Ventrilo Music Bot

How to set up a Music Bot for Ventrilo?

its easy all do you need is Winamp and VAC .. i used Winamp v5.5 for this tutorial
you can get VAC here and Winamp

Unzip the package content
image: extractvac

Run the setup
image: openvac

Now open Winamp
image: openwinamp

go to Options then Preferences
image: winamppreferences

Find the Output tab and mark "Nullsolft Direct Sound Output" then click configure
image: winamppreferences2

Now change the device to Virtual Cable 1
image: preferences1

Click "OK"
image: preferences2

Now go to your Ventrilo Shortcut right click > properties
image: vent1

find Target and add "-m" at the end of the route and Click "OK"
image: vent2

now you're allowed to open more than 2 vents at the same time
Open vent and make a new profile
image: openvent

name it however you want and add the server info where you want to put some music :P
image: openvent2

Conect to the server and click on "Setup", unmark the Push to talk Function PTT and 'play key clicks then change the silence time to 0.5 and sensitivity to 1.0. Now switch the input device to Virtual Cable 1 Click "OK"
image: openvent3

You have successfully set a Vent Music Bot.. :]
Exceptions: some vent admins don't allow multiple IP joins.. if so you wont be able to join your main and the bot account at once.

Have Fun!

`blazOFF / `blazer @ @ Quakenet[/center]
this is pretty gay
what u hear option @ soundcard is way better than this mess 8D
But many people also don't have that option, because their soundcards don't support it. So you can only do it with a mic near your speakers (doesn't sound very good :P), or this.
just use Stereo mix all sound cards have that and its the same as "what u hear"
Mine doesn't. :P
do u use windows?
Yes, XP Pro.
check this out

remeber stereo mix is the same type of output like the microphone and u cant use both at the sametime without 2 soundcards
If you look at the comments you'll notice other people with the same problem as me...

"Mine doesn't have Stereo Mix there. Just Microphone."
not exactly
what u hear option = 1 click
this = 238914237437434237 clicks
sounds easy
The name ' "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe"-m' specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

help meee!!
"C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe"-m' specified in the Target box is not valid.

you added an ' after the m and also it needs an space between " and -m

like that: "C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe" -m

Have fun
does this also work with foobar?
havent tried with foobar yet gotta take a look
Dont want to work with Win7. Smth with bad certificate. Someone know how to fix it? Or how to get latest 4.10 version without loosing money? :D
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