MovieMaking Hack - Take more than 9999 screenshots

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Download link: (download both files)


Most moviemakers record their movies with high cl_avidemo values - mostly few hundreds, but in some cases goes up to 1 thousand which sometimes makes it hard to record a longer scene using such settings because ET has a very low limit of maximum screenshots it can take, that is 9999.

With this hack, you can take millions of screenshots which allows you to record much longer scenes even at high fps rates.


Once you download it, extract it to a directory outside ET installation, to your Desktop/MMHack/ for example and you'll see MovieMakersHack.exe and MovieMakersHack.dll inside. To run ET with this, you have to run MovieMakersHack.exe which will ask you to locate your ET.exe - do it and it will load game with MovieMakersHack.dll injected to it's process which will then do what it needs to do (change some stuff in the engine in order to increase the limit).

Since this works on the same way as a cheat, you should know this:

a) Do NOT put hack files in your ET dir.
b) Do NOT play with this on servers.
c) Use it only, and only for moviemaking (viewing demos and doing cl_avidemo)
This hack will not leave any traces in your ET dir, so it's safe to play
on servers after using it. But as mentioned above, don't play while running
this hack. If you do, you'll get kicked by either punkbuster or etpro if you're on an etpro server.
d) Works on 2.60b patch ONLY - will crash on other versions

Source code:

If you wish to make changes to it or add new features, source code can be found here:

Thanks to N7 for the DLL injector.

That is all, enjoy in it and report bugs if you find.. although there shouldn't be any.

Credit me if used, thanks.


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Nice one sexeh chaplja
not really tbh

you can also do

/cl_avidemo 30
that makes 30 screenshots a sec
they will be placed in etpro/ss
drag the first ss to virtualdub
file >render as> nohackzor.avi

nohackzor in you cracked sony vegas 7.0
edit it how you want
render as nohackzorfinal.avi

gg and no hackzor
congratulations on missing the point of this hack.. completely

everybody knows that using cl_avidemo 30 will work as well, but people use high values with a reason.
Lol, I'm waiting for all the new busted players saying they just had this running by misstake...

But nice work, very usefull
Amazing work dude, thanks!
as i said in irc.. u owns coding :) keep the good work mate :*
hmm i've never gone over 9999 but n1 anyway.
I always go over 9999 :c
bcouse u own in 10 sec like 4 frags!
the only frags he has are sprees, trust me
i see some more red warnings @ yawn coming ^^
usefull and HACKER!


this is nice, I ran into that problem when I was TRYING to make an avi of my own... and ended up giving up because of this exact problem! should try this again soon!
Nice, this is really usefull! :D
made a hack like that myself but never published it.

waiting for bann.........
why arent you banned?
Other cheaters get banned
'other' as 1 out of 10?
chaplja <3<3<3
i ll prolly get banned if i dl it so i ll let it be
kK guys vry nice tutorial!!! for sure but i got a lill problem! i can only compress those pictures ( with huffyuv ofc ) for less then 2 GB, if the avi file is higher size i cant load it in vegas!!! help me with this problem!!!1
dont use the new huffyuv then.... i bet u are using the new one
ag0n if i use lagarith i got the same problem so what to do now ? :<
;\ are u changing some settigns in huffyuv (use it in default.. and use 2.1 version)
ya now workign :D thnx ag0n :) nice dude
Thank you
+ CREATE some hack which can go over cl_avidemo 1000
sould be usefull <3
again thx, this has made my life so much easier
i cant get it to start in etpro =/
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