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Admin Note: its been reincarnated from the past, but should be somewhat the same @ cc5 aswell.

I wrote this small tutorial for all the players going to CDC. I hope to make it easier for them to install the settings they use at home and prevent any problems with the windows patching. This tutorial is also aimed at ppl who don't use any special settings; some tard is bound to turn off windows acceleration or mess with the usbrates :P

Saving your settings:

Before you go to the lan there are a couple of things you want to backup. Save all your settings online AND on a USB stick.

1) Export your mouse registry settings.

Open regedit: Press the windows 'START' button > 'execute' > and type regedit.
image: img_2ea7f0f1b9b43ad5a91a3dc1ed8853a9

In the registry editor go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse]
image: tmb_28b70058f5f7d8361754c9f1486e25ae

Right click the folder 'mouse' and export. You will have created a registry file. Executing this file will change the registry of your computer to match the settings of the file.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\razer]
"DeathAdderversion"=dword:00000064]Click here for example registry file
//Note: the second part [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\razer] is for razer users, orly :P

2) Accelfix.exe is a program used to turn off windows acceleration. It can be found here. It will either say windows acceleration is disabled or enabled. Change the settings if needed and reboot. Open the program after the reboot to make sure the changes have been applied.

image: img_060b87ce282a9ac1aad7c72d1edb820b

3) USBrate is a program to change the polling rate on mice that dont support it in their drivers. Do not use realtime setting. Make sure you have disabled it before applying the change. You can download usbrate here

Realtime function will crash the LAN pc. You will need a 20 minute system restore to get it back working. Just make sure you disable it at the settings menu. It is on by default. Wzzrd might force players to use usbmrs, which is the same tool as usbrate but without the realtime feature

image: img_79ade5b83f7f63c8291ff7e1af8b5da8

4) Make a screenshot of your driver settings, if you use any.
image: tmb_35b6d9bb99661a5c47fbb3f0e0b1c28b
image: tmb_0a55b3db490cd9a00ca2072dabc8a9a0

5) Some players use different keyboard layouts so you might want to check out what kind of keyboard settings you are using. You prolly have a default QWERTY unless you are living in some shitty country like Belgium Estonia France Spain etc. This setting can be found in the 'control panel' > 'regional settings' > second tab 'language' > 'details' button. Write down which keyboard layout you use.

image: img_cfdbe061f38d62a48a071a736f36c542

6) Some Video driver settings influence the way your mouse feels and reacts. The PC's at Wzzrd use nvidia video cars.

Nvidia users:
Copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvapps.xml to an usb stick or upload it. Remove nvapps.xml on the wzzrd pc and replace it with the one you backed up.

ATI users:
The only two settings that affect the way your mouse reacts are:
*Vertical Sync
*Tripple Buffering
Other settings influence picture quality only. Those settings should be on full quality by default. There is no point in changing them. Write down the settings for Vertical Sync. I couldnt find Tripple Buffering in my drivers, I could only change it with ATItraytools. By default this settings is off. If you cannot find a 'Triple Buffering' setting, it means you are not using it and need not worry about this setting.

It is not allowed to install new video drivers or rivatuner.

7) TFTs and you
Wzzrd uses TFTs which fuck up the aspect ratio of ET. If you are not comfortable with the widescreens you can try this:

Play windowed (force displayrefresh to 75 in windows, not ET!)

or use the cvars:

Quoter_mode "-1"
r_customheight "900"
r_customwidth "1440"
r_displayrefresh "75"
You probably want to this so everything doesnt look distorted. Fixing the resolution will somehow change the way your fov feels so a lot of people use this:
16:10 fov changer

Applying your settings:

CDC organization will make sure that a list of programs used to change mousesettings is installed on the computer. If you use any special applications like mf_init contact and xfire admin so it can be added to the list.

1) Check mouserate and accelfix. Change the settings if necessary. Reboot.

2) Install / Uninstall drivers. People with logitech or other drivers should take a screenshot of their settings and set things manually. Razer drivers can be set by using the registry file in step 3. Reboot.

3) Execute the registry file you made. Reboot.

4) Change the keyboard regional settings if needed.

5) Fix your config.

Ofc you do not need to reboot at each step. You can make all changes at once and go for a reboot in the end. Just do them in this order.

In the end a lot of players just measure a 180 degrees at home and check if its the same at LAN.

Feel free to edit this tutorial. Tnx United Kingdom Meez for 16:10 fov changer and Netherlands Abort for nvidia video driver part.
nice job, thank you for that ;-)
Good Job overdrive & welcome back ;)
Some keyboard layouts sux indeed
Tbh, estonian keyboard's layout is QWERTY, we just have some special characters on our keyboards, which are presented in some other way on other keyboards : /
Kuidas k2si k2yb eestiveli? h6sti?
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yep, estonia doesn't use qwerty!
we use äsõüolüpeläö

add Germany to shitty countries
Shitty country? Have a nice cup of fuck you.
i saved all my stuff but still it didnt work! (played with ingame sense 6 instead of 1,7 cuz i couldnt activate my dpi)
Wish you did this much earlier! :-DD
Nice tutorial, great new nick!
Nice Uberdrive :)
"r_mode "-1"
r_customheight "1440"
r_customwidth "900""

don't forget cg_fov 100.39487232

(or my awesome 16:10 fov changer!)
Too bad the link doesn't work

I'd update it with incremental steps with 90,91,92,93...120, but I'm just too lazy.
nice one :D
nice job!
danx dood ;D
Wtf be isnt a shitty country :<

You bastards!! Azerty FTW !!!! :DDDDD


WTFLOL How can you write like that?
Easy when you are used to it , just as you guys are used to qwerty

Its shitty if i got to typ with qwerty in the future :<

Azerty bords are easyer to use imo

Different oppinions as we are from different countrys ...
gg at having a stupid dutch windows :P

nice tutorial :)

and to those with r_mode -1 and customs on 1440x900, it will not fully correct the aspect ratio. stuff will still be a tad squished. r_customaspect should've been the one to fix that but sadly that doesn't work. (ET keeps a 1x1 pixel ratio where it should've been between 1.25x1 and 1.3x1)
nice as allways :)
azerty owns!
razer deathadder driver!
I have mousedriver, its all the same =)
r_customheight "1440"
r_customwidth "900"

should be the other way around ;)
setpoint <3

nice tutorial!!!!111111oneoneoneoneone
where i can download ?
I never did something in my windows with accelfix or w/e. Only got my DPI capped on 400 the rest in windows is all standard. So when I connect everything I should be fine ?
ull prob have to get rid of all the other stuff people have done to it.
u wont hit shit gl :D
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