Making snacks for Dummies Part I

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This is for all the geeks and nerds on xfire who dont know what they are gonna eat when mommy isnt home. This is also _the_ best food in the world and we are worldfamous cause of it!

Everyone knows ofcourse what I'm talking about, about snacks and frituursel ofcourse! Cause you noobs dont know it abroad I made a little tutorial for you all so you can make it yourself! Save some money cause I'm 100% sure you will all buy a FrituurPan after you read this!

How to make snacks Part I: Kroketten

First of all, you need the Ingredients.

image: ingredienteniw5
600 Gram, soupmeat. Or nasimeat.
1 Union, cut
60 gram, butter
60 gram, flour
1/2 liter, Runderbouillon
Pepper, salt, note nutmeg as much as you want (not tooooo much)
Lemon Juice

To bread:
Stirred Egg
Bread Crumbs

First cook the meat for 20 minutes. When the meat is soft cut it in small pieces. Dont trow away the water that is left cause you use it!! Throw flower, the herbs, salt, pepper, lemon juice and the union in a pan. Warm it up and add the bouillon you saved from the meat. Put it on a plate and put it in the fridge.

It has to look something like this (dont be affraid):
image: p1010012jd3

When the ''ragout'' is cooled down you make make staves from it. The staves have to be something like 5 by 10 cm. You can also make small balls from it but you will get Bitterballen then but its maybe easier for the n00bs between us cause they wont fall apart in the FrituurPan.

Now take 3 extra plates. 1 with the stirred eggs, 1 with the flower and 1 with the bread Crumbs. Something like this:

image: datwordtrollenmu1

Now listen carefully! This is the most important part cause otherwhise you will fuck up your FrituurPan and nobody wants that ofcourse =). First roll the staves through the flower, then trough the egg and last but not least trough the bread crumbs. WATCH IF YOU HAVE HAD ALL SIDES, ITS IMPORTANT

They have to look something like this:
image: kroketnm0

Now warm up the FrituurPan to 170/180 Degrees and w8 till its hot. Now put the Kroketten carefully in the FrituurPan.
image: daarliggenzedanwc3

After like 5/6 minutes they will float and they are ready. The crust has to be a bit dark brown. To be sure you can try 1 Kroket to cut it in 2 and taste it.

They have to look something like this:
image: bijnagoedjf4

Now give all your friends 1 Kroket and dont try to steal someones Kroket cause thats lame!

image: smullenmetdecoratielt2

Smakelijk eten
Bon Appetit
Have a nice meal
Tener buena comida
Haben Sie eine nette Mahlzeit
Abbia un pasto piacevole
Tenha uma refeição agradável

In Making snacks for Dummies Part II I will learn you how to make the sauce for Frituursel aka Zalf.

Dont eat too much Frituursel on a lan cause you will get fat from it :)

Hope to see you next week!
new holly bible for fatties all around the world
need more mayonaise!
In Making snacks for Dummies Part II I will learn you have to make the sauce for Frituursel aka Zalf.
Plu is too cool for the et-scene imo :D lol lol lol
Who is this Plu guy ?
A legendary W3 player, who now and then plays some et.
rofl hes too fat u mean ;<
That my taste is superior to others doesnt mean that it sucks.
zomg and im meeting this god soon, who wants to touch me?
go fry yourself!!!
Now I hope someone tries to make them and posts his pics here :)
ROFL maurits vetklep
The term ''Bourgondier'' would be better.
i always knew plu was cool, never knew he was this cool though!
Come to Amsterdam and Ill make some food for you :o)
seems like it's good :D
lol but i hate the inner live of this kroketts its just ugly :o
ROFL =8>, now Sir5all need to make 1 for hamburgers
looks sick :/
nice tutorial, the pictures are a bit oversized? :D
nice read!
i will do this myself 2 :>!

btw a "frituurpan" is a "fryer"
meat, eggs, butter + deep fried + mayonnaise

you should add: for faties only
Still waiting for part II
you couldnt cook to save your life

if you dont like it that fat and without meat just get falafel-mix, and make some falafels, owns,tbh
ja de echte frituurkung eet dat, een echte frituurder koopt ze bij de supermarkt xdddddddd
looks like shit :o
This is just woot we skinny g33ks need :) Will try it dude and post my result LoL
haha n1 =]
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