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How to Play ET in 2023

If you are new to Enemy Territory or simply making a comeback, this tutorial is for you. Below you will find everything you need to play ET in 2023.

Crossfire News Widget For Opera

I made a widget for Opera which displays the latest Crossfire News (RSS).


image: eaochl

image: 2e4hz44

image: 15ydenq

Installation Guide: Open Opera and press Ctrl+O and then search for 'Crossfire News.zip' or 'Crossfire Journal News.zip' and open it.

Download Links:

http://mythos.diinoweb.com/files/My%20WebDrop/Crossfire%20News.zip (Crossfire News)


RTCW 1.4 pack 2012

RTCW 1.4 multiplayer pack 2012

Due to the latest issues with punkbuster, there is a new RTCW 1.4 multiplayer pack.

Fix your mouse yourself.

Hello everybody!

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to fix your mouse when it's cable is broken.
Sorry for the picture quality, lost my camera so I had to take the photos with phone, hope you still can see the important parts.

ET Ultimate Installer 1.6

image: bann

Admin Note: More Compact version with less maps and no public mods (such as noquarter, jaymod) can be found here: Swine's ETPack 1.3

Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer

Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer is a very simple installer that gathers all you need to play to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. With the regular files, you need at least

HOWTO: ET - Demo TO mp4 Movie File / Updated

image: picture1_logo
How to record From ET with cl_avidemo

Written by Hannes Anders

->Added ATI video Cards
->Fixed some typos!

Download this Tutorial as PDF: http://myhannes.info/wordpress/tut/ET2mp4.pdf

So what are you going to learn here?

* How to set up your graphic card (NIVDIA ONLY)
* How to force ET to use the nvidia driver settings
* How to set up your graphic card (ATI ONLY)
* How

ET Pack 1.4

image: swine

ET Pack 1.4


This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory" Folder on your Hard disk and you are ready to play. You just need to change the settings, they a

UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

UAC - Quick Install, Setup and Competition Ready Guide

In this article I will go through the 10-15minute task of downloading, installing, setting up, running and making sure you are CB and CF cup ready for the months ahead.

ET Under Vista

HI guys.

I've heard many guys have got problems getting ET running under windows vista.
This post will show the way how to do this.

1. First open your control panel with welcome page of control panel

2. Press programs

3. After press this - called: to run older programms under windows vista

image: anleitung1

4. A new window will open

5. Press next

6. Choose the first button - chosse programm out of a list

7. next

8. after he the pc will sea

Mousesettings for Newbies

This tutorial is meant to be an addition to the Aiming by Raziel guide which can be downloaded via SweRTCW.com It is directed towards people who are fairly new to the game, or to people who generally have no idea whatsoever about their mouse and its' settings.

Back when Norway RaZieL wrote his guide, technology was not advanced enough to enable the 2000 DPI setting, nor the feature of having high polling rates. I am not

PC Hardware 2007

PC Hardware Intel and nVidia


There are a lot of different n1 Gaming-Tower. I don’t want to tell you which one is the best, I just want to show you some really good ones with a admissible price, too.
The most important thing is, if you want to use an “air-cooled-system”, to have enough possibilities to install further fans in the case.
Another possibility is a “water-cooled-system” which is really good for overclocking because it cools down the hardware more

ET Pack 2011

image: etpack2
Today I will release a new Enemy Territory pack with the latest updates, maps and TZAC as setupfile included. So every new player just have to download one single file instead of multiple files and patches.

Moviemaking tutorial

image: 80361564

1) Introduction
2) Graphic Card settings
3) Programs and files
4) Image + ET
5) Config
6) Action 1 + Virtual Dub
7) Vegas
8) Compression (Megui+Avisynth)
9) Effects
10) Camtrace3D
11) Pk3 files
12) Custom pop-ups
13) common questions and problems

Download PDF File: http://www.upload.ee/files/278232/Moviemaking_tutorial_by_blitz.pdf.html


Hello, my name is Ram "blitz" and im a moviemaker for appro

FPS Tweaking

I am aware that there are alot of people out there who either can't afford or are too lazy to buy better pc's and have to deal with bad fps on some maps, so I thought I would make this guide for getting better fps in game (alot of it is stolen from some graphic sites but I can't remember it so I can't reference it).

Two things .. graphic settings and in game cvars.

Obviously it depends on what card you have but as I have a GeForce 6800, I will explain the relevant settings for

W:ET Aiming Tutorial by BossHK

(Now when ET is elegantly old, its time to release old goldies. Gonna be straight copypaste from pubforums, cba to edit much nor fix fonts/forms etc. If you want to read from original source(recommended), check here: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/23840-aiming-tutorial-for-wet-by-bosshk-enemy-territory)

Gammabug - HowTo

image: headernrx

After get lots of
[20:30] <YYT|essAkz> share your config with me and you get anything you want on crossfire/gamestv

[20:19] <sIN`stRay> i give u a server and u give me your cfg? ;)

[20:09] <yuppie> dude you are amazing
[20:09] <yuppie> i'm spamming you all day long
[20:09] <yuppie> just give me those commands
[20:11] <yuppie> dude WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU
[20:11] <yupp

Quake pack

Crossfire does not promote warez activities and warns users that by following this tutorial and downloading these files that aren't hosted on Crossfire, they are violating the EULA and face punishment from the respective authorities

This tutorial allows you to get a full working version of Quake CPMA. CPMA is a mod for quake that allows for both OSP and CPM gameplay.

ET LAN settings

Admin Note: its been reincarnated from the past, but should be somewhat the same @ cc5 aswell.

I wrote this small tutorial for all the players going to CDC. I hope to make it easier for them to install the settings they use at home and prevent any problems with the windows patching. This tutorial is also aimed at ppl who don't use any special settings; some tard is bound to turn off windows acceleration or mess with the usbrates :P

Saving your settings:

Before you go to the lan there

ETpack 1.2

ETpack 1.2

Get-Liga mirror
VAE mirror
SFX mirror off-line

This pack contains everything you need to start playing ET. If you want to introduce people to the game or just need a reinstall: this is the file you are looking for.

Extract the "Wolfenstein_Enemy_

DInput 1.1

image: directinput2

I'll make this as simple as possible, this tool is especially useful for people playing with high dpi or low sens.

Follow these steps [/b]

1) Download accelfix.exe HERE

2) Run it, it should say "mouse accel is currently ENABLED" Do you wish to DISABLE? Click YES. [img]http://pclab.pl/zdjecia/ar

Movie Making ET-style By SOCK

Admin note: this tutorial is out-dated

Making Movies ET Styleee

There seems to be a worrying trend lately with et movies, people have stopped making their own, sheepshagger has taken over all et movie making afaik: no one is making their own. This isn't a sheepshagger bashing thread, so i won't even start, but my main point is that variety seems to be a thing of the past, everything looks the same. Hence this thread, i've decided this will be where i will post everything i've le

Moviemaking A-Z

Originally posted by me to www.beginnersheaven.net

I am not claiming that everything in this tutorial is "invented" by me. I have just collected bits and pieces around the web and combined them into one huge tutorial.

I have been asked a lot on how I make my movies and how to improve quality on movies. So I decided why not to share my wisdom with everyone.

The making of "TWK unmasks"

I've been getting lots of requests for my et config, and a few tutorials, so i wrote down a few hints that might help moviemakers to improve their skills.

TWK unmasks movie
Link 1
Contains: the config used when recording footage for TWK unmasks, custom files and a word version of this tutorial (outdated)

How to decode movies.

image: howtodecodemovies_banner

Well, its my first tutorial, so don't whine, just help me to improve.

Lets see somethings about decoding, specially about H.264 (x264).

Video is all going to be High Definition (HDV). It's not hard to find Movies, TV series (HDTV), receive TV in High Definition, but the big problem is: "How to decode that kind of movie?"
Some receivers (of Satellite TV and not only), DVD playe

Homemade Glass Mousepads

image: tutorialis8

Good morning Crossfire users, since a lot of people are wondering how to make your own glass mousepad, either for playing with or just for testing purposes before buying a real Icemat glass mousepad, I thought about making a short tutorial, it's easier than you think and it won't take that long.

This is not a fight between Homemade and Icemat mousepads, it just shows you an alternative way of testing a glass mo

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