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A Brief QuakeWorld Startup Guide

Thanks to Ake Vader for making this tutorial :)

Thinking of starting the journey to become a QW star player but don't know if it's worthwhile? You don't even know where to begin, or where to seek help? I thought i'd just put a little something here to guide potential players to the right place in the Quakeworld community. If you're a totally new player, then you could follow this little guide.

(fQuake) I don't have Quake or Quakeworld, what do i do?
This one is easy. For a couple of yea

Homemade Glass Mousepads

image: tutorialis8

Good morning Crossfire users, since a lot of people are wondering how to make your own glass mousepad, either for playing with or just for testing purposes before buying a real Icemat glass mousepad, I thought about making a short tutorial, it's easier than you think and it won't take that long.

This is not a fight between Homemade and Icemat mousepads, it just shows you an alternative way of testing a glass mo

Mapping in ET for beginners

image: et_mapping_logo

What do I need?
You need a mapping program called gtk Radiant.
You can download it here: Gtk Radiant 1.5
In my oppinion is Radiant 1.5 the easiest to learn mapping. Many mappers still prefer Gtk Radiant 1.4.
If you want Gtk Radiant 1.4, download it here: [url=http://www.herrks-base.de/downloads/GtkRadiantSetup-1.4.0-Q3R

IRC for dummies

Okay, so heres a little guide for those guys who dont know how to use irc. This guide tells step-by-step how u get in crossfire channel : ) First i will tell u some basic info about irc and then ill go deeper.

What is irc?
IRC(Internet Relay Chat) is internets oldest and one of the most popular chats. Its kind of worldwide forum wich chatting happens in real-time. In IRC you can discuss with many people concurrently or in one to one private. The conversation happens wi

adamllis: Study of Syncing


I just thought this needed to be here, as so many ET moviemakers overlook the most powerful aspect of a gaming movie, syncing. I recommend everyone have a read, and start employing different kinds of sync, rather than just micro-syncing the effects to the music and giving us a boring movie.


Syncing, the interaction or

Fix the ET prob. @ Vista

I lol'd about all guys here who cant play ET @ Win. Vista.
I can play vista and want you to tell how to fix the problems of this O/S for et and other FPS. But first we have to activate some things. So lets get started.

First we go to our Enemy - Territory directory. Most times C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

Now click at your ET.exe icon with your right mouse button and select properties or something like that. ( I have dutch windows so ;p).

If you have the window with the co

The making of "TWK unmasks"

I've been getting lots of requests for my et config, and a few tutorials, so i wrote down a few hints that might help moviemakers to improve their skills.

TWK unmasks movie
Link 1
Contains: the config used when recording footage for TWK unmasks, custom files and a word version of this tutorial (outdated)

ET LAN settings

Admin Note: its been reincarnated from the past, but should be somewhat the same @ cc5 aswell.

I wrote this small tutorial for all the players going to CDC. I hope to make it easier for them to install the settings they use at home and prevent any problems with the windows patching. This tutorial is also aimed at ppl who don't use any special settings; some tard is bound to turn off windows acceleration or mess with the usbrates :P

Saving your settings:

Before you go to the lan there

Crossfire 2.0 Theme - How To

For those stuck in the past, necuz created a Crossfire v2.0 theme.



Instructions: Download Stylish, restart Firefox. Click on Tools -> Extensions -> Stylish and then on Options. Click on write and paste the code. Click save, browse to crossfire.nu and hit F5. Good to go!

http://home.arcor.de/drag0/xfire.txt (Hosted b

Finding MP3's

So, everyday I come across posts all over the net about people asking for a certain MP3 you've just started to get into, or just need one for a friend etc.
What quite a lot of people don't know about is 'Google hacking'
This is simply a term simply to take advantage, filter out and exploit Google in ways other than using as a basic Search engine.

Ok, so on with the fun stuff:
Visit Google and in the search bar type in ?intitle:index.of? mp3 artist-or-song-here

Running tournaments succesfully

Almost everytime time I play at a random cup, I get frustrated by the admins. Thats why I decided to write a few words about how running cups could be done better. All this is just based on my personal opinions and experience so this might not be the Universal Truth and sometimes you need to make compromises.

1. Being creative is always nice, but don't implement too many non-standard maps. People like to play cups to show their skills and prove something, playing random maps without tacs can

HowTo: Install ET

Since I still run into some people that don't really know how to install ET, i decided to make a tutorial (mostly because I'm really bored atm).

First of all, you need to download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which can be found on these sites:


If the site is down or something, or you can't find some other download, simply write "WolfET.exe" in www.google.com or "download Wolfenstein: enemy territory".

If it wont install after

ET under Linux

EDIT: Added "About ET & TS", "About ET & Vent" will follow!

This is my first tutorial, so constructive criticism is appreciated.
NOTE: Iam using ubuntu linux 7.04, so this tutorial should quite match to Debian, Kubuntu and the other ubuntu versions. About other linux distros i dont have a clue to be honest.

First of all, when i tired to get ET running under linux, i was far away from knowing everything about it.
Thats why i want to thank some people who helped me alot first:

Windows Pimping Tutorial

Windows Pimping Tutorial

Remember, I never pay for anything so if you get asked to pay for something in this tut do not do it cause I managed for free.

1: Microsoft has locked the OS from having any homemade skins (or visual styles as theyre officially known) installed. The easiest way to fix this, which is completely FREE, is to replace uxtheme.dll, the fascistic file in question, with a modded friendly version. Neowin multipatcher is what you need and can be found here www.softpedia.com/get/

windows pimping tutorial 2 (in-depth (kinda))

Sup, I was bored and saw the windows pimping tutorial and thought I'd go more in-depth about some stuff. Before you read this tutorial you should have uxtheme patched already, refer to Waki's tutorial.
This tutorial has a fair amount of registry tweaking so before starting you might wanna do a registry backup. However if you follow the tutorial correctly there shouldn't be any problems so don't be scared. There is delicious cake at the end of the tutorial.

Let's begin.
I will take my desktop

Crossfire News Widget For Opera

I made a widget for Opera which displays the latest Crossfire News (RSS).


image: eaochl

image: 2e4hz44

image: 15ydenq

Installation Guide: Open Opera and press Ctrl+O and then search for 'Crossfire News.zip' or 'Crossfire Journal News.zip' and open it.

Download Links:

http://mythos.diinoweb.com/files/My%20WebDrop/Crossfire%20News.zip (Crossfire News)



sol & plekter better have saved this mother fucking tutorial.

Windows XP to Max OS X

Download FlyakiteOSX v3.5 from: http://www.prosoftco.com/flyakite/download/FlyakiteOSX%20v3.5.exe

Then just double-click on FlyakiteOSX%20v3.5.exe.

image: img_73827aea1d935ca66c2789783299790e

Check the options you want to install and click on next.

image: img_603c8b1e3c95829f1590e6fa2513ac63

If you got a 17" or larger monitor then choose 128 * 128 otherwise choose 48 * 48.
And if you got a Wi

PARAZIT-Clan Admin Tools 1.0.3

image: admintool

nice pack of tools to administer a gameserver. Installation is not necessary, the exe is self-running.

Rcon Unlimited
Jaymod Admin
Demo Recorder
CFG Maker v3
Ban Manager
Cheaters Database
Core FTP
Et Server Starter
Map rotation Creator
ET Buddies
ET Server Setup Maker

Download :


PC Hardware 2007

PC Hardware Intel and nVidia


There are a lot of different n1 Gaming-Tower. I don’t want to tell you which one is the best, I just want to show you some really good ones with a admissible price, too.
The most important thing is, if you want to use an “air-cooled-system”, to have enough possibilities to install further fans in the case.
Another possibility is a “water-cooled-system” which is really good for overclocking because it cools down the hardware more

Overclocking - Intel®

Overclocking – Intel: Pentium 4, D, M, Core Solo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme and Celeron D

image: intelp4mb8 image: intelp4extremepj2
image: intelcoreduolu0 image: intelcore2duoke5 image: intelcore2extremesw0

Annoying rifle shots! Supplydepot

Here is a quick tutorial to learn some really easy supply rifle shots!

The idea is to use a simple script to change the type, size and colour of your crosshair to make shots easier to make. So all you have to do is simply remember horizontal positions, and the crosshair gives you the perfect height for the shot.

I just put together a simple crosshair toggle with echos to cycle through the crosshairs for each shot.

// Supply rifle shots
// by crumbs

// Tested @ 1024x768, 1440x900

set west_

capturing image

First, get image here.

To use image, simply execute and point it to your application and where to save the captured images. Once loaded, set cl_aviDemo to your desired final FPS to start recording or use the following key bind for taking screenshots:

/bind x "cl_aviDemo 1000;wait 2;cl_aviDemo 0"

Motion blur and other effects are done transparently so there's no need to capture at higher FPS than you would n

Whine Bans' Parser v.2.3

Hello dear xfire user,

for those who don't know me, I'm Whine the leader of the France french busting community (enemyterritory.fr).

I always wanted to have a tool that allows me to search busts on databases of both references Pbbans & PunksBusted. I wanted to filter the results as well in order to only have busts from one country.
It could be possible web side if I had access to the databases of these sites... bu

ET on Windows Vista

image: wolflogo& image: vista_logo_50x50
If you wish to play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on Windows Vista, my first advice is DISABLE VISTA UAC (What is UAC?).
[ To disable UAC, you just need to type in Run the folliwing line "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %wind

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