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How to stream GV to ET Servers

image: 6b5f5bb78bc1bd80fdf0cbb02d996a87

The steps required to stream your server are quite easier than you think, so here goes.

1) Click here (making sure the game is Enemy Territory) and select either the Windows pack or Linux pack according to your system.

2) Save the pack to an easy locatable path. (For me it would be to the Desktop)
After you have sav

Gammabug - HowTo

image: headernrx

After get lots of
[20:30] <YYT|essAkz> share your config with me and you get anything you want on crossfire/gamestv

[20:19] <sIN`stRay> i give u a server and u give me your cfg? ;)

[20:09] <yuppie> dude you are amazing
[20:09] <yuppie> i'm spamming you all day long
[20:09] <yuppie> just give me those commands
[20:11] <yuppie> dude WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU
[20:11] <yupp

ET Moviemakers pack v0.9

image: 3599xyu


ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta*


After the success(?) of Moviemaking Pack, and after get some good and not soo good feedback, i've decided to improve the pack and make it more user friendly.
- ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta* has a pre-installed Enemy Territory version with all you might need to make a movie properly. I've collected some softwa

Make an avi from wolfenstein engine

Ok this is my first tutorial and sorry for my english (i learned it online)

Ok now, before you start,set up your hardware (To know how, read hannes' tutorial HERE )

Put your movie cfg** in C:\Documents and Settings\yourid\Documents\id Software\wolfenstein\base

Clean "Screenshots" folder

Open game and exec your movie's cfg**. Probably some commands aren't taken (id engines' bug..) Write them manually.

First thing

Set Wolfenstein in english

image: wolf

For all user who dont have Wolfenstein in english and would like to. At instal, the game set up with the language of your windows keyboard.

Step 1: Change the files

  • First quit game and read on:
    Open "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP\base"
  • Delete the zpak_your.language000.pk4
  • Download the same files in english, and place it in the samefiles.

Win7 Ventrilo Lag Tutorial

A lot of guys are having huge problems with ventrilo when they're running Win7.
I had the problem too but i managed to fix it. So here is a tutorial for all you that are having these boring and lame problems.

Uninstall & Delete your ventrilo folder and install it so you got a fresh new installation.

Now make a user and go to your options and set your options as this:


Fixing the MX518 Cable Problem

Disclaimer: I nor crossfire are held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

Overall this tutorial will be written purely to promote confidence, I do recommend, if you already have a replacement or different mouse, to try this. A free mouse is always a plus side. The change of the cable is extremely simple; you’re literally a few screws away from it working again.

You will only

Editing ET Source Code

I'm hoping this is somewhere else on Crossfire but I couldn't find it in a quick search and its quite simple so I thought I'd put it on here anyway.

Youi'll need...
- Visual Studio 6 or higher (I recommend Visual Studio 8 C++ Express as its free !)
- ET SDK from splash damage
- Working installation of ET

- Know a bit of C
- Be able to use Visual Studio
- Install ET source code

Step 1
Ok first step is to go to where the source code has been install

Capturing Using IMAGE-ET

image: image-et.banner

Getting Started

Firstly, you'd want to have everything setup properly with a separate copy of W:ET 2.60b + etpro 3.2.6
  • create a new empty folder named IMAGE-ET with two subfolders named etmain and etpro
  • copy the following files from your current game folder
    /etmain/mp_bin.pk3, pak{0-2}.pk3, cgame_mp_x86.dll, ui_mp_x86.dll
    /etpro/etpro-3_2_6.pk3, cgame_mp_x86.dll, ui_mp_x86.d

Make ET running on win 7 /new i7

Well someone told me that ET wouldn't work with win 7 (and new processors i7?)

I tried and I made it running great


When you are gonna installl, go on the wolfet.exe click on it with right mouse btn

Compatibility -> windows xp sp 3 -> check exec as administrator
Install and do the same with the patch -> windows xp sp3 -> simply exec as administrator

once you are done go to c:\programs(x86)\WolfensteinET\ And change your executables (ET, ETED) with the 2.60b

Now click on ET

Common punkbuster/connections issues

This tutorial is for the ones who have problem connecting to a server and getting the following error: PB Guid Auth: UNKN or Awaiting connection... (while your mates are on the server).

The problem:

Something is blocking the communication between your system and cdkey authentication server, it could be a firewall, a router or anything that interferes with PunkBuster. Such as a firewall or other security program.

For the awaiting connection issue it is caused by an appointed net_

Windows 7 high ping fix

I got a litle update.
This whas my ping before:
This whas my ping after i add the litle update's to my computer:

I found it after remembering back when I was on vista

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted

Go into the command prompt under administrator (Right click, run as Administrator) and right click and paste. Finaly I dont need to g

How to install Windows from your USB Stick

This tutorial is ment to help people like myself who are with out any CD or DVD-Burner to install one of the modern operation systems. The tutorial is ment for Windows Vista and it's functions.

- A Mainboard which support booting by an usb-stick
- A USB-Stick with enough space [1 GB or more]
- A Windows-CD or just a Windows Image with the files from a CD.
- [Vista as OS]

" Oh, I don't have a Windows-CD, where can I get the image?"
I aint gona tell you some il

Beginner's HoN Guide

Baggiez's Disclaimer: HoN / DotA has the steepest learning curve of any game I've played as so much of the game is knowledge. This is a pretty layman's guide to the basics of the game. If you want to start playing then read this.

*2nd Disclaimer: DotA/HoN undergo constant balance updates, so when you read this, not all of it will be entirely accurate. Also, certain item builds of mine are completely based on my play style or which heroes I am opposed to, so don't bash on them.

Table of Con

Windows 7 Theme Patch

You can not download a theme and install it in to your "D:\Windows\Resources\Themes" for windows 7 and vista first you have to patch 3 file's.

I got a tool for you guys.
I don't know of it works for Vista, you can patch them or unpatch them.

I have already patch it.
Go to my profile and click on "My Desktop" and then you wil see a link to see my theme.
But if you download a Theme for Windows 7 just look close, most Windows 7 themes are for Vista but not al.
Here a few links for Windows 7 Theme

Mods for Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is not just adapting the general DotA needs but also brings the abilitiy to change almost everything to your personal needs with User Mods and Applications.

HoN Modification Manager
With looking into a bright future full of apps and tools the HoN Mod Manager is an easy to use tool to enable or disable your modifications. It also checks the compatibility with your current version and checks each modifica

My Theme

Oké, this is my theme on Windows 7

If you install it then wil the name be "SiCo BiG" because thats the orginal one, i have it only edit that Theme.

have fun with it:D

Theme Download:

The size is: 23,3 MB (24.456.146 bytes) why so big? because there is 2/4 files for Windows.
No shitty shit.

I use it to, how to take owner ship:
This tool is for Vista and you can use it in Windows 7.

More FPS

Hi ! i gonna show u how to get more fps first download 2 programs click and click

Step 1

Turn on hijackthis and go to config and uncheck i Ignore non-standard but sade domains in IE.. now press back and scan

fix all program which u dont using my hijack looks that :


Hello comunity, for those that have problems with Windows 7, here are some solutions.

First of all, ET/PunkBuster are fully compatible with Windows 7 and has been since its official release.


Before you do anything at all,

Download the latest PBSVC installer from the following link.


Uninstall, install, then press the "Test Services" button. Copy-paste the entire output from the "Test Services" window in a new note.

If thi

Moviemaking tutorial

image: 80361564

1) Introduction
2) Graphic Card settings
3) Programs and files
4) Image + ET
5) Config
6) Action 1 + Virtual Dub
7) Vegas
8) Compression (Megui+Avisynth)
9) Effects
10) Camtrace3D
11) Pk3 files
12) Custom pop-ups
13) common questions and problems

Download PDF File: http://www.upload.ee/files/278232/Moviemaking_tutorial_by_blitz.pdf.html


Hello, my name is Ram "blitz" and im a moviemaker for appro

Aiming by Raziel


Config folder
contains my own gaming config. The most recent one.
Examples folder
contains some frags and analyze of them.
Hardware" folder
contains a little info about tweaking and windows settings.
Sensitivity" folder
contains the info you need to know about my method to get better aim.
Tools" fol

Tune up your desktop

In this tutorial I gonna show you how to make your desktop look [cool].

At this moment I am using this theme:

image: deksktidud

On the left side you can see a thing that is called a Dock, it's like a taskbar where you can drop folders or anything else that would be useful for you.
I'm using Rocketdock, you can download it here.
So, when you dropped all your favorite folders and programs to the

Playing Field Ops - by jago

Here I will show you how I was playing fops for many years so you can try this as well if you are
bored of playing medic or something else.

As Fops you should know that your support will always hit the area from left to the right but
it depends where you stay when it says "Affirmative" or "On my way".
Here are two shitty examples:

image: fops1

image: fops2

The most important things are that you have

Small ball - Poker (Texas Hold'em)

image: 23r988x

:: Poker gets bigger day by day, that's a proven fact. Crossfire-Users who are hooked on gambling have the urge to play poker to earn some money! I've decided to create this tutorial for players willing to learn a specific strategy called 'Small ball'. This tutorial is meant to be for poker-newbies as well as for advanced players. Of course there will be an argumentation about this strategy, whether it's good or not, but rega


You might have already seen this before, and this tutorial is pretty much stolen from another website but what the heck :p

Im using this on windows 7, should work on XP fine too but Vista has some warnings about it (see the source).

What is
- God Panel is just a name - it doesnt matter what you call it
- Essentially its a glorified control panel where all the options have been expanded so no more searching through countless mini menus
- Technique can be used to create other objects

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