FPS Tweaking

I am aware that there are alot of people out there who either can't afford or are too lazy to buy better pc's and have to deal with bad fps on some maps, so I thought I would make this guide for getting better fps in game (alot of it is stolen from some graphic sites but I can't remember it so I can't reference it).

Two things .. graphic settings and in game cvars.

Obviously it depends on what card you have but as I have a GeForce 6800, I will explain the relevant settings for best performance (more fps).

First you need to find the best drivers for your card, google.com is your friend for this :-)

I use the new 97.73 drivers for my GeForce 6800 as it gave me the best fps when I ran a 10mb demo on supplydepot using /timedemo 1 (a command which gives you your average fps at the end of the map, similar to benchmarking).

Go into your GeForce drivers and go to "Performance and Quality Settings"


- Make sure you check "Advanced Settings".
- Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering should both be off.
- Image Settings: High Performance.
- Vsync: up to you, some people have it on and some off but theoretically speaking, you should get better performance with vertical sync disabled.
- Force mipmaps: Bilinear.
- Conformant texture clamp: off.
- Trilinear optimization: on.
- Anisotropic mip filter optimization: on.
- Anisotropic sample optimization: on.
- Transparency Antialiasing: Multisampling is said to give you better performance, where as Supersampling gives you better quality, I however just leave it off as I see no difference when I tested it :)
- Triple buffering: If you decide to put vsync on then make sure this is on too, otherwise just leave it off
- Negative LOD bias: Clamp

These BIOs settings are from my drivers, obviously there may be different settings for the drivers you have but just try to research each setting on google to find out how it effects the performance and quality.

Another useful program for graphics is Rivatuner, more specifically the "OpenGL Settings" but I will leave that bit of tweaking to you :)

I also use aTuner - http://turbomatik.i-prague.com/Hype/3.JPG

You can also overclock your graphics card (recommended if you plan to buy a new one soon) to get the best out of it but be careful how much you do, best to do it in +10 increments.

As ET is mainly processor based, you may also want to consider overclocking your CPU (I've never done this before so I can't say anything about it).

Most obvious and important commands for better fps are r_picmip and r_mode, r_picmip 1 will give you better quality than 3 but 3 will get you more fps, also r_mode 4 (800x600) will get you the most fps but i'm sure you know this already :)

(better performance = more fps, better quality = less fps)

- cg_shadows - set this to 0 for more fps, this will disable shadows where as 1 will enable circular shadows.
- cg_fov - fov 90 will give you more fps than 120 :]
- r_clear - a value of 0 will fill cracks between textures, 1 makes these cracks visible which will give you more fps.
- r_detailtextures - self explanatory, 0 for improved performance.
- r_displayrefresh - set this to the maximum refresh rate your monitor can handle.
- r_dynamiclight - set to 0 for better fps
- r_gamma - controls the RGB colour intensity level, the brighter the visuals the more washed out the textures will look, so brighter = better fps
- r_lodbias - controls the detail level of models, the maximum value will get u the best fps
- r_nocull - 0 enables the rendering of visible objects only, hence better performance.
- r_nocurves - set this to 1 to disable curves and vastly improve performance. If you notice visual faults, then set this setting to 0
- r_norefresh - leave it on 0.
- r_overbrightbits - increasing this makes the game brighter which is better for fps
- r_picmip - set to 3 for more fps.
- r_subdivisions - use this to set how complex (rounded) the curves will be in maps. 1 will give you the most detailed (smoothed) curves where as 999 will improve performance.
- r_swapinterval - leave this off at all times (bugged in ET).
- r_texturemodes - controls the texture filtering method for ET, use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (Bilinear) for increased performance.
- r_simplemipmaps - setting this to 1 will enable mipmapping which will smooth transitions between textures. Setting this to 0 may improve performance.
- r_flares - set to 1 to enable light flares, set to 0 for more fps.
- r_lodcurveerror - determines how polygons are culled from a scene when further away. When set to a low number, polygons are culled off at shorter distances, while set to a higher number they are not culled for a long distance. For optimal image quality increase this value (Objects remain detailed for longer) & vice versa.
- r_intensity - defines the overall RGB intensity, higher values will effectively increase brightness although textures will lose some of their quality.
- r_allowExtensions - leave this on 1.

Whatever FPS you can get, make sure it's constant e.g. constant 76 > fluctuating 125. I manage to get a constant 100 on most maps apart from some parts of radar and goldrush, it can go down quite abit in certain areas.

http://turbomatik.i-prague.com/Hype/2.JPG is ideal for the best performance in ET.

Remember, these are just for best fps and not neccessarily best for you so it's up to you to decide what you want to do.

I'm sure there are probably some things I've missed or got wrong, so any feedback is welcome, hope this works for you and you get abit more FPS :]
would help a lot of ppl who post "NEED HIGH FPS CFG" :D nice work...
Quoter_allowExtensions O

This controls wheter you can use opengl files in your etmain rather then the default opengl from your drivers. Mostly used by hackers, so i'm wondering why you turned it off ;) ps: in your screenshot it is actually on

I dont recommend you overclock your video card, if there's anything you want to overclock its your CPU, preferably your FSB.

r_clear is cheat protected
r_nocull is cheat protected
r_nocurves is cheat protected
r_norefresh is cheat protected
r_picmip doesnt affect fps on any pc born after 2000 ;)
r_lodcurveerror EQ 60

at first it thought 'nice tutorial' but seeing you haven't checked half the commands you posted ...
Well I don't know as much as you about this stuff, most of the cvars I got from a RTCW tweaking guide but I thought alot of this stuff was useful and can either have no effect or it can help someone, so I thought i'd put it up :)

I meant 1 for allowextentions, thx

"r_picmip doesnt affect fps on any pc born after 2000 ;)"

Hence why this is directed more to the people with slower and older pc's, plus my PC is pretty new and I get about 10 more fps with picmip 3.
he prob. dit try it, cheat protected shouldnt be a problem for him. :)
ask razz for interview to make that more interesting
true but he was to noob to hide it :DDD
wtf is kamz actually doing something usefull for community? :)
you are looking at the new kamz :)
way to go mate
ET is totaly CPU dependend. Some guy actually explained it right, here on xfire, a long time ago, but ET hardly uses your videocard but the most basic functions that were used back in 2000. Ofc antialiasing etc is somehow affected by your video card but it mostly comes down to having as much cpu horsepower as possible. The bottleneck with ET is the amount of data that the processor has to take so a fast Front Side Buse is what you are looking for. Overclocking your FSB is easier when you got good memory, preferably faster then your mobo, but i recommend you look up some overclocking forums.

You basicly overclock the FSB by small increments, also increasing the cpu voltage by a tiny bit. This will increase the speed at which your memory, cpu, data transfer inside cpu take place, but also increases heat :'( Good cooling is what you are looking for.

QuoteOverdrive, i can hear your pc take off


I recommend buying some amd64+ 3500 along with some cheap mobo ,vid card and 2 512 DDR2 chips. You will easily get 100 - 125 fps for 300€ + some brain when replacing mobo and hooking up your old hardrive, cdroms etc. If you are new, ask somebody to assist you. Its really not that hard, if you had somebody to explain it to you properly. Personally I would wait for duel core, as they really own. They wont give you that much more fps in ET, but their performance in windows and in new games is just ... wow <o\

ps: so why do you want high fps? Right for a fast smooth image and fast correct mousemovement. If you play realy really low fps, im talking 40-60 fps i recommend you use: http://home.arcor.de/_aero/projects/mforce/old/mf_testDI_20050528.zip

run this before you play ET, windows sens will be ignored and put to default, also your mouseinput will use direct input making your aim more accurate when playing a shitty pc + a q3 engine game
Ye, i'm aware that ET is mainly CPU based but instead of making a tutorial about "go out and buy a new processor or overlock your processor", I made this, it can probably get some people abit more fps at least :)
its a program that stores your mouseinputs in a buffer. If you have a crappy pc (read, unstable or low fps) you will benefit from using this tool. It will make your aim much more correct, although a tiny bit slower. I only recommend it to ppl playing total shit pc's. Just run it everytime your pc boots.
btw where can i get the 97.73 driver for my 6600gt?
Someone who can help me and say what exact is:

- Image Settings: High Performance.

Is that Hoge Snelheid, Prestatie, Kwaliteit or Hoge Kwaliteit ?
Hoge Prestatie? :|
ik denk High Performance is hoge snelheid :p
Put it to quality. wont affect fps, but you will get a way sharper picture
atleast he tries
Nice Tuturial, but like Overdrive said, some things aren't "correct". There's one thing I'm still not sure about, and that's the "brighter ET is the more FPS you get." I always thought that the brighter your ET is, you will get "less" FPS. Can someone confirm this?
Yes, someone can: you. Test it yourself.
Why thank you confucius.

However, I never stated that someone should test it for me, I only asked if someone could confirm the idea/theory. But, I should have made that more clear in my question.
I understand what you were asking, but who better to investigate whether the statement holds any truth than yourself? Run a timedemo and check which gives you more FPS and you'll find out!
You're right. Perhaps I could look into it someday.
do it yourself then
i don't get why every player with a flat screen wants 100-125 fps since your tft only has a displayrefresh of 75 , so u won't see more fps than 75 , or do i see this wrong?
yes u do.
displayrefresh NOT = FPS
euhm, displayresfresh is how many times ur display refreshes/second and fps is the frames a second , so whats the point have having 125 frames when ur tft only gives u 75 frames?
As Varma explained me in his Tutorial about Quake 3 Connection, Displayrefresh are the hardware based "fps", and fps are softwarebased (that means, that com_maxfps, are the frames per second u see, or somehting).
For tft users its the best to set r_dispalyrefresh to 0 and just leave their fps.
Thats all i know about it.
pls tell me how u can see 125 frames/sec when ur tft only refreshed 75/sec
I dont know.
Ask some1 else.
Quote by WipeoutOn a TFT it's a compatibility setting, BUT setting it to the wrong value might/will result in a worse performance. (e.g.: not displaying a frame in order to resynchronize to the default update frequency)

Syncing fps with the monitor refresh on a TFT is quite useless. The reaction time and update frequency add up.

there u are :)
using aTuner i got 333 fps with only small lags constant... on radar it still has not more than 160 :`(
what does the aTuner do?
it optimizes your opengl settings
if you do it too hard you get what razz had and thats not allowed... i tweak carefully, dont change anything on the mipmaps but optimizing your opengl helps alot
thanks for the info dude.
Going to bust you, cheater.
does it do that automatically or do you have to select any settings, if yes, would you mind to tell me which settings I should set? : )
I tend to disagree when people say et is mainly cpu dependant, My radeon x800 128mb graphics card completely bumrapes my old 256mb on board ati graphics, same cpu&ram with 3x the fps+ more on some maps.
Newer cards will still perform better on ie higher resolutions. If you set all graphics settings to low, and run in 640*480, it really shouldn't matter much what card you use.
at high resolutions video card might affect stuff. Guess you need rmode 8 or higher...
well my graphics card died a couple of days ago so im back temperarly with onboard graphics i now get a maximum of 150fps fps on valhalla, when i used to get around 900fps, goldrush i could get a solid 125fps, now i struggle to get 60fps, even on r_mode 4 in the courtyard, so this leads me to beleive a graphics card is most definately quite a big factor in getting a reasonable fps. the only difference in setup being the graphics card and my graphics card was a pretty poor one too.
For DirectX games (CoD2, CSS) on nVidia drivers you can get few FPS by installing coolbits2 patch, and on Performance & Quality Settings ->Additional Direct3D Settings set Max frames to render ahead to 0.

edit: be sure to have stable FPS before setting the option to 0, if you don't stable FPS set it to 2.

Have phun :)
r_picmip 3 = Every second war will change to 1

poor english :<
r_picmip 0-1 will give more fps than r_picmip 3

ps. tested it hundred times
on 1280x1024 i get like 60-80 (radar go die) maybe 100 in tunnels etc and facing walls but on 800*600 i get same -.- gay et i suppose
oh noez same problem ololo :D
you also got other probs ;)
hmm maybe.
but i dunno which probs you mean? :o
nah, that just points out that your graphic card is powerful enough whereas your processor is not
helped alot
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