Fix the ET prob. @ Vista

I lol'd about all guys here who cant play ET @ Win. Vista.
I can play vista and want you to tell how to fix the problems of this O/S for et and other FPS. But first we have to activate some things. So lets get started.

First we go to our Enemy - Territory directory. Most times C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

Now click at your ET.exe icon with your right mouse button and select properties or something like that. ( I have dutch windows so ;p).

If you have the window with the configurations for et.exe you have to go to the Compatibilities tab.

Now you have to select ¬ Start as administrator and you have to select Starting the program at Windows server 2003 (Service pack 1).

I know my English is bad but I have a screen. Easier.

image: windowsnf7

f you have selected the both things. Press the apply button. And press Ok.

Now try to start your ET :). And voila, no fps lag anymore (quit xfire before gaming), no error's. And if this doesnt help - I can't help you.
done before, good information though
I got it working by just remembering to "run as administrator" everytime I start it =) it works
Doesn't work.
Sorry but this was very poor :< Tested both ET on Vista tutorials and it still doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks for your effort.
which version of vista do u got? whats ur problem with et?
Windows Premium

When I try to open ET, it always freezes at the part when the ET Video Intro wants to play. So I deleted the video out of ET but then it still froze at the Main Menu.

I even tried using HLSW to join a server but that didn't either work (there it froze at the Awaiting Gamestate...)

Hope you can help me :)
well i never heard of this problem so far, im using buisness edition and i dont have any problem with any game or any programm.
well but i got some advices for you :)

1. get all updates for premium
2. maybe your hardware doesnt fit with Vista (Drivers[update], Performance)
2.1 priority goes to store (visual and ram) . vista is a fucking store eating operating system.
2.2 check if all drivers fit with your vista version
3. reinstall et - maybe there was install bug
4. if no point can help you i would try a format

and always try to open every programm as administrator like in the tutorial.
So u can reduce bugs or any other mistakes :)

Good luck with this, hopefully i was able to help you :)
Btw when u know what it was please tell me.
Thanks so far.

The thing is that the laptop which I'm using is running Vista and since I bought it, I haven't been installing or uninstalling drivers. So I could try to download some drivers.

That would actually the only point which could help because the other stuff I have already tried.

And yes I'll tell you in case I should solve the problem.
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