Whine Bans' Parser v.2.3

Hello dear xfire user,

for those who don't know me, I'm Whine the leader of the France french busting community (enemyterritory.fr).

I always wanted to have a tool that allows me to search busts on databases of both references Pbbans & PunksBusted. I wanted to filter the results as well in order to only have busts from one country.
It could be possible web side if I had access to the databases of these sites... but as I didn't have such an access, I should try something else.

That's why I worked since september on a java application that can be able to filter by country the busts of both Pbbans/PunksBusted.
It shows the result on a html file, and you can order the lines with the columns you want (IP, banID, name, pbguid, etproguid...)

You can either search for a particular IP in the Pbbans & PunksBusted databases.

You can try this by downloading Whine ParseBan 2.3 (18.8MB)

PS : Don't forget to update Pbbans & PunksBusted files (et_bans.xml & ET_pbbans.dat) in order to have fresh datas ! See Readme for more infos.

* EDIT * 29/01/2008
Changed link for v.2.3 : few bug fixed (read ChangeLog.txt)
whine is better than cheatbusters.et imo
seems nice, gonna check it out tomorrow :>
nice nice

will test it @ home
very nice :>
very nice!!!
GG whine, je dl de suite =D
mh nice thing <3
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