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UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

In this article I will go through the 10-15minute task of downloading, installing, setting up, running and making sure you are CB and CF cup ready for the months ahead.

ZodiMizer (supports Win 8.1)

Apparently some minimizers won't work on Windows 8.1, so I quickly made one. It will obviously work on most other Windows OS's as well and is considerably faster than Minimizor if you use native resolution in game.

Deploying ETPro Match Servers

The thing with competitive match servers is that they really don't vary much, they're almost exact duplicates of each other excluding a few configuration options such as hostname and passwords. If you go to a GamesTV ETPro server, and then hop over to your own - they will be pretty much the same.

When the servers start to become slightly different however, then problems occur - for example:
  • ETPro match servers not supporting ETTV.
  • Out of date configurations.
  • Staggered u

Tech3 Demo API - 0.1.1

Continuation of hannes's dech 3 demo api

i've added:
  • cut ettv demo (*.tv_84) with selected player's POV.
  • cut from command-line arguments
  • detection of duplicate bullet events from ETTV demos

I use it at my project Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory demo tools to parse json output and analyze it or cut demos from disk or gamestv.org.

usage info and binary download:

RTCW Study - Spreadscale

Hi guys,

I've got hooked on browsing RTCW source code and decided to make a video about the nitty-gritty details that shape the game. I decided to start with the mechanisms that controls spreadscale (recoil) of RTCW guns.

In this video I experiment with shooting guns while trying to explain what makes them shoot more or less accurate. I think it's a great overview for experienced players the sake of completing the puzzles and should be pretty educational for others. Either way I invite the dis

New trick jump tutorial series!

Hey guys, I made a couple of videos detailing popular trick jumps on frostbite and ice.

new 2022 ufo: https://youtu.be/vFB_O91XDIw

Let me know what else you want to see

Other tutorials can be found here:

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