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Almost since the beginning of my "ET-career" (:D) I have wanted to learn aim better with smg and pistol. I browsed some pr0 aiming tutorials and I noticed that they keeped mentioning the importance of high refreshrate of your monitor. I was using tft back then and I couldn't get more than 75hz out of it and nonetheless, I learned that flat screens are suckage for fps-games... Fortunately we are rich and we have many computers in home so I stole the CRT-monitor from one of them. I was a little disappointed because it could only do 85hz in 800x600 & 1024x768. I cried about the issue to Finland Jamzz1 and he told me about a little program called Powerstrip, which you could use to tweak your resolution, refreshrate etc. Also adding custom resolutions to your Windows is possible.

Changing refreshrate with Powerstrip

Download Powerstrip from the link above. After installing it and rebooting, there should be a Powerstrip-icon in your taskbar 1. Click it and choose Display Profiles 2 -> Configure 3.

image: 38920016zx3

Now choose the wished resolution 4 which you want to run with different refreshrate. After that, click Advanced timing options 5. In my example I lower my refreshrate in r_mode 6 (1024x768) from 85hz to 75hz.

image: 42605205ge7

If you chose different resolution than what you are using currently, Powerstrip will ask do you want to change to selected resolution. Click Selected. In my case I use the same reso so I just click Current6.


And here we are. Xd From 7 & 8 you can still change the resolution, but that's not what we are here for. Same goes for Custom resolutions (10)From Refresh rate you can change your refreshrate (sounds logical) [/b]9[/b]

image: 69444110or2

I change my refreshrate from 85hz to 75hz. Then just Apply 11. Your monitor goes black now if you set your refreshrate too high. Wait 15 secs or press backspace to go back to old refreshrate. Hotkeys seem to depend on Powerstrip-version, I use 3.7.

image: 17546611bk9

If everything goes ok, you have new refreshrate now! 12. You can also save it as a profile.

image: 33896568rl0

My CRT's factory settings maximum is 85hz, but with Powerstrip I could get out 150hz @ 600x400. :P Of course it doesn't make sense to use that reso (not 4:3) or so high refreshrate. Almost every CRT made after year 2000 should be capable of 120hz @ 640x480.

Keep in mind that higher refreshrate kills your monitor much more quickier... Mine does weird sounds for 20 seconds after shutdown. o.O

Adding new resolution with Powerstrip

I tried Netherlands Perforator's config once but I couldn't get it work properly because my drivers didn't support r_mode 5 (960x720). With Powerstrip you can add new custom resolutions which your graphic card doesn't recognize.

Go to Display profiles. Instead of changing resolution, click Advanced timing options 1.

image: my.php?image=asdvt7

From there click Custom resolutions 2.

image: asd2mf0

Now Im adding the earlier mentioned 960x720 resolution 3. You can also add the wished refreshrate 4. After this click Add new resolution 5. Powerstrip will add new resolution your drivers and after that it will attempt to change to wished resolution.

image: asd3gg2

And taddadadadaaaa, here it is! r_mode 5!

NOTICE: Some Powerstrip-versions will randomly crash your PC if you have 3D-applications running at the same time with it, LIKE ET!!! But no problem, just shut Powerstrip after starting ET. Newest version of Powerstrip, 3.7, haven't crashed my PC at all even I have some times forgot it running in the background. Im pretty sure they have fixed the crash-prob with the newest version, so I recommend downloading it.

If you have any questions, you can contact me @ #st0ners or #NewFoundPower.
You cant tweak refreshrate.
Oh you are right, not so good term to describe it. :S
fix that img at bottom
fix that img at bottom
Nice slarto :)!
all this stuff is in nvidia control panel isnt it ;/
I have ATI and everyone knows how shit and difficult Catalyst Control Center is to use.

Powerstrip supports many of the wide variety of graphic cards and it doesnt eat so much memory either, so I recommend it to all.
i did try and use it before but the advanced timing method bit was greyed out, so i gave up ;p
If there is any mistakes, please mention them.

EDIT: Im maybe doing a tutorial to gain more fps in ET by tweaking Windows XP, if there is need for it...
I've read it ;)
or you can just add custem resolutions with an nvidia card and drivers, no need for useless tools which will crash ur PC
so I have to buy nvidia graphic card to change resolution :<<<<<
looks pro gonna read later
but u should maybe talk a little about screen calibration
or overclocking witch powerstrip is originally designed for + u can do a game gamma/brightness/contrast calibration to get the ultimate picture in powerstrip.
You're right, should have told about the other features aswell ( I have tried overclocking and that brightness adjusting), but Im too damn lazy.
powerstrip sucks...almost destroyed my gfx card (old one which i had like 21314124 years ago) because i wanted to overclock it

edit: but anyway, nice tutorial
Yeah, like it's programs fault if your gfx card gets damage ::X
it's the max u can get
buy nvidia!
no wonder u suck so hard lol
nice using my config
Someone should make a tutorial about how to get the most out of a TFT-monitor if forced to use one. =/
75hz is the maximum, though I've heard some are capable of 85hz. CRT's are best for gaming anyway and they don't cost much, mine was 7e. :P (19' 1280x1024 85hz)
yeah i dunno where to start ;)

got some issues where my mouse sens feels jerky and unstable after some time... it changes while i play, thought it cld possibly has something to do with refresh rate i dunno
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