get mp3 songs from youtube

how to get mp3 songs from youtube?

i know i know.. you guys dont care, but you might want to try it or you already know it.. but im pretty impressed by how cool and easy it works with the following programm :)

it should be the FREE FLV CONVERTER by koyotesoft

1) download the programm from the link above.. and install it
2) go to youtube and search for the songvideo you wanna strip of the video...
3) fill in the url of the song you wanna download at the tap "tube download"
4) select (at the left bottom hand side) format: audio only..
5) hit "+add" beneath the url

ofc you dont have to make it audio only if you wanna use the video for something else you can also convert it into avi or use the format you need for your mobilephone/ipod etc..

i hope it will be helpfull for your needs


didnt try the sites, they might be cool - anyway with this programm it is kinda easy and you can have up to 9 downloads at the same time and they get auto-converted if selected

the only bad thing i noticed about this method is that the downloads differ in volume and quality. Furthermore, you dont have those "tags" that indicate which albumn it is from and if you use an ipod this can be really annoying... still i hope this tutorial helped you
yea or you just google for getting mp3 from yotube

paste the youtube link into the adress line and download the mp3 :p

nice anyway
no progs to install needed
np, rofl :D little bit old :D
try, its much faster than but vixy but the same :P
bad quality
youtube downloader? ezBash
Holy transcodes Batman!
imo xilisoft youtube downloader

+ flv to avi converter
+ flv to mp3 converter

-> works fine here
how lowskilled ...
there are 1000 better ways
Shame this tutorial is a waste.
There's plenty of sites that can rip the audio from youtube and other sites without needing external software T_T
kinda sucks cause when i select "Audio only" i get a pop up saying i need to buy it so im able to do that option. :(
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