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The making of "TWK unmasks"

I've been getting lots of requests for my et config, and a few tutorials, so i wrote down a few hints that might help moviemakers to improve their skills.

TWK unmasks movie
Link 1
Contains: the config used when recording footage for TWK unmasks, custom files and a word version of this tutorial (outdated)

Fix the ET prob. @ Vista

I lol'd about all guys here who cant play ET @ Win. Vista.
I can play vista and want you to tell how to fix the problems of this O/S for et and other FPS. But first we have to activate some things. So lets get started.

First we go to our Enemy - Territory directory. Most times C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

Now click at your ET.exe icon with your right mouse button and select properties or something like that. ( I have dutch windows so ;p).

If you have the window with the co

adamllis: Study of Syncing


I just thought this needed to be here, as so many ET moviemakers overlook the most powerful aspect of a gaming movie, syncing. I recommend everyone have a read, and start employing different kinds of sync, rather than just micro-syncing the effects to the music and giving us a boring movie.


Syncing, the interaction or

IRC for dummies

Okay, so heres a little guide for those guys who dont know how to use irc. This guide tells step-by-step how u get in crossfire channel : ) First i will tell u some basic info about irc and then ill go deeper.

What is irc?
IRC(Internet Relay Chat) is internets oldest and one of the most popular chats. Its kind of worldwide forum wich chatting happens in real-time. In IRC you can discuss with many people concurrently or in one to one private. The conversation happens wi

Mapping in ET for beginners

image: et_mapping_logo

What do I need?
You need a mapping program called gtk Radiant.
You can download it here: Gtk Radiant 1.5
In my oppinion is Radiant 1.5 the easiest to learn mapping. Many mappers still prefer Gtk Radiant 1.4.
If you want Gtk Radiant 1.4, download it here: [url=http://www.herrks-base.de/downloads/GtkRadiantSetup-1.4.0-Q3R

Homemade Glass Mousepads

image: tutorialis8

Good morning Crossfire users, since a lot of people are wondering how to make your own glass mousepad, either for playing with or just for testing purposes before buying a real Icemat glass mousepad, I thought about making a short tutorial, it's easier than you think and it won't take that long.

This is not a fight between Homemade and Icemat mousepads, it just shows you an alternative way of testing a glass mo

A Brief QuakeWorld Startup Guide

Thanks to Ake Vader for making this tutorial :)

Thinking of starting the journey to become a QW star player but don't know if it's worthwhile? You don't even know where to begin, or where to seek help? I thought i'd just put a little something here to guide potential players to the right place in the Quakeworld community. If you're a totally new player, then you could follow this little guide.

(fQuake) I don't have Quake or Quakeworld, what do i do?
This one is easy. For a couple of yea

ET Ultimate Installer 1.6

image: bann

Admin Note: More Compact version with less maps and no public mods (such as noquarter, jaymod) can be found here: Swine's ETPack 1.3

Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer

Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer is a very simple installer that gathers all you need to play to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. With the regular files, you need at least

MovieMaking Hack - Take more than 9999 screenshots

image: img_f013a7c81703b3720e31240241f3e069

Download link: http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/cmmh/public/ (download both files)


Most moviemakers record their movies with high cl_avidemo values - mostly few hundreds, but in some cases goes up to 1 thousand which sometimes makes it hard to record a longer scene using such settings because ET has a very low limit of maximum screenshots it can take, that is 9999.

With this

How to decode movies.

image: howtodecodemovies_banner

Well, its my first tutorial, so don't whine, just help me to improve.

Lets see somethings about decoding, specially about H.264 (x264).

Video is all going to be High Definition (HDV). It's not hard to find Movies, TV series (HDTV), receive TV in High Definition, but the big problem is: "How to decode that kind of movie?"
Some receivers (of Satellite TV and not only), DVD playe

HOWTO: ET - Demo TO mp4 Movie File / Updated

image: picture1_logo
How to record From ET with cl_avidemo

Written by Hannes Anders

->Added ATI video Cards
->Fixed some typos!

Download this Tutorial as PDF: http://myhannes.info/wordpress/tut/ET2mp4.pdf

So what are you going to learn here?

* How to set up your graphic card (NIVDIA ONLY)
* How to force ET to use the nvidia driver settings
* How to set up your graphic card (ATI ONLY)
* How

Watching gaming movies!

Watching gaming movies!

This tutorial will give you all the help you need to play any gaming movie (and any normal movie) in the world!


Most of the gaming movies released nowadays are x264 or Xvid. Most people do not know how to correctly play these movies in the right way. Here are some ways you DON’T want to play your gaming movies on:
- BSplayer

Give back my fps!

Frames per seconds , that’s what it’s all about. Who are we kidding if we are saying we can play ET with 30 fps stable. If one wants to become good at Enemy Territory u just need a decent fps, no matter how good u are. Going from a weak to a good pc makes a huge difference. Playing without 43fps stable is not being able to use your full potential. But having the hardware for a good fps and not reaching that 125fps what u were hoping for is even more annoying. There are some very basic solutions,

Basics in Quake 3 Connection

Here is some basic and little advanced info on the connection-related variables in the Quake3 engine based games like ET and COD.

Quake3 engine is somehow different from other engines. Its netsettings are not just dependable from one thing but sum of many like FPS, MaxPackets and so on and so on.

I've tried to explain basics on cvars that affects your playing. Cvar restrictions are from CB's configs.


Measured in Bytes per second. This is the maximum rate at which you will be ab

FPS Tweaking

I am aware that there are alot of people out there who either can't afford or are too lazy to buy better pc's and have to deal with bad fps on some maps, so I thought I would make this guide for getting better fps in game (alot of it is stolen from some graphic sites but I can't remember it so I can't reference it).

Two things .. graphic settings and in game cvars.

Obviously it depends on what card you have but as I have a GeForce 6800, I will explain the relevant settings for

Promode movement: Art meets Science

This article was originally written by ix, I have tried to renovate it and add some new stuff.

There is a lot of myth and misinformation surrounding promode movement, people have heard that it is just a QW-remake and will have had this belief reinforced by ex-QW players boasting of their 'l33t' bunny hopping speed in promode. In this article I will explain what I understand of the movement and tricks available in promode, if there are errors or types of trick that I have missed please f

Quake pack

Crossfire does not promote warez activities and warns users that by following this tutorial and downloading these files that aren't hosted on Crossfire, they are violating the EULA and face punishment from the respective authorities

This tutorial allows you to get a full working version of Quake CPMA. CPMA is a mod for quake that allows for both OSP and CPM gameplay.

ET Pack 1.4

image: swine

ET Pack 1.4


This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory" Folder on your Hard disk and you are ready to play. You just need to change the settings, they a

Converting your mouse to run Razer drivers

How do I make the Razer drivers work for my mouse?

All mice can be used with Razer drivers. This gives you the added benefit of being able to change X & Y axis sensitivity, amongst other things. The process logic is relatively simple: when you install drivers for a mouse, the drivers recognize it. This is because each mouse has it's own "ID" number. You need to know what "ID" your mouse has.

Lets use mx510 as an example:

Firstly you need to make sure your manufacturer'

Motion Blur in ET

I would like anyone who doesn't know what motion blur is to read these pages before reading anything else:

Creating motion blur
There are basically two different approaches when creating motion blur to footage that isn't already motion blurred. The first method is to record the material at actual playback speed, then use a third-party so

The bad interview mistakes

image: notextIt never ceases to amaze me how many interviews I see around xfire or indeed other sites come with presentation left wanting, relatively boring subject material or indeed awkward technique. Especially when the path to making a good interview is for all intensive purposes an easy one to follow.

The brief for this tutorial is to address some of the recurring errors people lull into making and to provide a template for publish

Cleaning your devices

image: tut
Every soldier knows: Your performance on the battlefield depends on the condition of your equipment.
Not only the blood and brains of the fallen but also coke, beer,crisps, ashes, sweat and maybe even cum have a negative impact on your devices' operational capability. Keys start to stick, you lose grip and your mouse starts jerking. To put this to an end, here's the ultimate guide to clean your hardware!

Before proceeding

ET Under Vista

HI guys.

I've heard many guys have got problems getting ET running under windows vista.
This post will show the way how to do this.

1. First open your control panel with welcome page of control panel

2. Press programs

3. After press this - called: to run older programms under windows vista

image: anleitung1

4. A new window will open

5. Press next

6. Choose the first button - chosse programm out of a list

7. next

8. after he the pc will sea

Speed Up Firefox

If you're not using Firefox, why not? In all honesty it is the best web browser out there now regardless of operating system. It's a sleek browser that is easily customisable and in light of the latter, I will show you all how to reduce loading times dramatically on a broadband internet connection, which most people these days have. Follow these simple tips and you can notice a huge difference too!

First off, load Firefox and type the following into the address bar:


Using Crossfire: or how not to look like a peon.

Most of you are new to crossfire, something which is evident in both your posting frequency and quality; you appear to have neglected the fundamental rules which govern this website, and for this you should be punished - However, due to negative publicity regarding the fair and balanced nature of this websites ruling overlord, The Tosspot, you will only be required to read this tutorial, multiple times, until you are able to recite its contents in a word perfect manner.

To begin, we should defi

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