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ET Stats Parsing

For those of us using autoaction 7, ET creates a stats file at the end of each game with a summary of our performance in the game.

After a few months of playing, you end up with lots of files which I don't really know what do with and there's too many to read.

Therefore, I started making a Python script which will parse these stats files and do something useful with them. The current version simply parses the file, returns a summary in a tuple and averages some of the results.

Update 02.12.11 - My guide for a free and awesome Windows 7

My guide for a free and awesome Windows 7

image: win7-klein

Mixing CUDA and C++


Another programming tutorial coming up...

How to add Popups in After Effects

After a lot of requests and questions about how to add popups manually in after effects, I made this tutorial :)

Automatic SLAC on\off for HLSW

When SLAC was released, a lot of problems appeared. Some of them were were fixed, some didn't. One of the biggest problems for me was, that I had to constantly switch game exe file in HLSW, so i can play on both ETPRO and trickjump servers. After sometime I've decided to write a little tool which, will automatically use SLAC for all etpro servers, which don't use PB.

Video Mapping Tutorials

Some time ago I have translated a few video tutorials from a german mapping community (www.level-designer.de), which is now offline. Back then I did so in order to host all kinds of tutorials on www.nextgen-leveldesign.net. Unfortunately that page never got created, thus I uploaded them before they get lost.

WinAmp in ET

I just found an easy way to post the WinAmp song you are listening to in ET.

Encoding with Legion

image: LEGION

Legion 1.5.0
What is it?
It's one of the most easiest way to compress your movie to 3 popular movie formats right now. At the very beginning I must say that U shouldn't use it for your final movie version. U will not get the best quality when U dont use megui.

Lets prepare.
First of all U should install 3 things:
avisynth http://bythewayonline.pl/movie%20stuff/Avisynth_258.exe
Haali splitter [url]http://bythewayo

VirtualDub - how to

image: vdub%20logo

This tutorial shows how to work with VirtualDub form A to Z.

Table of Contents
1.VirtulDub - what is it?
2.Why does moviemaker use it?
3.Pros of using it?
4.Start - how to put your ss in to the one clip?
5.Lets speed up our work -how to queue.
6.Filters - to be done

1. What is it?
VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. It's not that powerful as Sonyvegas or any oth

Baserace Pack

All in one pack

  • Baserace 10on10 config
  • Baserace 8on8 config
  • Baserace 6on6 config
  • All configs with SLAC support
  • improved mapscripts (announcements has been highlighted, needed for the lua)
  • scoreboard.lua (announces the scores)
  • slacstatsaver.lua (xp get saved on slac guid)
  • combinednc.lua (fixed forcetapout)

  • Baserace
  • Baserace Desert
  • Baserace Winter


RTCW 1.0 Pack (Updated)

image: ezpytb9v9f76
Banner by dasBlAcky


This pack is like the etpack for W:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

I've decided to upload this pack for the upcoming RtCW Cup in february/march and also because there have been some changes since last RTCW 1.0 Pack made by Ukrainetwister. PB & all 1.4 mods work now on 1.0 (and all bugs are fixed jus

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem ( SLAC )

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem ( SLAC )

Since there were several journals and forum topics about it, I decided to provide the solution for zeh drama.
!! Before reading this tutorial make sure you already installed the latest drivers for your graphic card. !!
Follow the instruction and your problem will be fixed soon.

Step 1: Open the Avira configuration, then do "Extras -> Configuration" and deactivate the automatic updates.

3D tracking by Nonix

Today we are going to make this:

You need following programs:
EnemyTerritory + image.exe

(1) Make a camera with camtrace3d

1) follow the screenshot:
image: snap2d

(2) Saving the screenshots

1) Open ET with the newest image.exe (use highest vid card settings that you want to use for the fragmovie)
2) Open a demo with your

Automatic RInput+SLAC+ET start

Hello Crossfire !

image: logoyg7

Most of you are already using it but i feel like sharing this lil tool so you can start your ET with SLAC, RInput, and any other tool you are using to play the game.

-> RInput allows you to override low definition windows mouse input (accurate untill 400cpi) with high definition mouse input (raw input, which is more accurate for high cpi mice). This is certainly useful for games like Wolfe

No smoke, you'll love it.

image: 3961155369_bd11089904

If you think beating cancer is a battle? Then you should try getting cigarette smoke out of a leather couch.

Ex-smokers and non-smokers alike will understand the necessity of getting rid of smoke smells and smoke odors. Whether the smell of smoke is in your home or in your car, you know it’s one of the worst odors imaginable. Cigarette smoke isn’t a quaint smell like a wood furnace or a fireplace; it

SLAC Solution for Mac Users

image: 10gd06e

Since a version of SLAC will not be released in the near foreseeable future, an alternate solution has been found to address this issue.

Method 1. Notify [CB]Killerboy via IRC or PM him at crossfire with the date and time of your match at least three days in advance.

You can find him here: Killerboy.

He will give you validation and let you know if you

Quake Live New Alt Faster Browser

Hello Quake Live players in this short tutorial I will show you some things what you can be interested in.

From some time you can play Quake live on Google Chrome (probably the fastest Internet browser), before that I was used to play on Fire Fox and guess what ? You can really fell the difference between Chrome and FireFox and after changing your browser from Fire Fox to Chrome you don't need to install again Quake Live plug-in, your configs and stuff (like you needed to do it with Internet E

Moviemaking GUIDE for rtcw

hi guys , i'll show you my second tutorial here about rtcw and the moviemaking.

It's a video tutorial in HD , the package contains all the things you need , cfg , mod , programs (legal).

i'll just post the readme here on CF but you will need to download the zip package : 210mb fast dl link.


7zip : http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z915.exe

For some reason i can't extract with winrar , only with 7zip.


Media Manager 3.0 The Basics

so i noticed that many people is still using the old media manager version to scan their demos, because they cant figure out how the latest version work at all.
Media Manager 3.0 has a lot of new features to simplify your scanning tasks it shows you each map sprees in a defined time interval from 0 seconds to 1 min which is enough.

So im gonna try to show you how to use the basic stuff.
First of all all do you need is Media manager and your ET game installed. you can download MM from here

Watch live TV on your PC (free and legal)

image: zattoo_bull_head

Hi, if you watch TV whilst on your computer then this is good for you. Instead of having to look at another screen (if you do) then you can just use Zattoo.

Zattoo is currently available in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

1. Go to https://zattoo.com/en/signup and signup to Zattoo. Make sure you enter your correct details, you may need to activate yo

Windows 7 Ventrilo Lagging Audio Issues

You can get good quality communications by choosing SFX settings .There are settings in Ventrilo that can fix this problem . The idea is to use a compression sound effect.
1. Go to Setup under the Voice tab, and check "Use DirectSound," which activates the "SFX" button
2.Click on SFX that lets you add and remove effects from Ventrilo.Select Compressor and then click on Add.
You will get 6 settings for the compression sound effect.
Gain 0
This is generally be left at 0, unless you are experienc

OSX look on Windows XP

image: logo

I like the look of Mac OSX so I decided to post this on here for you.

Anyway, here it is.

Install FlyaKiteOSX
image: 1

Mouse files

Hey, this is a useful bit of information and links to software which might help you all.
image: mouserate
This is a pack I put together for mice settings, keyboard fixes and random bonus files.
All the files in this pack are virus, spyware and adware free.

//Mouse Rate Forcer
//Mouse Rate Checker
//Apple Keyboard - Windows Keys Replacement
//USBPORT.sys Replacer
//Acceleration Remover

Visual Basic 6.0 - Winsock Chat server and client.

This tutorial is how to make a CHAT APPLICATION - CLIENT + SERVER

image: client+server

Server code (commented) >

' ###########################################################################
' ++[[COMMENTS]]++
' Special thanks to Steven Dorman, Rob Carr and my GF!

Public old As String ' old as string (old is last msg)
Private Declare Function sndPlaySo

Visual Basic.NET - Remote Admin Console Works with CS, CSS, ET, RTCW, Q3, JK ++

This is something that I coded for my application ETTools.
image: etttooool1

This will allow a user to remotely connect to a game server using the IP, PORT and RCON PASSWORD. Once the user connects they will automatically query the server for the status.

The user can then send commands from the application to the remote server and receive the data as an output in txtOutput.Text.

This is a simple application to do, you can work out everything by the pic.


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