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This pack is like the etpack for RTCW:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

This is the 1.0 version of RTCW, most servers here are cracked and don't require a rtcwkey. The competivite side has not many diffrences to 1.4, the biggest is probably that you can't see your own spawntime apart from checking it in the scores; this is getting currently fixed however.
On pubs the majority of servers are 24/7 base deathmatch servers, which is quite popular on 1.0, however there are also obj pubs. Some of them still using dropreload though (dropping your weapon and picking it up again to reload).

The pack consists of the following:

-default maps as well as most other played maps (frost, ice, escape, basement, multidemo, ufo, turdra_rush etc.)

Mousetrap is new anticheat tool, recently modified by Dutchmeat for RTCW 1.0.
It is currently in test period and will officially start working from the 1st June on all servers that are running it. It will as well be used in the Battleleague
Official page: http://mousetrap-rtcw.tk/

-colored crosshairs
-a no blood patch
-a modified cfg (mix of RaZiels and Veracious one :O))

After downloading the patch, edit the wolfconfg_mp.cfg file for the binds/sensitivity and start the game using mousetrap_rtcw.exe.
In case you don't like the config there is a huge variety of configs over here: http://julieng10.free.fr/cfg/RTCW/

Some CarnageCity2 atX {Ea}-OwnZone (base deathmatch server, running mousetrap)

The pack is primary aimed on people who never bought rtcw, however always wanted to check out how the game is; or teams that just want to play some wars on a diffrent game for a change ;). There are also cups and leagues on 1.0, for example this one: BattleLeague 3 that also futures some prizes.

Note: this does not include the singleplayer .pk3s. To play singleplayer download the ISO file

Created by twister, Thanks to oranje, zoko, l0, dutchmeat, herme and the s4ndmod team.
If you want to try playing some wars on 1.0 or have further questions contact me in #no.surrender.

People who want to mirror the file are highly welcome btw :) Isn't that big though, filefront should do its job.

If you do not own a valid license and cdkey , please do NOT download this file.

is it more active than 1.4 or not?
Than 1.4 definitly, always a few wars going on in the evenings and some full pubs (though half the 1.0 community plays gay base deathmatch :X)

1.4 is very empty atm, sometimes you get some players on rTG, and some semifull shrub server, don't think there were any wars going on for weeks.

Might get a bit more active though, thanks to wl
is their an osp mod or something?
Not directly an osp mod, but the s4ndmod gets used, that has pretty much all functions osp also has.
Well done Twister :) +1
dling dling dling
need key :-w
cracked server = no pb? :(

edit: oh, there's mousetrap, thats cool :]

QuoteThe pack is primary aimed on people who never bought rtcw

QuoteIf you do not own a valid license and cdkey , please do NOT download this file.

that really makes sense, haha :DDD
Tosspot forced me :<
quite understandable, and usefull to prevent being caught by the law, but still, law doesn't make sense here at all :D
gj man, in free time i will download it
mousetrap detected a cheat here :o

I never played rtcw before how can I have a cheat for it :o
QuoteThere has once been a case of a player getting the 'A cheat was detected' error without cheating. For the ones getting this message try:

disabling "ATI Tray Tools": atitray.exe
or try disabling "Fraps", or disable the fps counter inside fraps
disable Alienware/AlienGUIse, as this can also try to access wolf.

or you could disable any other program which you might thing would interfere with rtcw.
Nub anticheat! ATI Tray Tools is a program used by alot of people for overclocking their card.
I got horrible fps problems is big maps. dunno why
buy the game...
mousetrap also sees windowsblinds as a cheat : (
mousetrap is a FAIL in console type @mousetrap ^1 MULTIHACK

then it says everyone on the server whos playing with mousetrap on is multihacking...
it doesnt detect cheats this way, it just shows you are running the tool

on a sidenote:

mousetrap2 is getting developped and is in beta, will also allow to restrict cvars and will give players hardwarerelated guids
and busted guy eZbh garin told me hes helping to develop xD
lol yes he talks lots of bullshit.

btw rtcw nick?
my rtcw nick is blindJe, played with nC for fun and bit with aGe and bit with RIP

but havent played alot of cups or leagues
both links down?
megaupload is working
Why do i have only 7 fps if i start the game with mousetrap?
dont use mousetrap, new version gets released soon that supposedly stops the lags some players have.

if it isnt mousetrap related /r_primitives 2 should help
Wolfito Incluye

+) Punkbuster 1.0
+) s4ndmod/avp hitsounds
+) High Quality Config
+) CFG.rar (20 top configs)
+) custom maps:

1. unrar
2. open wolfito folder
3. run wolfmp.exe



Make Wolf 1.41b


1. make a copy of wolfito (rtcw)
2. rename it to wolf 1.4
3. replace .dlls and enjoy the game
Anyone got a working link to RtCW 1.0? I only have the install disc for 1.4...
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