PC Hardware 2007

PC Hardware Intel and nVidia


There are a lot of different n1 Gaming-Tower. I don’t want to tell you which one is the best, I just want to show you some really good ones with a admissible price, too.
The most important thing is, if you want to use an “air-cooled-system”, to have enough possibilities to install further fans in the case.
Another possibility is a “water-cooled-system” which is really good for overclocking because it cools down the hardware more effective.
At least its your choice which option you’ll choose. But an “air-cooled-system” is effective enough for todays computer if you don’t want to overclock your pc “extreme”.

Big Tower ftw!

It is much better to have a “Big Tower” than only a “Midi Tower” not only because of easy intalling but also cause of more cirulation of air. You can also use bigger (better) FANs for your CPU and have still enough place for cables or sth. else.


The best adjustment is if you have 1 FAN at the front 1 or 2 at the back and maybe 1 in the side panel for intaking fresh air in your case. The 1 at the front should intake cool air, too.
The 2 at the back exhaust the air for good circulation of air. You can also install a FAN at the top (if possible) for blowing out air.

Aerocool AeroEngine II – black
image: GESI_027_1g

AeroEngine Plus – black
image: GESI_044_1g

Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case
image: GEAN_005_1g

Aplus CS-EL Diablo - black/titan
image: GEAP_025_1g

Aplus CS-Monolize Twin Fan
image: GEAP_021_1g

Aplus CS-Wind Tunnel – black
image: GEAP_023_1g

Cooler Master[/b]]
Cooler Master Stacker NV-830-KKN4-GP - nVidia Edition
image: GECO_113_1g

Cooler Master Stacker CX-830RFM-01 - Red Flame Special Edition *
image: GECO_121_1g

*this one is more show/money then neccessary

Gigabyte 3D Midi-Tower Aurora 570
image: GEGB_008_1g
image: GEGB_007_1g

Gigabyte 3D Full-Tower Mercury – black
image: GEGB_014_1g

Gigabyte 3D Midi-Tower Aurora 570 – black
image: GEGB_008_1g

NZXT Apollo Case - black
image: GENZ_011_1g

NZXT LeXa Midi-Tower - Blueline Edition
image: GENZ_025_1g

NZXT LeXa Midi-Tower Aluminium - Silverline Edition
image: GENZ_010_1g

Raidmax Ninja Case 918W - black
image: GECR-012_1g

Raidmax Sirius – black
image: GECR_018_1g

Raidmax Xforce Midi-Tower - Black Knight
image: GECR_020_1g

Thermaltake Soprano DX VE7000BWS - Black Metal Window
image: GEXA_093_1g

Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000BWA - Black Alu Window
image: GEXA_037_1g

Thermaltake Armor VA8003 BWS - Black Metal - 25cm FAN
image: GEXA_074_1g

Thermaltake Armor Junior VC3000BWS - Black Metal Window
image: GEXA_072_1g

Zalman Z-Machine GT-1000 Case - black
image: GEZA_007_1g

Zalman ZM-FC-ZE1 Fatal1ty Case
image: GEZA_004_1g

image: header_center


It would be recommenable using a motherboard with NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI chipset with 775 socket.
Some people will tell you that the NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI is better but it isn’t!
The 680i SLI chipset supports the function to run 2 GFX-Cards @ real x16 speed.
(16 lanes per GFX-Card). The 650i SLI supports only 8 lanes for the second GFX.
So if you want to use SLI effective you should choose the NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI chipset.
This shipset is also excellent for overclocking and has a lot of other usefull features.
The choice isn’t that big and motherboards are nearly the same. They are just from another brand but with the same functions.

Asus Striker Extreme
image: gpea68

Asus P5N32-E SLI
image: gpea70

Abit IN9 32X-MAX "Beast"
image: gpeb20

EVGA nForce 680i SLI
image: gpez02


image: gpem38

XFX N680i SH
image: gpexn2

image: alternate-logo


The heart of every PC is the CPU. So you should choose a new, powerfull Intel Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad Przessor. AMD isn’t bad, but in this part i want to talk about an Intel and nVidia rig. So let AMD be ignored.

Core 2 Duo
If you want a powerfull and not to expensive CPU you should take a Core 2 Duo from Intel.
You should start at clock rate 2400 MHz and 1066 MHz bus clock. (you can overclock this CPU up to 3 GHz or more with the right cooling)

Core 2 Quad
Powerfull but expensive if you want to play games like Enemy Territory. Becasue Enemy Territory doesn’t support multi prozessor, so it doesn’t matter how many CPUs you have. So you need 4 cores with high clock rates (not @ Enemy Territory:Quake Wars).
Also here is a clock rate with 2400 MHz recommendable. With this CPU you can run many processes at the same time. So it’s is really worth to buy one...four?! :P.

Intel® Core 2 Extreme QX


Powerfull…sure…more the most powerfull CPU in WOLD!!!!!
4x3000MHz @ 2x 6144 kByte Level2 Cache wtf?!
Up to 4x4.0GHZ are possible with this kickass prozessor.
This PC shows you what crysis can look like. (btw. there is NO PC in the whole world (private) to play crysis @ highest settings right now)
The release isn’t clear. Maybe this year or next...



There are a lot of different kinds of memory.

If you want to build a gaming PC you should start at 800MHz PC2 6400.
The most of these RAMs have great overclocking possibilities.
You can also buy >1000MHz memory but i wouldn’t advise you to do that.
The Timing should be CL 4 4-4-12* for better performance. There are also RAMs wit CL 5 5-5-5-15* timings but they aren’t as fast as the CL 4* RAMs.
It’s also usefull to take 2 same memories instead of one big because they can work together in SLI mode, too. (2/4x2048MB, 2x4098MB)


*Differents between CL4 and CL5

DDR2-800 CL4-4-4-12
10 ns - 10 ns - 10 ns - 30 ns

DDR2-800 CL5-5-5-15
12,5 ns - 12,5 ns - 12,5 ns - 37,5 ns


Corsair XMS2 DHX
image: ibie5j

Corsair XMS
image: ibie5e

GeIL DIMM 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit
image: ibie83

Kingston HyperX DIMM 2 GB
image: ibie7e

image: ibiemf

image: ibiems


OK lets go to the most discussed part in PC-scene – the graphics card.
Cause we are talking about Intel and nVidia there is now way to don’t to talk about nVidia’s GeForce 8800 Series.
Surely one of the best GFX on market. But there are many differents. If you want to buy a GeForce 8800, you should look for their clock rate (Chip: max. 684 MHz*, Memory: 2322 MHz*)**. There are also differents between the memory. If you can afford it, you should buy the 768 MB version. This is really future proof particularly when you buy 2 cards and use them in SLI mode. If you say a GeForce 8600 is enough for your pretensions, it would be a good choice, too. But i would advise you to buy a 8800 GTX because of the much better performance. (Maybe just the 340 MB verison (8800GTS))

*there can be higher ones on the market to.
**e.g. superclocked / ultra versions
QuoteBut i would advise you to buy a 8800 GFX because of the much better performance.

8800 GT is THE one from the 8800 serie.
idd, i'd wait for the G92 8800GTS coming in a few weeks though

you'd have to be retarded to buy a 8800GTX at this point
only problem is that you can't find a 8800gt in shops atm...
Yep that's the problem.
thats why i dont have my new comp :(
you talk about the peryns (aka 45nm processors with lower power consumption + less heating), but you advice the nvidia 680 chipset, not compatible. so far only the intel X38 is compatible with those peryns (but not with sli)
I'd recommend waiting for mobo's with the nvidia 780 chipset (believe thats the right number.)
so far Intel® Core 2 Extreme QX9650 isn't available.
the difference between 680i and 780 is just minimal because 780 is just a revalued version of the 680
and: ever heard of BIOS update?! so maybe it'll run on 680i when a new update is coming out?!

so i would stay @ the nForce 680i

btw don't forget: i'm talking about pc which are available now
the QX9650 was just a little "insertion"

you could also say you'll w8 4 nVidia's GeForce 9 Series or whatever...

but that should be more an information about the available hardware nowadays

or: doesn't the cpu fit on the available mobos

NO cause its 775 socket

so i would 100% stay @ 680i SLI
not only because i'm absolutely happy with it more cause it aproved itself in many cases of gaming in the past
Intel has kinda changed the architecture a lot at the end, some say to sabotate the nvidia chipsets. The chances it will ever run on the 680 are very small. The 780 has been postponed because they need to redo it in order to support peryns. If it would have been just a matter of writing new software the 780 mobo's would be there already.

Most people nowadays feel screwed with their 680 mobo's.
if u look at price/ performance intel is better.
and that talk about high towers is overrated price/ performance/lan capability.
QuoteSo if you want to use SLI effective you should choose the NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI chipset.

As far as I know on current generation of cards (8800Ultra as top), difference in SLI modes between 680 and 650 is below 5% percent. Is it worth paying up to 100% more money for 680?

Only downside to 650 I read about it has some problems with quad cores (current Q6xxx).

I would wait before new Intel CPU's come out (January 20~), before buying 680 motherboard for them. BIOS updates may help, but who knows.

And why are you writing 4x4GHz? It's not like it will give 16GHz performance out of it...

Also 8800GTX wouldn't be a smart buy at the moment, as next gen cards will come out in 3 months, and currently 8800GT 512 and new 8800GTS's are close up to 8800GTX performance wise. And again is it worth paying up to 50% of money for GTX insted of GT/GTS?
QuoteAs far as I know on current generation of cards (8800Ultra as top), difference in SLI modes between 680 and 650 is below 5% percent. Is it worth paying up to 100% more money for 680?

@ 650i MOBOS just support 8 lanes @ 2nd PCIe slot. so the 2nd GFX is running with 50% performance. but if you think thats not much okidoki

QuoteAnd why are you writing 4x4GHz? It's not like it will give 16GHz performance out of it...

ähm did i ever allude 16ghz?!?! every core can has up to 4ghz! From this it doesn't follows that they have together 16ghz!
Quote@ 650i MOBOS just support 8 lanes @ 2nd PCIe slot. so the 2nd GFX is running with 50% performance. but if you think thats not much okidoki


Performance loss in SLi mode 680 compared to 650 is less than 5% (using current high end cards). Most likely future cards will push 8 line limit and it will be a bottleneck in high end system, but current generation isn't.

I have no idea where did you get that "GFX us running with 50% performance bullshit" magic numbers. Just google any comparision between 650 and 680.
All i can say is i'm shit at pc's but thanQ for spending your time on putting this up it looks like it would of took you a long long time!

thanQ for your efforts!
Please don't write tutorials in future about things you seem not to know or understand.
oh sorry mr "know-it-all"
I have never claimed that I know it all, I just know you are wrong/mistaken on this one. And now you are insulting me because I pointed it out.

which gfx should I buy? I can invest ~250 euros.
8800GTS g92
wow - really nice :)
i'd buy p35 chipset mb, like gigabyte ga-p35-ds3r / ds3l / ds3 , supports penryn, a good mb and cheap.
or msi neo-2, again supports penryn. pretty much same as gigabyte.
old or something? no word on the new 8800gts? =(
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