ET Moviemaking Tutorial

Tutorial by: #Infinity-Productions Disciple

Hi all (wnb) moviemakers!

A few weeks ago i decided to start moviemaking with my friend Xaero after i saw what nice things he could create with his moviemaking.
I wanted to learn it myself, so i started asking guys like Xaero, cannonize, ag0n, MYSTIFY, etc..
Now i understand this "moviemaking language" and made some clips myself, i got mailboxes full of questions about how i did it,
that's why i decided to make this for all of u guys.

I couldnt take any screenshots, but if u watch the Youtube tutorials by Musashiii, it will be clear ! Sorry for this :D

1st of all there are many tutorials on the web, tho i will explain the basics wich are very simple,
If u control these steps, u can do a few advanced things (make a movie that u like with the basics first )

Step 1

The programs:

ET moviemakers pack download!
very usefull for your settings, contains a 2nd ET and some programs (by #WebArtDesign)
Sony Vegas
No freeware, quite expensive program but u cant make a movie without it
virtual dub download!
Used to make your screenshots into .avi files
megui download!
Very good program to make your rendered vegas project smaller and uploadable
image.exe click here
program that will start your ET and load it's own settings for lightning, blur, luminance, etc (by madscientist/#image)

Install all these programs by extracting the files into a folder, not that hard

There is also enough free space on your HDD required, a fragmovie with all it's screenshots, .avi's and renderings could take more then 300 GB !

These programs are needed to make a decent fragmovie with nice quality and even decent effects

Step 2
Let's get started now !

The first thing u should do is install a new ET for moviemaking, why? Because if u use your own ET (i did :E) it will mix all the shitty .pk3 files
and this could mess up your textures, skins, etc

Just open your moviemakers pack on your hard drive and place the ET in it somewhere else (or u can leave it there)
c:\program files\ET Moviemakers Pack\ET --> c:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Moviemaking

U wont have any unnecessary MODs in it like jaymod, though don't forget to put new maps in it (like missile)

Then u need to get a movieconfig.
U can find all the 'legendary' moviemakers cfg's in the moviemakers pack
C:\Program Files\ET Moviemakers Pack\Settings\Movieconfigs\Test them all and choose the 1 u like !

That's all for now

Step 3
Capturing your 1st scene!

Now u will be using image, what u need to do now isn't that simple, be concentrated ! xD

1st of all, go into your moviemaking ET, there u will find a .exe file called "image.exe"
go to your moviemakers pack\settings\Image, here u will find 2 files (90 fps and 200 fps)
We will record at 200 fps so take the 200 fps and drag this file to your moviemaking ET (The 200 fps file will need to be in the same map as the image.exe, just like in ET) and name this file image.cfg
U will now have your MOD folders, ET.exe, image.exe and image.cfg in your moviemaking ET

Now u still need to tell image wich program u want to execute and where u want your screenshots to be put

Just open (kladblok in dutch :x) a text editor and save this as image.ini

# generated by image
"input.path" "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Moviemaking\ET.exe"
"output.path" "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Moviemaking\ETPro\Screenshots"

Put this in the same folder as your image.exe and your image.cfg
The file will look like a piece of paper with a weel on it.

Just start your image now and if u did everything right, your ET will start

Select the ETPro MOD and check your replays, start 1 and see if u have a frag somewhere that u want to record

make sure your ingame resolution is 1280x720

u can set this using r_mode -1 (for custom values)

Put this into your config:

R_mode -1
R_customwidth 1280
R_customheight 720
(make sure u dont put it twice in your config )

then bind cl_avidemo 200 to a key u want (I take 200, because it gives u a smooth video)
If u dont have a good pc, take something lower (30 is min)
Also bind cl_avidemo 0 to a key (most configs have F1 binded with that)
Or do this:
bind k cl_avidemo 200;wait 1;cl_avidemo 0 used to toggle
if u press enter then close your console and then hit the key, u will lag hard, but don't worry it's normal

After this You've recorded your first scene !

Step 4

Maybe u will think: Oh Yeah, just put in vegas, save it and i have a fragmovie !! WOOOHOOO
This however will not be the case :S, it's more then just 30 mins of work

A few steps back i told u to make settings for image, well if u record with image and ET.exe it will make screenshots instead of clips
Now i want to convert them to clips using virtual dub.

Just search the screenshots


# generated by image
"input.path" "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Moviemaking\ET.exe"
"output.path" "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Moviemaking\ETPro\Screenshots"

Then take the 1st screenshot and select virtual dub as it's default program.
then open the screenshot with virtual dub
Then go to >Options\Filters\add..\resize and take 1280x720 (make sure u disabled same as source)
>Options\Frame Rate\ change to 200
Then >File\Save as .avi
And it will be showing u a window with a bar and frames, don't do anything else on your pc now, because that will effect your clip

After it's dont, check your clip, it should have a nice quality(could be slow, depends on your pc)

U've now made a clip of your frag, congrats !

Step 5
Editing in Vegas.

Open your vegas and start a new project.
For the settings only change the following
Use 1280x720
Framerate 30 is a bit laggy, but decent, 50 is nice and smooth
Full-resolution rendering quality Best
Audio settings also best

Then select 'start all new projects with these settings'

(u can also use ag0n's settings at the moviemakers pack\settings\Vegas)

Then add 2 video tracks to your project
The 1st u put on add, 2nd on Soure Alpha (right click on the left of the project, insert new video track)

Put the clip u recorded on both tracks, it will be very light at the screen in vegas, but this is because i didn't tell u the right image settings
It's because image changes the gamma and luminance, but that's to hard!
U can make it lighter using Opacity (take the video track and lower the blue line on it) and ofcoure brightness and contrast (Video FX\Brightness and Contras\Brighter, more contrast)
And play with these settings

U can add some effects in vegas, just try whatever u like ! You can find all sorts of tutorials on youtube

NOTE !(If u play the clip in vegas it could be very laggy, this is normal and it wont render like that )

Select everything u want on your final vid by dragging a loop with your mouse, just above/underneat your project, u will see 2 yellow arrows and a blue section (=loop section)

Now select >File\Render As... and then save your file.
Go to Moviemakers pack\Settings\Vegas and check the screenshots ag0n made, use those settings.

Now save it, again just let your PC do, don't do anything while waiting, will affect your quality

You've made a decent clip with probably some text and effects, though it is too large to upload it, let's fix this !

Don't forget to render sound and video seperatly, so 1 time dont include Audio and save as .avi, next time save as mp3
Step 6


This program will be used to select a clip, some sort of scan it to make it smaller and then u can put sound and music togheter in an .mp4

1st of all start the program and click yes if it asks you to update it.

Now u need to Select the file u want but u cant select a clip with this program, u will have to script it.

Now again take a text editor (KLADBLOK !!!) and paste this



Your AVISource is your file, so adjust this , and save the file as .avs
Now avisynth can read the file

Now use megui and then AviSynth Script and open the file u just made
Then go to your ET Moviemaker pack\Settings\Megui and take those settings for your Encoder Settings at MeGui
This will give you a better quality
Just press enqueue now

Then also search your sound file u rendered in vegas and also make this smaller.
press enqueue again

Now go to the Queue tab and press start for the 1 st job, again go and grab a drink and a bag of chips and let your PC work !

After this is done, do the same for your Audio (start job 4)

Now go to >Tools\Muxer\MP4 Muxer

Video input: Select the file u just made smaller with megui, not the 1 u rendered with vegas, cus it will give an error.
Audio 1: Select the Audio just made smaller (.ac3)

Then Queue

go to the Queue tab and start that job (job 5)

U've put Video and Audio togheter now, your movie is done and uploadable, CONGRATS !
Go to to load it up and show off with it !

My Outro
With all these steps u can make a nice movie, though if u really want to become a good moviemaker u need to try things with your programs etc...
The real moviemakers also try to overpower eachother by getting the best quality, for advanced moviemaking u can use codecs (huffyuv in moviemakerspack), etc

I made a movie myself with these steps:
Spiexplosion Its decent imo, also my 1st movie

Also usefull are the steps Musashiii made on Youtube, read the tutorial and watch those vids, and u will really understand this ! part 1 of his tutorials

If u've got any questions for moviemaking: - allways willing to help u !
#WebArtDesign - Professionals !
#Infinity-Productions - U can find me there !
#MYSTIFY - Very nice guy, that allways helps u !
#MTM-studios - Professionals !
#RAINBOW - Few guys that can help u !

Also a special thanks to:

CanN0niZe, baMs, Xaero, ag0n, madscientist, MYSTIFY, sN1e, raZr, blitzii,
hannes, musashiii, YCN-Hosting, all the other moviemakers, and ofcourse YOU for reading my tutorial

If u don't understand something, found faults/fails, anything
/q Disciple`Inf on Quakenet
Dude, i'm trying to help the community with something, i got a few guys that already made a movie thanks to this tutorial, however some retarded twat like you just sais it sux, you must be so good then,

Anyway, cu in TanQ's movie
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