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Fixing the MX518 Cable Problem

Disclaimer: I nor crossfire are held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

Overall this tutorial will be written purely to promote confidence, I do recommend, if you already have a replacement or different mouse, to try this. A free mouse is always a plus side. The change of the cable is extremely simple; you’re literally a few screws away from it working again.

You will only

Win7 Ventrilo Lag Tutorial

A lot of guys are having huge problems with ventrilo when they're running Win7.
I had the problem too but i managed to fix it. So here is a tutorial for all you that are having these boring and lame problems.

Uninstall & Delete your ventrilo folder and install it so you got a fresh new installation.

Now make a user and go to your options and set your options as this:


Set Wolfenstein in english

image: wolf

For all user who dont have Wolfenstein in english and would like to. At instal, the game set up with the language of your windows keyboard.

Step 1: Change the files

  • First quit game and read on:
    Open "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP\base"
  • Delete the zpak_your.language000.pk4
  • Download the same files in english, and place it in the samefiles.

Make an avi from wolfenstein engine

Ok this is my first tutorial and sorry for my english (i learned it online)

Ok now, before you start,set up your hardware (To know how, read hannes' tutorial HERE )

Put your movie cfg** in C:\Documents and Settings\yourid\Documents\id Software\wolfenstein\base

Clean "Screenshots" folder

Open game and exec your movie's cfg**. Probably some commands aren't taken (id engines' bug..) Write them manually.

First thing

ET Moviemakers pack v0.9

image: 3599xyu


ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta*


After the success(?) of Moviemaking Pack, and after get some good and not soo good feedback, i've decided to improve the pack and make it more user friendly.
- ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta* has a pre-installed Enemy Territory version with all you might need to make a movie properly. I've collected some softwa

Gammabug - HowTo

image: headernrx

After get lots of
[20:30] <YYT|essAkz> share your config with me and you get anything you want on crossfire/gamestv

[20:19] <sIN`stRay> i give u a server and u give me your cfg? ;)

[20:09] <yuppie> dude you are amazing
[20:09] <yuppie> i'm spamming you all day long
[20:09] <yuppie> just give me those commands
[20:11] <yuppie> dude WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU
[20:11] <yupp

How to stream GV to ET Servers

image: 6b5f5bb78bc1bd80fdf0cbb02d996a87

The steps required to stream your server are quite easier than you think, so here goes.

1) Click here (making sure the game is Enemy Territory) and select either the Windows pack or Linux pack according to your system.

2) Save the pack to an easy locatable path. (For me it would be to the Desktop)
After you have sav

CamTrace Tutorial

I did not know anything about CamTrace two weeks before the end of submissions for the ET Mini Movie Contest. There were no tutorials on CamTrace (the official was outdated and superboyy's was outdated and too complicated for beginners.) I was determined to finish my movie (100% cams) in time for the contest. What surprised me was the lack of tutorials on CamTrace. I put this down to ego movie makers who don't want any competition (please don't start an argument about this statement!) Anywa

ET Moviemaking Tutorial

Tutorial by: #Infinity-Productions Disciple

Hi all (wnb) moviemakers!

A few weeks ago i decided to start moviemaking with my friend Xaero after i saw what nice things he could create with his moviemaking.
I wanted to learn it myself, so i started asking guys like Xaero, cannonize, ag0n, MYSTIFY, etc..
Now i understand this "moviemaking language" and made some clips myself, i got mailboxes full of questions about how i did it,
that's why i decided to make this for all of u guys.

I couldnt take

Setting up a bouncer at IRC

First of all what you need?


- An IRC Client

- A bouncer ( bnc) , a free/public (f.e. #xenu , #brainlag) or private , bought from providers ( f.e. ycn-hosting)


Setting IRC is a no problem i belive , still tutorial for someone if needed: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=tutorial&mode=item&id=37


Now lets get serious and lets set up your bouncer in 5 steps:

Step one:

foobar2000 - decem edition

image: foobar2000logo

Hey Folks! I just finished making my compact foobar2000 package. It's perfect for people who dont want to spend time configuring their music players or for people who just want to try out foobar2000.

The biggest advantages of foobar2000

- It's Free
- It's Light
- It's Fast
- It's Flexible

You can modify it just the way you want it to be. This however, is also the downside of the player. the pl

Ventrilo Music Bot

How to set up a Music Bot for Ventrilo?

its easy all do you need is Winamp and VAC .. i used Winamp v5.5 for this tutorial
you can get VAC here and Winamp

Unzip the package content
image: extractvac

Run the setup

RInput - How to?


I saw some comments like:

QuoteMy mouse won't move at all in ET now. Great :(

Quotei didn't have xfire open and i still couldn't move my mouse :S

Quotestart "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\RInput.exe ET.exe"
start "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe"
what did i write wrong ? : (
i have to start ET.exe first?

Well i had the same problem and its not rly hard to make it work.
All you have to do is:

1. Make

RTCW 1.4 Pack

Since Megaupload was taken down this pack cannot be downloaded anymore. There is a new one available here:http://www.crossfire.nu/tutorials/198/rtcw-14-pack-2012

With the recent RTCW-Cup announcement 1.4 gets activity again with a few scrims getting played every night. This pack makes it possible for you to participate even if you do not possess a valid cdkey.

The pack includes:
  • osp, wolftv and shrubmod

  • punkbuster + pbsetup.exe in the pbfolder in case you need to update

winamp Now Playing in ET

Winamp Now Playing in ET

image: 43746087nn3

- Download Now Playing plugin here

- Install plugin

- goto your winamp folder and open the folder "np_templates" and place this html file in it
Click save as...

- Press ctrl+p in winamp and goto plug-ins => general Purpose , double click on Now Playing plug-in v1.4

- Click on the

Remapping keys in Windows

image: uiaefchq


This tutorial is about remapping keys on your keyboard.

Why would you want to do that?
  • You are using a German keyboard and want to be able to bind the < >| key in ET, but ET doesn’t know them.
  • A key is damaged and you want another key to replace it.
  • Your keyboard doesn't allow certain keys to be pressed simultaneously.
  • Same goes for the WIN key.
  • You want all your

Synchronizing ingame sounds with video footage for dummies

First of all I would like to state that I so freakin' hate when someone decides to put hitsounds in a fragmovie and they are out of sync (example). They aren't necessary, there are lots of n1 fragmovies without hitsounds, you want your movie to be better/cooler and stand out? THEN DO IT RIGHT!

Let's get down to business.

This tutorial is about synchronizing sounds recorded using wav_record. The way I use isn't perhaps the fast

Moviemaking pack

image: wad0000xa4

After get lots of spam i just decided to make my settings public.

Anyway this isn't a tutorial, this is just a litle pack with my settings. I will do a moviemaking tutorial when i get some free time / patience (in some months imo).


Quoteag0n settings (around 10mb)
ag0n settings (around 10m

Quake2 Installer

As per the CPM guide. Enjoy another great title in the Quake series for free. Guide courtesy of CAREEM on Esreality

QuoteDownload Quick Quake2 Installer, install the game and enjoy it! Quick Quake2 installer have under Quake2 / Multiplayer / join network server, servers only for beginners. Of course this installer is for everyone not just for beginners. Are you asking your self what will cost you? What to setup? How long will it take to set/d

Tourney Tips

The Preamble

This is a few tricks tips 'n pointers to help improve your competition, or a basic 'how to' for the fresh upstart. Over the past few months a new trend has developed – the DIY competition. A plethora of tournaments in various guises, run by differing people have popped up all over offering an exciting variation never seen before to the average ETPLayer.

But these tournaments, as enthusiastic as their organisors are have faced differing problems. As much as I loathe to use

Movie Tutorial (Updated)

Disclaimer: Written by United Kingdom Hype, not me. Source

Most tutorials seem outdated so I thought why not make a new one.. (and as I get messages on a daily basis asking me how to do things, I can just link them to this now!;D)

Programs that you will need:

- Enemy Territory - www.rtcwfiles.com
- Virtualdub - www.virtualdub.org
- Sony Vegas 7.0
- Megui - http://sourceforge.net/projects/megui
- AviSynth - http://avisynth.org

DInput 1.1

image: directinput2

I'll make this as simple as possible, this tool is especially useful for people playing with high dpi or low sens.

Follow these steps [/b]

1) Download accelfix.exe HERE

2) Run it, it should say "mouse accel is currently ENABLED" Do you wish to DISABLE? Click YES. [img]http://pclab.pl/zdjecia/ar

RTCW 1.0 Pack - #rtcw1.0

image: img_3589537f4b5df41a7fadb8ecbf894da0

This pack is like the etpack for RTCW:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

This is the 1.0 version of RTCW, most servers here are cracked and don't require a rtcwkey. The competivite side has not many diffrences to 1.4, the biggest is probably that you can't see your own spawntime apart from checking it i

How to start your own ET Server (Win/Linux)

Startup & Basics

To launch a server without going through ingame menu's (no proper server should be doing it that way) you need to run it with a modified Shortcut or batch file (or whatever) to give the initial setup. Some settings only work when specified on the command line, as below, and of course you need to tell it to load the server configuration file. An example for both Windows and Linux are below:


Max out your FPS [Call Of Duty 4]

- For everyone that missed my last Journal about this, Therefor im making a tutorial of it, I hope you like it!

- Here I am representing a config that can boost your FPS outrageously on Call of Duty 4, what this cfg does is basicly taking away every unneccecary detail of the gameplay.

- Graphics are lower wich will automaticly boost your FPS
- Settings are good and playable.
- Enemy's will still be perfectly viewable
- Last but not least, This config isn't a ugly config. The quality isn't tha

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