Homemade Glass Mousepads

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Good morning Crossfire users, since a lot of people are wondering how to make your own glass mousepad, either for playing with or just for testing purposes before buying a real Icemat glass mousepad, I thought about making a short tutorial, it's easier than you think and it won't take that long.

This is not a fight between Homemade and Icemat mousepads, it just shows you an alternative way of testing a glass mousepad without having to spend 37, 50 € before knowing if you actually like what you are going to buy.

» What do I need?

(1x) Toughened Satined Glass (6, 00 € @ 30x25) - Picture
(4x) Silicon Feet (0, 20 €)
(1x) Spray Paint (2, 00 €)
(1x) Black paper (0, 35 €)

TOTAL: 8, 55 € (Icemat: 37, 50 €)

» The Glass and the Paint

Prepare the floor with some newspapers and put the glass on them, you will notice what side you have to paint because it's the one that feels exactly like a normal window glass when you touch it, besides the mouse wont slide properly on it, so paint that one (Dark colors work better than light ones, black, dark blue, etc).

» Click here to show or hide the picture[/b]]image: paintzy7

» Silicon Feet

Not much to say about it, you can buy them in packs of 10, just put them at the bottom (The side you just have painted) so it will grip better to the table otherwise you won't be able to keep the mousepad in the table while moving the mouse.

» Click here to show or hide the picture[/b]]image: bothhw6

» Black Paper (Optional)

This is not needed unless you don't trust Chinese stores and you have bought your paint there like me, almost every spray paint will grip 100% in that kind of glass surface, but still, I preferred to add the paper to be more safe, it's just a plastic black paper that has glue on one of its sides, if you put it on your mousepad, be sure to do it before adding the silicon feet.

» Click here to show or hide the picture[/b]]image: papergu7

» The Result

We have our glass mousepad already, it looks great and you can hurry to tell your mum what you have done, but maybe that’s not what you are looking for, so I recommend you to read the FAQ to be sure all your questions are answered before enjoying your new world domination weapon.

» Click here to show or hide the picture[/b]]image: mousepadnd1

» FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Quote- What size should the glass be?

The real Icemat is 30x25, and my old mousepad was also close to 30x25 so besides I don't have space enough for a bigger one, 30x25 was enough for me, but that's something up to you and your sensitivity, so just ask for the measure you feel comfortable with.

- I don't think cutting my veins while playing is something i will enjoy, what to do?

Indeed, it’s as simple as telling them to make the borders less sharp in the store, so you won’t have to clean the blood each time after playing.

- There are a lot of people telling me it makes a lot of noise, is it that annoying?

Could be, depends on you but I don’t hear anything while playing because of the headset, try to keep it clean so it will make less noise or just burn it up If you don’t like it at all.

- How to clean it, like a normal glass or should I do anything special?

Clean it however you want, you can use water or windows cleaner, I just use a dry towel or water when it's needed.

- Will it turn me into a terminator or at least make me play better?

No, you could maybe like the feeling of it, the point of making it, is trying a new kind of material to play with and maybe that's what you are looking for, so playing better with it is up to you.

I would like to thank Germany urtier and Netherlands mike for giving me information and helping me out when i made mine.

Feel free to give feedback, I know a lot of people using it, if you are one of those doing it and you think you would add something to this tutorial, tell me so we can make it better, I hope you enjoy it.
Nice tutorial, I made one too a few months ago. Toughened glass is preferable, it's more sturdy and might survive a drop (can be an issue when going to LANs). You can also ask for the corners of the glass to be rounded slightly. I find mine to be quite noisy, I have to clean it quite often (~twice a day).
Nice sweating! :XD
He's spraying it everywhere.
Great, i will add it as an alternative glass to buy.
Just to avoid confusion, it should be toughened satined glass, if that wasn't obvious to readers!
what if u r not handy :D ?
nice one, but what's the height of the finished pad? (because i dont have so much space, and i have my half of my keyboard on my mousepad)
The height of the mousepad will be dependant on the height of the glass you buy lol
and feet, but nvm :)
can't you just skip the paint, and only do the black paper at the back?
It will probably reflect the infrared light wrong
why would the paper reflect it, and the paint not? (mat/glans verf dunno)
because you have the 'brekingsindex' of glass. When the infrared doesn't make a corner of 90 degrees with the glass, the light doesn't go straight anymore but moves a little bit. Kinda hard to explain in english, it's like looking at the water, but the way you see stuff in the water isn't right. Take a glass, and look through it, it will look weird. The paper is just there to make sure everything is covered, incase you missed something with the paint.

image: supportBinaryFiles?referenceId=2&supportId=777831

The glass is just there because it feels smooth
only with other shapes right?
Not when it comes right from the of it


il make pic with paint
I can explain in dutch XD
Ye but when you move your mouse from the left to the right you can't keep it 90 degrees, I guess that's why
ah ok
I didnt payed that much attention as u at "Natuurkunde"
I've made 2, the one shown here is the one i painted and added the paper, but my Diamondback works as well on the other one which i didn't do anything with, so it's transparent.

I guess it's all about testing colours with different kind of mice.
Nice tutorial. I'm currently playing with a small icemat, so is it worth it to make a bigger one using the homemade glassmat?
where are you gonna buy the glass plate? :D
Gamma or Praxis or something i guess :P
If you find it to be a little bit too small then I'd do it, it's not exactly expensive.
I love my glass mousepad but there are few problems with them:
Laser mouse dont works(just a heads up for people with laser mouse)
You have to clean it like every day pretty much(water + towel)
Its a bitch to take it to lans(50x27cm) :/

Luckily i have two, one is a bit smaller and i played with it on lan, not the same as home, but atleast you can put it in backpack..
I saw yours in CPC2 and it was more or less same size as mine, so it wasn't a problem to bring it there in a normal bag.
Not as good as urtimat but ill take it!
Nice tutorial, will try it some day
what do you prefer for under your mouse, what skatez with this pad?
nice tutor heading, now I got someting to do during the holidays :D

and you can also start selling fake icemats to little kids :D
could this work for a g5.... sorry i am noob with surfaces and stuff
To answer a couple of the questions:

- Glass thickness of 4mm should be enough, I wouldn't go lower.

- You can buy/order the glass in almost any decent glassworks place, just look one up in your Yellow Pages.

- You'll need to clean it 1-2 times per day, depending on how much you use it. It gets dirty quickly.

- Copperheads/G5s (and other laser mice) will not work on it.

- Satined glass is not the same thing as stained glass!
my G5 works perfectly on my icemat, some people dont know how to combine them together thats the problem
very nice tutorial
Made this like half an year ago whitout crossfire. Looks crap but works :)
image: P6240330
you pay 70 eur for a mouse and you use it on a cardboard with a piece of plastic foil taped over it? never seen such a waste of money.
First, I didnt pay the mouse, and second i remove that plastic when I start play. More problems?
what tapes sould i use with my MS Intelli Explorer 3.0 ?
hyperglide surfers are fine
some people are talking they cant use it with a laser mouse
Is it useable with a optical mouse?


Can I add images between the glass and paint?(paperimages)
laser mouse work perfect if you know how
i bought a new ice mat, i tried playing on it, my laser couldnt track on it, there is some weard kind of stuff on the top layer of a icemat, what i did was, i cleaned it with my deodorant, i dont think it matters what kind of deodorant, aslong it has alcohol in it. i sprayed on my icemat cleaned it heavily and tried again playing on it, and woehala it worked perfectly, im using my ice-mat for over 2 years now and it works perfectly with my g5,

ps: you can clean it also with; http://www.schoonmaakprodukten.be/uploads/producten/003564_gr.jpg random pic of cleaning product
Ok, I don't really care since I don't use a glass pad, it just looked like you expected someone to ask you "how"
yep. like icemat but a lot cheaper, and you can have any size you want.
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