Make ET running on win 7 /new i7

Well someone told me that ET wouldn't work with win 7 (and new processors i7?)

I tried and I made it running great


When you are gonna installl, go on the wolfet.exe click on it with right mouse btn

Compatibility -> windows xp sp 3 -> check exec as administrator
Install and do the same with the patch -> windows xp sp3 -> simply exec as administrator

once you are done go to c:\programs(x86)\WolfensteinET\ And change your executables (ET, ETED) with the 2.60b

Now click on ET

Make an avi from wolfenstein engine

Ok this is my first tutorial and sorry for my english (i learned it online)

Ok now, before you start,set up your hardware (To know how, read hannes' tutorial HERE )

Put your movie cfg** in C:\Documents and Settings\yourid\Documents\id Software\wolfenstein\base

Clean "Screenshots" folder

Open game and exec your movie's cfg**. Probably some commands aren't taken (id engines' bug..) Write them manually.

First thing