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So, everyday I come across posts all over the net about people asking for a certain MP3 you've just started to get into, or just need one for a friend etc.
What quite a lot of people don't know about is 'Google hacking'
This is simply a term simply to take advantage, filter out and exploit Google in ways other than using as a basic Search engine.

Ok, so on with the fun stuff:
Visit Google and in the search bar type in ?intitle:index.of? mp3 artist-or-song-here
This basically searches through the websites index files for the mp3 you requested, and more often than not, you can find a free, full version of the song you're looking for (excluding rather unknown tracks)

There is also a real neat website that does the same as what I previously posted but don't require you to type all the code in.

There are many different ways to search for files via Google hacking, e.g. searching for passwords, specific text on a website and so on, Just search for Google hacking and see what comes up =)

Also, check out G2P
plz... the is older than ancient... can be found in any warez forum =)
Yet I see posts each day about people asking for specific MP3's
I just posted this up as it's like a 'sticky' post and people can refer to this method (if they choose) to search for what they need :>
too old to be tutorial.
Oh... This is actually the first time i read this, so it might be usefull for other people aswell :)
that site was new for me


simply use
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