Google tricks and shizzle #1

Are you fed up using Limewire/Ares/Bearshare? Does the spyware, fake downloads and slow speeds piss you off? Here you will find a nice trick to avoid all of this!

All you need to do is:

-Write: "intitle:index of" <enter your song here> mp3 Like this:

image: 14dplvl
-Then Click on the link: (there will be more than one)

image: 1zdn1gi

-Choose your song:
image: 2yobf5f

-Right click save link/target as and Voolaa! You downloaded your first song with fast speeds!

You can also search for Programs that require keygens or cracks. Doesn't downloading torrent make you swear? Same procedure

-Write: "intitle:index of" <enter the software> Like this:

image: 2zsuw3q

-Right click save link/target as:

image: 15mmjiu

-Nero's Keygen and Software!

Now the final thing you can do is search for avis / movies

-Write: "intitle:index of" <enter the movie> avi Like this:

image: 34q4mkg

image: 2v112ys

Wepee! There you go. Fast Reliable and easy!


If you're bored you can also watch Network Cameras and help the FBI :D

image: 1zfn61t

image: 2guk2o5

u will be a +1 Sherlockholmes user.

and if u feel like making a prank on someone 5STAR RATING FOR THIS:
(i suggest sending him HORSE PORN i mean a pedobear pic :XD)

image: kn9uh

image: oa2mhk

-RUN the java

image: 2vtyxkm


image: ncnymq

image: img_4188ce4c6b5e687e87b6c32e56a568e3

[Thanks sol for ze last pic :D:D:D]

a real pirate know that all public torrent sites are useless!
give me an invite to good one and maybe i start using torrents too.
invite to a public tracker?
too old :/
go to a random warez forum and you'll find it... crossfire shouldn't have these hack-tutorials.. :s
why not?
if u dont like em u should not read em...
so old + you stole it
I find the simple " "term of your interest"" far more useful than this =/
lol didn't knew :o
One should use dot ( . ) instead of space ( ) in between the words becouse then it doesn't matter which char is between them.

so index.of = index-of / index of / index.of / index_of etc..
but index of = indez + of
my ftp shown in this shitty tutorial ! need credits or something ! :Dd

EDiT: intitle:index of xxx as a key word is pretty amazing too !!
eh, fuck you for directing people to my bust avis, you'll make them think I'm actually a hacker <:'/
elder than internetz :E

/sigh crapz0r was faster. ,much more comfortable.
So fucking old ! btw its much easier if you add some special tags :S
Welcome to googling.
Google hacking is so 2004 T_T
nice tricks, google #1!
yes its very nice
love fort minor
You can do the same thing with alot more google hacks at
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