DInput 1.1

image: directinput2

I'll make this as simple as possible, this tool is especially useful for people playing with high dpi or low sens.

Follow these steps [/b]

1) Download accelfix.exe HERE

2) Run it, it should say "mouse accel is currently ENABLED" Do you wish to DISABLE? Click YES. image: synt-2

3) Restart, after the restart - run accelfix again, if it still says that its still ENABLED (you have to be unlucky like me):

image: help Restart, while booting Press F8 to log on into SAFEMODE

image: help Logon to safemode, Repeat step 2!

Restart and logon normally. it should now say that accel fix is DISABLED (do you wish to change it? press no - leave it Disabled)
image: svmiyo


Now we can get D.Input 1.1 working![/u]

Download d.input 1.1

Extract it to C:\ now the files should be situated in here: C:\dinput

now you can:

[q]As this tool supports multiple games and profiles you need to load the default profiles first:
Start -> run -> c:\dinput\DInput.exe -d

Check the bottom of the document to see the list of default supported games.

In order to change the profiles:
Start -> run -> c:\dinput\DInput.exe -c

In order to start a profile:
Start -> run -> c:\dinput\DInput.exe et[/q]

Now instead of running this cmd everytime [Start -> run -> c:\dinput\DInput.exe et] download this batch file and place it in the folder where your ET.EXE is situated! click me

After you have placed it in your ET folder, run the batch file (you need to run it everytime you want to play et) It will wait for you to open ET.EXE then and after you have finished playing ET, it will close automatically. (so it won't effect your window sensitivity).

While playing ET , one may notice an increase/decrease in sensitivity (please take your time in arranging it in your cfg - this is because you have retarded mouse settings (-ve acceleration) now you can track like mAus ;D ]

* Its more accurate when using a non default windows sens, with high dpi, when you use mousedrivers, etc. The position wont be saved as an integer but as a long, so it can handle 1,56pixels. This is nice in ET because ET doesnt aim by pixels, but by angles.

* It always gives the correct position of the cursor, this isnt always the case with high DPI mice. There's no Q3 neg accel cause the cursors hits the side of the screen.

* It saves mousepositions up until the time Q3 asks for mouseinputs, so there will be one mouseinput for every frame (as long as actual mouserate > actual FPS ).

Thanks to abort for helping me with my problem, hope it helps you too !

Check http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=news&mode=item&id=3028 for original release
this neg accel patch has nothing to do with my tool, it just makes the difference between win coordinates and dinput coordinates less.
is it a problem to have the dinput.exe (with the et profile) running all the time (eg. putting it into autostart)? Cause iam to lazy or will forget to turn it on all the time.
ye but i dont know how to set the parameters, with which the et.exe should be started, in the batch file.
you're sure this won't be seen as a hack by VAC in CSS ?
I'd like to follow these steps, but the first steps can't be completed because it doesn't support vista 64bit. Help? ^^
there was an accelfix regfile somewhere iirc
if one does a vid_restart will this thing close automatically or will it still be running?
"I'll make this as simple as possible, you have been using negative acceleration since you bought your "pro" mouse."

-Incorrect. only with wrong settings you get negative accel, like you did. afaik this program is useless for those who have correct settings for their mice.
it's incorrect nevertheless.
wtf? it says incorrect ET.exe here;)
so why is the batch file usefull?
Quoten the batch file (you need to run it everytime you want to play ET

idk i dont get it
i just wanna try it out:D
jup I get it know :) I didn't know the batch file also opens ET =)
start c:\dinput\DInput.exe et
start et.exe +set fs_game etpro%*

change the first line of your tutorial to something like: this tool is especially useful for people playing with high dpi or low sens. Also add a reference to dinput.ini so ppl can change the settings.

great tutorial
care to explain what low sense has to do with it?
low sens cause of q3 neg accel when playing with certain settings (lower resolution, fps, mouseinput, etc) but its not going to be much of a difference to most ppl :P
oh, q3.. right.
omg i wasnt unlucky :)))

e: i dont have space @ C xd
it helps to reduce that unaccuracy, but doesnt remove it, coz that's impossible to remove 2000dpi negaccel
there's no point in using more than 800 dpi tbfh
400dpi, accelfix.exe/wcafix, 6th notch = no accel and there's no input soft which can make 2000dpi mouse to get even close to that
and 400dpi+dinput=double happiness ;p
worked with ET and Q3 but not with RtCW
gave "this program has caused error blabla" right away in the starting screen :l
actually it works i can just leave the error popup open but its kinda annoying
if i remove windows error reporting the game just closes
didnt help :/
strange as it works for me and I'm error checking every function :X... using in_mouse -1? RTCW's engine supports dinput though (in_mouse 1).
oh i thought it was broken the same way as ET
had -1 in my config
It's absolutely unnecessary to install accelfix.exe. This just removes Windows XPs build in acceleration bug in your user32.dll. Dinput.exe is here to bypass this input method, to make directinput possible within games that don't support directinput.
Why does the program have a rtcw profile when the game supports direct input already? in_mouse 1
because you can define the buffersize yourself + i want the same feeling as in ET!
too bad your tool isn't working for me in rtcw, got the same error as lettu :l
so this thing is safe to use now?
error: Couldn't create thread
I have an other one (Tool) and there I have to download a Windows update after I installed it. :x Is it there too?
Which settings are the best?
Low dpi and high et sens,
or high dpi and low et sens ?
Without dinput i am playing with this settings:
2000 dpi
1.62000 et sens
With dinput it's lower...
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