How to decode movies.

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Well, its my first tutorial, so don't whine, just help me to improve.

Lets see somethings about decoding, specially about H.264 (x264).

Video is all going to be High Definition (HDV). It's not hard to find Movies, TV series (HDTV), receive TV in High Definition, but the big problem is: "How to decode that kind of movie?"
Some receivers (of Satellite TV and not only), DVD players etc can decode it by hardware. But lots of people have media-centers ( I'm one of them) and it's very nice too see DVD's, Gaming Movies with a big LCD/ Plasma TV in our living rooms with a nice sound system. But HOW?! lets see how...

First of all, we have lots of formats of Hdv, such as Wmv, avi (ex: xvid), mp4 (h264) etc.
image: seta Wmv (Windows media video) is easy to decode because that codec was made for Internet streaming (low bitrate). We can use it with higher bitrate, but the filesize becomes too big and without a nice quality.
image: seta Xvid uses MPEG4 to encode. Easly decoded by some random Windows/Linux Video Decoder (ex: Vlc, FFmpeg, Media player).
image: seta H264 also knows as AVC (for Advanced Video Coding). It's the codec of future (ex: HD DVD, Blu-ray disc, Tv's). Very popular nowadays in Game movies. Good for high definition.

After do a litle search in web, i found a table(look down) about the pc specification for play HDV (High Definition Videos), but is a bit wrong, since the decoders are getting better etc.
image: tabela

So, my suggestions for decode h264 (and not only, with that settings u can see all movies u want) are: use,
image: seta K-Lite Codec pack (Media player classic, fddshow and some other stuff)
image: seta CoreAvc (for decode the h264 video)
image: seta Nvidia Pure video decoder (optional, for Nvidia and Ati users, at least works with fx5200/ Ati 9600 and newers)
image: seta Site about Avivo of Ati's (i sugest Ati users to take a look here)

After download all files, start installing:
image: seta k-lite codec pack with thoose settings. (basically we are going to tell to computer to use k-lite codec pack for decode the audio and all kind of movies, except the h264 ones)

image: seta CoreAvc will be our h264 decoder. Use the following settings in media player (click one right key of mouse,Filters and then Avc decoder). (execute the keygen, then copy to c:\windows\system32 , then start -> run and type: regsvr32, and press ok)

image: seta Nvidia Pure Video decoder. A great decoder that helps our hardware. Dont know too much about the decoder. Just install and register.

After all installed, open Media player classic, then press ctrl alt del and set the priority
of mplayerc.exe to above normal.

This settings works fine for me (in my mediacenter, Amd 64bits 3000+ +512 ram and a fx5200).

U can download some HDV movies such as: Zaigon (HDV 720 30fps) or the newer Legendary (q3 movie, HDV 720 50fps, very nice to test the decode). Download also a HDV movie from WebArtDesign: S4rna movie

Hope my tutorial has helped u. Any question, ask me in #WebArtDesign @qnet.

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that's why I meant, I didn't say you stole the tutorial but the english isn't yours :)
ahaha.. is my english...i hadnt too many errors... but yes.. a friend helped me :)

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you can encode xvid with h264 too
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Nice tutorial ;)
I've been struggling to play the new x264 movies, thanks.
You should also mention matroska.
avc works fine. Yesterday tryed to see UNITY 1080p 25fps (from shaolin productions) in my media center and it worked smooth :D
hmmm, when i read a bit more about matroska, it's not actually a format, it's an "envelope for which there can be many audio, video and subtitles streams, allowing the user to store a complete movie or CD in a single file."

So I guess you don't have to mention it after all :>
better than legendary btw

and one thing 2.4ghz processor to play 720p is wrong
as i said in tutorial.. this is wrong nowadays... i played a 1080p movie in a amd 64 3000+ (skt 754) with 512 ram.. so.. :)
i can easy play 1080p look my pc in my profile
i have 2.1ghz :) 768 ram
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