HowTo: Install ET

Since I still run into some people that don't really know how to install ET, i decided to make a tutorial (mostly because I'm really bored atm).

First of all, you need to download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which can be found on these sites:

If the site is down or something, or you can't find some other download, simply write "WolfET.exe" in or "download Wolfenstein: enemy territory".

If it wont install after downloading it, obviously the installation file is corrupt, so you need to download a new installer from some other site (If you download it from the same site again, the problem will still be there...).

After you are done installing it, you need to install patch 2.60 which can be found here:

or write "enemy territory patch 2.60" on google.

After that, you need to download patch 2.60b, found here:;62012#Download

or google it the same way as stated above.

To "install" this patch you need to copy "ETDED.exe and ET.exe" which are found in the "Enemy Territory 2.60b\win32" folder inside the .rar file, into your "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" folder, you need to overwrite the old "ETDED.exe and ET.exe" with those in the 2.60b patch.

Then you need to download the Mod you want to play (eg Etpro, Etpub, Jaymod...)

I'm only gonna write this for ETPro, if you want to play some other mod just google it and do the same as you would do with etpro.

Now, you can download the newest ETPro from here, if it gets updated, the current version is 3.2.6, so download that one:

To install ETPro, just simply copy the "etpro" folder in the .rar and paste it into your "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" folder.

Last but not least, you need to update PunkBuster via running PBSetup.exe which can be downloaded here:

When the download is done, simply open it and press "Add a game" after all the checking is done, just select "Enemy Territory" the path of the game will be found automatically, after you've added the game, click on it once and press "Check for updates".

When all the updates are done, you can get some essential maps, which aren't included in the install here:

The maps you download should be copied into your "Wolfenstein: Enemy territory/etmain" folder.

After you've done all that, you can find some public servers either inside the game, or you can download The All - Seeing Eye from here:

With that program you can connect to servers without even starting the game.

Some servers can also be found on:

To connect to a server chosen from that site, simply copy its ip from the site, run Enemy Territory and write /connect <ip> into the console.

Thats pretty much it. Pmme if you have any questions.
Úseless.. There is some packs with et pre-installed. Way better and easier
i just wrote it out of boredom
You really need to be damn bored....
you'd be too :/
Anyway nice work :)
id write more useless tutorials, if id knew about what to write them
make a cooking tut like plu used to
i dont really cook much
"or write "enemy territory patch 2.60" on google."

nice for beginners
write a tutorial on how install bots

maybe someone finds it more useful
you mean cheats or computer players?
I assume he means computer players but if hes trying to act funny he means hax
ET Ultimate Installer does all this ;)
You can get it there:
Stop with this shit "I'm bored so I will something nerdy", fuck.
your sentence makes no sense
this must be the most useless tutorial on crossfire thusfar :D

edit: thanks for the effort though :'- )
i just succesfully installed ET with this.

thanks ! :D
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