ET on Windows Vista

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If you wish to play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on Windows Vista, my first advice is DISABLE VISTA UAC (What is UAC?).
[ To disable UAC, you just need to type in Run the folliwing line "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v
EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f" without "quotes" ]

-> Please remember:
all of the following steps must be done with administrative privileges.
First of all, I'd like to recommend to install ET using ET Ultimate Installer (Available @

After had installed it, Download and run PB Services Installer (, then you have to update your PB by using PB Setup (
-> Be sure that your firewall/antivirus/whatever DOES NOT STOP/BLOCK PB Services (PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB)!
PB Services Installer will test whether PB Services are allowed to communicate with evenbalance servers or not. If tests fail, you will not be able to join a server with PB enabled.

There should be no need to modify or use compatibility mode at this time.
Though, you might want to use it if you experience that there is something wrong with your ET.

Also, with Windows Vista it is adviseable to choose your screen resolution through seta r_mode into your config (if you have used ET Ultimate Installer, it will ask you for your Screen resolution during install process). If you wish to edit your screen resolution, open autoexec.cfg and edit r_mode (see:, even if it's doom its the same game engine). Changing your resolution or your sound settings during gameplay might cause a PunkBuster kick for Windows Corrupted API Function.

Good luck :]
Does work so far and Vista UAC was crap anyway. But how to stop the ever coming pop up of vista security at start up?
If you go on Control Panel -> Security Center, on the left of that window you can see some links. You should read "change the warning settings of PC Security Center" or something similar (it should be the last item of left column).
Thanks dude :>
dont call him dude! :D
How do u know that i dont like it :O?
i`m allmighty diph, didn`t u know that?
best way is to do format c: and instal XP or linux
still fuckin aint work on mypc!, maybe other video card? or what do I have 2 do?!
What error do u get? if u could tell i (we) might help u?
Well its just, when I start ET, well now the view is good, not like last time when I coulndt see shit, now its normaal but, IT LAGS a lil, and when I connect to a server, my view is bad, and laggy. my aim is a big cube, and the grass is just like water! :(

And something else, the thing u had to copy to run it gives something like an error or something.
Try to look for "Disable User Account Control" in polish and follow what u find.
well I tried, and I could play ET but it still lagged, but the view is a bit better then before, but I played 10 minutes and then I got kicked for something with Missing/Corrupted Windows API ... wtf?
thats vista bug..i dont use vista but my friend get that very often when he do vid_restart and another friend get that always with my cfg but never with his own cfgs.. :p
yup same to me, when you exec config and then vid_restart you will get kicked most of the times :<
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