p I'm not saying I need to (since I don't really play anything that doesn't have a built-in /minimize command) but maybe somebody would like to. Maybe some guy wants to change the hotkey (which should be customizable by default).
In which case they'd gain some coding knowledge out of doing it themselves! They already know how to minimize and maximize the game, all they need to figure out is how to get the window handle for ET (already done for ET Console, so that should give them some guidelines) and how to check for their chosen hotkey. :)

The reason why I didn't want to share the whole code? Because it's horrible. I don't want bad code spread around mindlessly.
sup n00bs :_D <33
My thoughts exactly
perverted miNd
yes i reply 1 month after coz im this classy
Much better name.
Minimizor works perfectly under win8.1 but you need to start it with admin rights.
yeah i never had problems, some people apperantly had though.. this is faster than minimizor if you're using same resolution and gamma and shit in-game however
I will definitely give it a try!
Actually pretty nice coded.

Even the indent is well organized. Looks almost like Sublilme Prefixr would do it.

Would come to think what else you can do...
thats horrible code though, as I've never properly learned coding and good practice (I've only learned coding by doing, and I've not done much coding honestly)

I mean it works, but that's about it :p
Bookmarked it.

Gl with your future projects.
Gonna keep an eye on it.
I installed this but I'm not seeing any sodomizing when I press Alt + Z. Help?

since when are you back?
Since yesterday. Gone again!
works but need to run as admin
What happens when we run Zodject with CGAC?
no idea. wouldn't think CGAC cared about an injector (RInput etc should be allowed right?), only what you're injecting
link broken??
Whoops. Updated the links now, awaiting approval by admin apparently -- should be updated shortly.
Doesn't work for me i got this error:
I did everything from this site to fix it:
but still it doesnt work for me.
Dont know what can i do more with this.
Anyone has other version of minimalizer?
Maybe try to download and install the visual studio 2010 c++ redist?
It still doesn't work. I tried this site and still.
Reinstalling everything or putting .dll files doesnt help. Dunno what to do.
Right now i downloaded etmin.exe
From this site:
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