Give back my fps!

Frames per seconds , that’s what it’s all about. Who are we kidding if we are saying we can play ET with 30 fps stable. If one wants to become good at Enemy Territory u just need a decent fps, no matter how good u are. Going from a weak to a good pc makes a huge difference. Playing without 43fps stable is not being able to use your full potential. But having the hardware for a good fps and not reaching that 125fps what u were hoping for is even more annoying. There are some very basic solutions, that won’t promised a huge fps boost but will at least be able to keep the fps more or less stable.

I heard it more then once people who have got a great pc which should give them 125fps stable without any problems. And sure if they just bought their new pc they get that maximum potential, but as time goes by they start having trouble maintaining that fps. Sudden drops to about 30-40 or their pc just can’t handle 125fps capped. How can we explain that if we are still using that very same pc. Well it’s easy maintenance. Like cleaning up your room u just have to clean up your computer if you want to keep having a good fps and keep getting the maximum out of your computer. I’m not saying u won’t keep a stable fps if u don’t clean it but if u are bothered by fps drops u can’t explain, try using the following basic steps that might make a difference.

I pointed out 3 basic steps that should improve your pc performance in general.

The windows package

Windows has a few basic programs providing u with some decent ,but pretty shallow cleaning. The two most important features are disk cleaning and defragmentation. What disk cleaning does is quite obvious but defragmentation actually reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems. It does this by physically reorganizing the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously. So defragmentation improves the speed of your hard disk. The faster and more efficient your disk is, the better your performance will be. Try playing games with a raptor HD or a casual HD that hasn’t been defragmented in years. The difference will [/b]be very notable. There are also other defragmentation programs, even more powerful then the default windows defragmenter. One I would advise is “power defragmenter”, Fast and very efficient. Using these 2 windows default options at least once a month will keep your disks in a good shape.

The register

What is the register? Well to state it as short as possible The Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for the operating system. The more u have on your pc, the bigger it is. Let’s take an example to show u what exactly causes the problem with the register keys. U install a game, and after some time u uninstall it. If u think everything linked to the game is removed you’re wrong. The big problem is games leave keys in the register that an uninstall will not remove. I’m not talking about one or two register keys it can go up to hundreds of keys. So it’s quite obvious if u had a few games and removed them, or just had some programs which u removed afterwards, your register can be filled with invalid keys. But here’s the tricky part, your register is also quite vulnerable so if u randomly start removing keys, in a worst case scenario your windows might not even boot anymore. So don’t start messing with your register unless u know what to do (or back it up). Luckily if you don’t really have any knowledge concerning the register there are few good programs to help u on the way. Of course this choice is hard because there are a lot of register cleaners on the market. And it could well be that one programs finds hundreds of errors while the other can only find thirty errors but differ to the ones the other program found. So using more than one programs isn’t exaggerating.. If u really don’t know what to pick one (or two) of those should be great. Registery mechanic, register cleaner and tuneUp utilities 2007. If u have never ever cleaned your register, the chance u find more then hundreds of invalid keys is very big. Using one of the following programs I proposed should give your pc a boost. Especially with starting up various programs.

Virus scanner and firewall

Let’s be honest surfing the web and downloading things these days is a big risk. I dare to state that doing this without a virus scanner is suicide for your computer. They chance of getting an infected file with a backdoor Trojan, or any kind of virus is huge. A Trojan installs malicious program while under the guise of being something else. And yes that is using memory or cpu. Agreed, It won’t use 50% of your computer memory but the chance of having more then one Trojan or virus if u don’t have a scanner is just way to big. On the other hand having a virus scanner like Norton installed might slow your pc even more then having a Trojan and no scanner. Norton is the most overrated virus scanner on the market. His detecting capability is hardly better then other scanners and his cpu and memory usage is just way too much. So what should u use instead. The market is full of virus scanners and it’s hard to find a suitable scanner. As we are going for a good performance here we don’t want to use too much resources so the best u can get is Nod32. This scanner is just great, it has a great protection while using almost no memory (peaks of max 22.000kb). Easy to use and no unnecessary plug-ins or whatsoever.

Using a firewall is less important than having a good virus-scanner but I still suggest u use one. Best ones on the market? Kerio personal firewall & Sygate personal firewall. Again very low memory usage, easy to use and good protection

Total packages

These days u can find programs that are total packages, providing u with register cleaners, disk cleaners and memory optimizers. If u don’t want to make it to hard for yourself and if you are not willing to sacrifice too much time cleaning up your dear old pc, a program like that could be handy. But there is no program combining the best of easy clean up task. Although 2 programs are very close to perfection I would advise u too keep using separate programs. Winutilities and tuneUp 2007 are great total packages. Going from register cleaning to cleaning history’s finding invalid shortcuts and removing bho’s.


To some It might seem useless to do these thing I just described but I’m really convinced this does make a difference, it’s obvious it won’t make a huge difference because the number one requirement for a good fps still is a good pc. But I believe if u have a good pc and your fps is not performing as good it should having that pc. These thing could make a difference. And not only for gaming this is useful, it’s something generally advisable for your computer. I hope I convinced u to take care of your computer cause it does make a difference!

Summery of interesting programs

this site offers u the possibility to upload a file, and the site will check it with about 20 different virus scanners. So if u think this file is infect this site will definitely tell with what kind of virus you are dealing.
2. ATF – Cleaner
Cleaning the cache from the primary browsers on the market. (opera, IE, firefox)
3. Hijack this log
Makes a log and detects every form of malware, spyware and viruses. If u got something that isn’t supposed to be on your computer, this log finds it! The downside is that u have to use other programs to fix it. The program only tells u what is it, it won’t fix it
4. Your uninstaller
This programs is able to remove every program on your computer, even if u lost the uninstall file or the uninstall just won’t start. It also has a great “clean temporary files” function. In most of the cases it will detect over gigabytes of junk files.
5. AVG-anti spyware
Very decent spyware detector, big database.

Furthermore just keeps your eyes and ears open when surfing the net, and don’t open or download things that don’t look familiar.

Thanks for your time, I hope it was at least a bit useful
if you cant handel 125 or 76 fps

go buy a new pc because you are wayy behind
iam way behind :<
nice tutorial, y0!
.. or just install some Linux based OS...
Right... not if you got a ATi card
Have you even tried resently? Some distros has quite good support for drivers and AMD is planning to publish open source drivers so the situation might come more easier.
Not resently i might give it a try next week

and yes i heard some stuff about AMD and his " open source drivers " thx btw <3

have a nice day
links would be nice, i'm too lazy to google for everything.
but then again, i have 125 const with aa 8x and af 16x :)

useless imho
that's complete bullshit
hoi stormG
be more specific :x
instead of speeding up defragmentation re-arrange files but put them un-organized and distant from each other because defrag dont jnow witch files belong to witch program so when et tries to accsess files they are far away from each other and it spents more time to read from hdisk
use a proper defragmenter imo
i used the one that comes with windows
lol not at all do u really think it will put files in a complete different order. It stores key combinations attached to your HD and it will not at all just put files at random and won't decrease the speed of ET
did it twice just fixed it with format
I used Diskeeper 2007 , O&O Defrag 10.0 Professional , UltimateDefrag 1.52 .
np with ET
O&O Defrag 10.0 Professional is fucking goood
Looks very nice :)
I don't think I ever did such thing before with this pc, I recieved this pc from my parents who bought a new one and atm i think i have it for 2 years or smth.
My fps on ET is average i think:
supply: 120(outside) / 70-80(inside)
Braundorf: 70-80
ET_ice: 50-70(outside) / 80(inside)
Radar: 25(fast movement+gras) / 40(nogras)

I downloaded power defragmenter wich is atm (still!) running.
I also downloaded O&O Defrag 10.0 Professional because of the good comments it recieved from other cf users. I'll test this one next month :)
Next thing I downloaded is tuneUp utilities 2007(testversie) and i'll start it if my power defragmenter is done :p

This computer uses Norton, and tbh i'm a little bit afraid of using another one because i don't really know much about such things! If you give me some more information about how to delete norton and install that Nod32 I might consider it <o/

When I tried everything, i'll test ET again and i'll say if i have an fps boost or smth :P

Anyway, thx!
Well it's quite easy to remove norton just install the norton removal tool and it should be no problem. U can find it here

Once u have done this defragment once more and run a register cleaner. Too make sure (the norton removal tool should be sufficient but u never know)

Concerning nod32 u have to get the full version (pm me if u don't know where to get it)

This program is great low cpu usage and better norton database. So it has everything norton has but even better. So don't be scared of using nod32.
Shouldn't you have mentioned somewhere that the best results you get with all those programs is when you run your pc in safe modus?

Or does that actually doesn't matter?
doesn't matter unless for a virusscan. But defragmentation and registercleaning won't make a difference wether u do it in safe mode or wether u don't
safe mode?
I cant understand the differences between defrag & registrycleaning in safe mode and in the opposite direction.

about Registry Cleaning
TuneUp Utilities 2007 > * ?
no difference @ safe mode

TuneUp is great for the register yea:)
Where can I find a license code for Registry Mechanic?

Because he isnt fixing all my problems because I dont have the full version :(

(tried google)
Defragmenting means next to nothing for in-game FPS as long as you have enough RAM to avoid disk swapping (which of course will cause FPS drops even on defragmented volumes). It can improve load times somewhat though.

If you're worried about what quebratolas said then simply defrag both before installing ET and immediately after. This way all ET and ETPro files will be defragmented and located close to one another.

It really doesn't matter where the files are located though since a relatively small number of physical files are accessed. If access time varies due to the files' location then it's more important that the massive pak0.pk3 is defragged.
hey great tut thx!
I dont have a virusscanner, and i dont have any virusses...
format C:\\ > this shit
use speedmypcup 3.0

warez at
I already have NOD32 4, Sygate personal firewall and tuneup utilities 2009. Still i have fops drops :/
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