Watching gaming movies!

Watching gaming movies!

This tutorial will give you all the help you need to play any gaming movie (and any normal movie) in the world!


Most of the gaming movies released nowadays are x264 or Xvid. Most people do not know how to correctly play these movies in the right way. Here are some ways you DON’T want to play your gaming movies on:
- BSplayer
-Windows Media Player
- Real Player
But why not using these programs?
These programs are using to much processing power then it really should do, also there are to much crap in it then you need to have ( Real Player, Bsplayer, WMP). VLC is very bad kids! It can play SD x264 movies very easily but when it comes to HD it gives a lot of problems like glitches, stutters and not using your processor in the right way. K-LITE CODEC PACK has the worst settings ever for playing gaming movies.

Before we start please delete all your codecs and shitty players.
Now we got that over I’ll show you how to play xvid, x264, WMV.
So you don’t have any problems watching your movies.

Let’s start with Downloading the right codecs and programs.
- Media Player Classic
- Coreavc
- FFDShow
- Haali Media Splitter
- Download your latest graphic card updates.

After installing all these programs we will have to change some settings.
FFDShow is now decoding all your x264/ h.264 movies, Go to Start, Programs, FFDShow, FFDShow video decoder configuration and then press Codecs on the left. Disable h.264 support from FFDShow like on the picture below.
image: Naamloos

CoreAVC is decoding your movies now. Check of all coreavc settings are right.
Start a x264 movie...rightclick on the screen...filters....coreavc
image: 2
Note: RGB32 should be on the top of the list!

Now your media player is MPC, Haali media splitter splits the audio and video for you, Coreavc is decoding all you x264 movies, and ffdshow is decoding your audio and all your Xvid/WMV Movies.
I’ve tested these settings on 3 different computers.
Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.0 Ghz – 512 Mb ram Nvidia 5600 @ vista basic
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2 x 2.4 Ghz – 1 Gb ram Nvidia 6600LE @ vista Ultimate
Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 @ OC @ 4x 3.0 Ghz – 8 gb ram Nvidia 8800GTX @ vista Ultimate
Intel P4 @ 2ghz could play HD gaming movies like Unity Decimated Zaigon Random Spam without any problems.
Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 Could play all Zaigon HD, Unity, HD, Decimated, HD, Random Spam HD at the same time without any problems.
If you have any problems pm or visit @ #Digi’e , #ultraviolet, @ Quakenet.

Written by Zana ’Sentius’ Azem.
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where are the coreavc properties :O
Start a x264 movie....rightclick on the screen...filters....coreavc
were can I get coreavc? not going to pay for it just to see some fragmovies
coreavc is not free software.

but nice tut, thx for the info
they linked to pirate bay for coreavc lol, ban Sentius for linking to illigal content :P
Ban u for acting like a 5 year old!
I'm 5 years old, so np
i did everything but when i try to start a x264/ h.264 movie, it can't load the codec, so i cant change the coreavc settings,

help me please

thanks in advance
A NOT-torrent mirror for CoreAVC.H264.Video.Decoder.v1.3.0.0 crack by EGDE:

And the official Installation file:

CORECODEC - CoreAVC™ Professional Edition v1.3.0.0
Sentius, when using these programs, my image doesn't shock anymore, but in some movies such as Winghaven Second Nature the sound comes sooner than the image, while it is perfectly synchronized when using VLC player.

Any thoughts?
One of the listed FFDShow mirrors is not recommendable. So I suggest downloading the newest version of it.
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