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Shoutcasts and You

I get alot of queries regarding various aspects of tuning into a shoutcast, here is a brief FAQ that might answer some questions. I wrote this for iTG about a year ago.

How do I tune in?

To connect to an iTG audio stream you will require the common application, Winamp available from www.winamp.com – It is the same with all versions of winamp that you must take the address of the iTG stream, double click it and make sure you allow your :browser to open that file with winamp. Alternativ

ETpack 1.2

ETpack 1.2

Get-Liga mirror
VAE mirror
SFX mirror off-line

This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_

Aiming by Sock

Firstly, there is no magic sensitivity: there is no setting that will instantly turn you into a gaming god. Secondly, the most important thing is consistency: changing settings, tweaking things, is all fine and well for the first few weeks you play a game, but after this time you should really settle into a sensitivity you feel comfortable with; this is not to say that you shouldn't ever change, just don't try to switch from high sens to low sens if you're performing well.

The most important di

Making snacks for Dummies Part I

image: dummiesqm5

This is for all the geeks and nerds on xfire who dont know what they are gonna eat when mommy isnt home. This is also _the_ best food in the world and we are worldfamous cause of it!

Everyone knows ofcourse what I'm talking about, about snacks and frituursel ofcourse! Cause you noobs dont know it abroad I made a little tutorial for you all so you can make it yourself! Save some money cause I'm 100% sure you will all buy a Fritu

Mousesettings for Newbies

This tutorial is meant to be an addition to the Aiming by Raziel guide which can be downloaded via SweRTCW.com It is directed towards people who are fairly new to the game, or to people who generally have no idea whatsoever about their mouse and its' settings.

Back when Norway RaZieL wrote his guide, technology was not advanced enough to enable the 2000 DPI setting, nor the feature of having high polling rates. I am not

Movie Making ET-style By SOCK

Admin note: this tutorial is out-dated

Making Movies ET Styleee

There seems to be a worrying trend lately with et movies, people have stopped making their own, sheepshagger has taken over all et movie making afaik: no one is making their own. This isn't a sheepshagger bashing thread, so i won't even start, but my main point is that variety seems to be a thing of the past, everything looks the same. Hence this thread, i've decided this will be where i will post everything i've le

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