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This tutorial allows you to get a full working version of Quake CPMA. CPMA is a mod for quake that allows for both OSP and CPM gameplay.

first just get the pak0.pk3



Our public server:
pwd: #cpma.et

Last update: june 2007
i love Loe <3
nice find
lol you really don't get it do you :P
There isn't any cd key control anymore ...
so no chance to get busted
Use ioquake3 if you want to get rid of pb :P
it's not needed?
No it is not :P But I hate pb lagging my pc while i'm playing. Even if you play non-pb servers (90% servers out there) pb keeps running. Ioquake has no pb support and never lags here :P
Ok. Is cpma the main mod in Q3 competions etc? ("Q3's etpro")
Atm im kinda puzzled with all these rocket arenas, osps and noghost mods.

edit: whats ntf?
NTF, Not Team Fortress is a teambased mod for Quake, lot of ET players love it.

CPM is a mod which allows for OSP gameplay. OSP gameplay uses vanilla VQ3 physics (kinda like ET, but you can bunnyhop even on flat ground, not only when you are on a downward edge.

CPMA originally only supported CPMA gameplay. CPMA is basicly the same as VQ3 with the adittion of way more aircontrol (aka bunnyhopping) allowing you to turn in the air, even gain speed by doing so. It also features doublejumping and fast weapon switches.

Rocketarena = Clan Arena
Never played rocketarena, but CA is basicly the CPMA version of it. Games are played on small maps without powerups. Players spawn with all weapons and use rocketjumps to propell themselves trough the level while killing anything along their path.

If you never played Quake, start out with CPMA. You probably going to like Clan Arena or just playing vs bots to gain some experience.
couldn't exec default.cfg when I try to start it + pak0.pk3 opens just into some googlesearch?
cannot find default.cfg means something is wrong with pak0.pk3. Either it is not in the right folder, baseq3, or you downloaded the wrong file, it should be 457mb.

457 MB (479.493.658 bytes)
well the download opens into a googlesearch, so i just downloaded q3demo and took the pak0 from there but it said that it is corrupted+it was too small :> thanks, I will try to find the right one :)
I have pak0.pk3 and all, but it keeps whining about OpenGL. Does this have something to do with Windows vista possibly ?
Err, if the step 2 cant be done, what to do? :o
You need it, why cant you dl?
ahahha n1 spamboy

here is new link for the game itself
still got one?
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