RInput - How to?


I saw some comments like:

QuoteMy mouse won't move at all in ET now. Great :(

Quotei didn't have xfire open and i still couldn't move my mouse :S

Quotestart "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\RInput.exe ET.exe"
start "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe"
what did i write wrong ? : (
i have to start ET.exe first?

Well i had the same problem and its not rly hard to make it work.
All you have to do is:

1. Make sure that RInput.exe file is in the same folder as DLL file
2. Run RInput.exe
3. Run ET.exe
4. When you are in ET, minimize it and type into the RInput console
"ET.exe" and press ENTER

RInput console should close in few second and you are ready to "pwn?" .
Thanks again to abort <3 I hope it will work for you now.

Greetz from b1bub4bu (i have to say i am tired of my nick)
all replys are gone :s nice..
great :p
so I have to do the following every time I want to run it?
really thinking of using this?
not really, already have 0 accel.
wats dis
im using 400 dpi and im not noticing any difference

what exactly is the advantage of higher dpi such as 1600 for example? ;>
Generally more accurate
start E:\Ohjelmia\rimputti\RInput.exe ET.exe
start ET.exe +set fs_game etpro %*

save as: rimputti.bat

then double click that .bat file
Couldn't move my crosshair with that
START E:\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\launchRinput.bat
START E:\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\ET.exe +set fs_game "etpro" +com_hunkmegs "768" +connect "IPaddre" +password "1234"

That's mine, working without probs o:

e: rinput.bat content since i had some brain lags when creating it ^^:
START E:\rinputv12\RInput ET.exe
I know but it I can't move my crosshair if I launch it this way
is there another way its already working for u?

first launching rinput

then launch ET

then minimize and typ ET.exe in the console

works like a charm
try this .bat:

START E:\Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory\ET.exe +set fs_game "etpro" +com_hunkmegs "768" +connect "IPaddre" +password "1234"
sleep 30
START E:\rinputv12\RInput ET.exe
doesn't work :)

but doesn't matter anyway since i use alcaritypc so the processes get auto launched in right order anyway

I just have to minimize and type ET.exe, but that takes like 5 sec so np
easily done with Game Scanner
image: n4k1vm
Thanks for the info. :):) what about if i want to play rtcw as well?
if you don't want it to be loaded when joining a rtcw server, you have to manually uncheck the "active" box (in this case a batch would be more convenient).
if you want to use Rinput with rtcw (dunno if it's possible), i guess you would have to change ET.exe to RTCW.exe (or whatever it is).
ok thanks

image: x6hfkk

not possible to do something with this?
how can I see if rinput is working? its not listed in taskmanager. It closes after launch.

Thats right? <3
it starts, but closes after that. so its not in taskmanager. i know its called rinput.exe

my question is, if rinput.exe is running all the time during et play or does it only run at the beginning?

thank you <3
Hell yes.
DL link to RInput plz
Download it here.
Thank you kind sir
so you cant use it with xfire right?
U bent een paard zonder links neus
Ik laat mijn moeder spuiten op je
je moeder is een zigeuner
Ik heb het gevoel dat praten met je moeder
ok, dat is genoeg
je hebt kanker op rechtsboven lul
A link to R-input would be great lol
*yep i do know its still in the other news bar
"RInput console should close in few second and you are ready to "pwn?" .
Thanks again to abort <3 I hope it will work for you now."

Didn't closed by me.
My ET sens seems to be alot faster. is that correct as others have said its slower for them .
Mine is slower :/
it ignores your win sens value and uses 1:1 ratio (6/11 notch in windows)
that's why it's different
do i have to start rinput everytime when i play et or does it fix the windows input.
I receive error when I type ET.exe. I use Win XP

image: rawpx
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