winamp Now Playing in ET

Winamp Now Playing in ET

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- Download Now Playing plugin here

- Install plugin

- goto your winamp folder and open the folder "np_templates" and place this html file in it
Click save as...

- Press ctrl+p in winamp and goto plug-ins => general Purpose , double click on Now Playing plug-in v1.4

- Click on the General options tab

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- Check "Enabled"
- change song history and update frequency to 1

- Click on the Local Save tab

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- Check "Local Save Enabled"
- set the path to your etmain folder (default: C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory\etmain)
- name the filename song.cfg

- Click on the Html Settings tab

image: 33793884ic5

- Check "Use Template"
- select the et.html template in the dropdown box

- Press apply

Now the only thing left to do is make a bind for the song.cfg in your etconfig.cfg
( example: bind x "exec song.cfg" )

You can edit et.html in the np_templates folder to add colors or change the text
why would you want that
not allowed
Who the hell listens to music while playing ET?
me but not with winamp
Foobar ploXZ
me but not with winamp
iTunes ploXZ
i probably didn't play et without music for atleast 2 years
Me, ET sounds are overated
Question, will you get kicked by PB since this program is prolly hooking/modifying cgame or et.exe? Dunno..
its not hooking/modifying anything, its just a winamp plugin that writes a file.cfg in your etmain and then you just exec that cfg
Pretty cool but one question. Don't you need to add "say" to the front of the text, otherwise ET will recognise it as a command

Edit: Nevermind saw the say command in the template.
Pretty cool, however I occasionally listen to music while playing games.
i guess that just hearing music to yourself isnt cool anymore?
u hv to spam the chat with ur music?
nice now an itunes plugin plz
yes because minimalize ET, copy & past, is faster then push one button in ET -_-
useless shit
you can make that without plugins.. there is also some way more easy to use progs for that
no it isn't
yes it is
is this allowed on cb esl etc ? since you dont get kicked by pb
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