RTCW 1.4 Pack

Since Megaupload was taken down this pack cannot be downloaded anymore. There is a new one available here:http://www.crossfire.nu/tutorials/198/rtcw-14-pack-2012

With the recent RTCW-Cup announcement 1.4 gets activity again with a few scrims getting played every night. This pack makes it possible for you to participate even if you do not possess a valid cdkey.

The pack includes:
  • osp, wolftv and shrubmod

  • punkbuster + pbsetup.exe in the pbfolder in case you need to update pb

  • most maps played in competition + some 1v1 maps

  • a CD-Key generator: the keys only work on cracked rtcw servers, most are not running the patch as of yet. There should be some set up for the tournament though.

  • a random statanalyser is included, creates stats like this: [randomexample]. Read the readme in the folder for propper use.

  • crumbs cfg + class and spawnbinds

After downloading unrar the pack, edit the binds/sensitivity in osp/wolfconfig_mp.cfg and you can start playing.
If you do not like the config there are others free to download.

You may have to edit the rtcwkey file in main using the keygen, in case the one that's currently there gets banned lol.

Cracked OSP-public: rtcw.tk
Not cracked OSP-public: rTg
Not cracked Shrub-public: Allstars

Download: from megaupload (441MB)

Note: this does not include the singleplayer .pk3s. To play singleplayer download the ISO file
Special thanks to breezie, sipperi and crumbs

Links: RTCW 1.0 Pack - RTCW-Cup - CONFIGS - ISO Download - Buy on Steam

IRC-Channels: #rtcw.wars - #revive.rtcw - #wolfenstein.eu - #coldfire.rtcw - #rtcw1.0 (1.0 community chan)
For all the skinflints for who 5/10 euros is too expensive ! =)
big thanks
well done Germany twister
good work, thx
thx, ur first pick isnt working tho
my first pack you mean?
why is it not working?
no lol, meant picture :P
added 'k' accidentally

image: b5qxoepthz828mes0

Bild = Picture
gr8 job :}
Need more ip of cracked serv :(
i did seta cl_allowDownload "1" but i still download with only 13 kb.i think that maybe in your server.cfg u did not allowed url downloads as well.
Fuckc yeah my cd broke but i still have the bookie with code :)
Download: from megaupload (441MB)

megaupload is dead
anyone has working link?
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