foobar2000 - decem edition

image: foobar2000logo

Hey Folks! I just finished making my compact foobar2000 package. It's perfect for people who dont want to spend time configuring their music players or for people who just want to try out foobar2000.

The biggest advantages of foobar2000

- It's Free
- It's Light
- It's Fast
- It's Flexible

You can modify it just the way you want it to be. This however, is also the downside of the player. the plain default look isnt very tempting and when people dont want to / dont know how to make it look better, they move on to alternative players.
Therefor I created this package which includes most of the useful components preconfigured among basic, but nice looking layout

- Columns UI
- iPod Manager
- On-Screen Display
- Shpeck
- mslive - Stream support
- Gabless Crossfader
- Medu addons
- Skip Silence
- ...And many others

The Layout for this Package:

image: foobar2000

Keep in mind, everything can be modified!

How To Install?[/b]]Simply Follow the Instructions of the pictures and check out readme
good job!
wanted to use this for my eeepc but it takes long to start up and even longer to close (looks semi opened and close to 'this program is not responding' for a few seconds if you get what I mean)

deleted, nice effort though, might work better on a proper machine I assume :>

will stick to winamp
u could use the one without visualisation, thats the thing consuming resources as it autostarts when u launch foobar.
msn support?
Does this play music?
Why doesnt this version of foobar scrobble my songs? I updated software, and downloaded the plugin that mama linked before!

Still doesnt scrobble, oh why oh why! :'<

I rrrreally want to use this version, but i want it to SCROBBLE!
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