Windows Pimping Tutorial

Windows Pimping Tutorial

Remember, I never pay for anything so if you get asked to pay for something in this tut do not do it cause I managed for free.

1: Microsoft has locked the OS from having any homemade skins (or visual styles as theyre officially known) installed. The easiest way to fix this, which is completely FREE, is to replace uxtheme.dll, the fascistic file in question, with a modded friendly version. Neowin multipatcher is what you need and can be found here install this and when windows mutters about file protection click cancel and reboot.

2: You can now add new visual styles to XP. Find a pro skin that you want at is a good place to start but a google search for "visual styles"; will give you loads sites, I stuck to Deviantart however. Some skins will self install when downloaded, but for most youl have to manually copy the zip files contents to C:\windows\resources\themes. Then go to control panel > display > Appearance, and you should be able to select your new style

3: To get the free themes of your choice for example "explorer bar" & or "login screen" head over to or although there is (removable) adware in the downloads.

4: To get the great desktop sidebar which is really useful at cleaning your desktop go to and grab that, you can place it anywhere on the screen but I decided to hit it in the top right corner of mine and make it semi transparent which looks sexeh.

Hopefully now you have a pimping desktop, good luck

The finished product will hopefully look like mine or however youve made it..

image: desktop
lol your desktop sux
you stole the tutorial from mythos :<
Nice =) Gna try out that sidebar =)
tnx, I will try it as soon as possible.. this is exactly what I was looking for sooo long
you probably didn't look for it too much then. :D
I thought it was already obvious im a lazy guy :P
"http:// browse. deviantart. com/skins/windows/visualstyle" link is borken
oki nvm then
get linux plz.... and that background is the default background of the backtrack linux distribution's...
Whats with this patch/fix in windows home edition?
how do you add stuff to the desktop sidebar like ventrilo or something, don't find how to do it
looks pretty well
u need vista for this kinda stuff? ;<
ok nice, lets pimp :d
I cant install the multipatcher thingy.
Im getting this error about windows NT.

image: errorwo1

When i go to that map theres nothing in it....
So what should i do :<
thats np :) i also had it, just go on
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