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Movie Tutorial (Updated)

Disclaimer: Written by United Kingdom Hype, not me. Source

Most tutorials seem outdated so I thought why not make a new one.. (and as I get messages on a daily basis asking me how to do things, I can just link them to this now!;D)

Programs that you will need:

- Enemy Territory - www.rtcwfiles.com
- Virtualdub - www.virtualdub.org
- Sony Vegas 7.0
- Megui - http://sourceforge.net/projects/megui
- AviSynth - http://avisynth.org

RTCW 1.0 Pack - #rtcw1.0

image: img_3589537f4b5df41a7fadb8ecbf894da0

This pack is like the etpack for RTCW:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

This is the 1.0 version of RTCW, most servers here are cracked and don't require a rtcwkey. The competivite side has not many diffrences to 1.4, the biggest is probably that you can't see your own spawntime apart from checking it i

RTCW 1.4 Pack

Since Megaupload was taken down this pack cannot be downloaded anymore. There is a new one available here:http://www.crossfire.nu/tutorials/198/rtcw-14-pack-2012

With the recent RTCW-Cup announcement 1.4 gets activity again with a few scrims getting played every night. This pack makes it possible for you to participate even if you do not possess a valid cdkey.

The pack includes:
  • osp, wolftv and shrubmod

  • punkbuster + pbsetup.exe in the pbfolder in case you need to update

Aiming by Sock

Firstly, there is no magic sensitivity: there is no setting that will instantly turn you into a gaming god. Secondly, the most important thing is consistency: changing settings, tweaking things, is all fine and well for the first few weeks you play a game, but after this time you should really settle into a sensitivity you feel comfortable with; this is not to say that you shouldn't ever change, just don't try to switch from high sens to low sens if you're performing well.

The most important di

How to decode v2

image: tutorial_arrow Open the How to decode v2.cmd
image: tutorial_arrow Then, after the Add/

Tips for the newer/younger players.

Hello everyone.

This is a sequel/add-on to Mztik's article which can be found here:


Hello comunity, for those that have problems with Windows 7, here are some solutions.

First of all, ET/PunkBuster are fully compatible with Windows 7 and has been since its official release.


Before you do anything at all,

Download the latest PBSVC installer from the following link.


Uninstall, install, then press the "Test Services" button. Copy-paste the entire output from the "Test Services" window in a new note.

If thi

Promode movement: Art meets Science

This article was originally written by ix, I have tried to renovate it and add some new stuff.

There is a lot of myth and misinformation surrounding promode movement, people have heard that it is just a QW-remake and will have had this belief reinforced by ex-QW players boasting of their 'l33t' bunny hopping speed in promode. In this article I will explain what I understand of the movement and tricks available in promode, if there are errors or types of trick that I have missed please f

MovieMaking Hack - Take more than 9999 screenshots

image: img_f013a7c81703b3720e31240241f3e069

Download link: http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/cmmh/public/ (download both files)


Most moviemakers record their movies with high cl_avidemo values - mostly few hundreds, but in some cases goes up to 1 thousand which sometimes makes it hard to record a longer scene using such settings because ET has a very low limit of maximum screenshots it can take, that is 9999.

With this

Moviemaking pack

image: wad0000xa4

After get lots of spam i just decided to make my settings public.

Anyway this isn't a tutorial, this is just a litle pack with my settings. I will do a moviemaking tutorial when i get some free time / patience (in some months imo).


Quoteag0n settings (around 10mb)
ag0n settings (around 10m

Motion Blur in ET

I would like anyone who doesn't know what motion blur is to read these pages before reading anything else:

Creating motion blur
There are basically two different approaches when creating motion blur to footage that isn't already motion blurred. The first method is to record the material at actual playback speed, then use a third-party so

Mapping in ET for beginners

image: et_mapping_logo

What do I need?
You need a mapping program called gtk Radiant.
You can download it here: Gtk Radiant 1.5
In my oppinion is Radiant 1.5 the easiest to learn mapping. Many mappers still prefer Gtk Radiant 1.4.
If you want Gtk Radiant 1.4, download it here: [url=http://www.herrks-base.de/downloads/GtkRadiantSetup-1.4.0-Q3R

ET under Linux

EDIT: Added "About ET & TS", "About ET & Vent" will follow!

This is my first tutorial, so constructive criticism is appreciated.
NOTE: Iam using ubuntu linux 7.04, so this tutorial should quite match to Debian, Kubuntu and the other ubuntu versions. About other linux distros i dont have a clue to be honest.

First of all, when i tired to get ET running under linux, i was far away from knowing everything about it.
Thats why i want to thank some people who helped me alot first:

Capturing Using IMAGE-ET

image: image-et.banner

Getting Started

Firstly, you'd want to have everything setup properly with a separate copy of W:ET 2.60b + etpro 3.2.6
  • create a new empty folder named IMAGE-ET with two subfolders named etmain and etpro
  • copy the following files from your current game folder
    /etmain/mp_bin.pk3, pak{0-2}.pk3, cgame_mp_x86.dll, ui_mp_x86.dll
    /etpro/etpro-3_2_6.pk3, cgame_mp_x86.dll, ui_mp_x86.d

ET on Windows Vista

image: wolflogo& image: vista_logo_50x50
If you wish to play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on Windows Vista, my first advice is DISABLE VISTA UAC (What is UAC?).
[ To disable UAC, you just need to type in Run the folliwing line "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %wind

Converting your mouse to run Razer drivers

How do I make the Razer drivers work for my mouse?

All mice can be used with Razer drivers. This gives you the added benefit of being able to change X & Y axis sensitivity, amongst other things. The process logic is relatively simple: when you install drivers for a mouse, the drivers recognize it. This is because each mouse has it's own "ID" number. You need to know what "ID" your mouse has.

Lets use mx510 as an example:

Firstly you need to make sure your manufacturer'

Google tricks and shizzle #1

Are you fed up using Limewire/Ares/Bearshare? Does the spyware, fake downloads and slow speeds piss you off? Here you will find a nice trick to avoid all of this!

All you need to do is:

-Write: "intitle:index of" <enter your song here> mp3 Like this:

image: 14dplvl
-Then Click on the link: (there will be more than one)

image: 1zdn1gi

-Choose your song:

ZodiMizer (supports Win 8.1)

Apparently some minimizers won't work on Windows 8.1, so I quickly made one. It will obviously work on most other Windows OS's as well and is considerably faster than Minimizor if you use native resolution in game.

Annoying rifle shots! Supplydepot

Here is a quick tutorial to learn some really easy supply rifle shots!

The idea is to use a simple script to change the type, size and colour of your crosshair to make shots easier to make. So all you have to do is simply remember horizontal positions, and the crosshair gives you the perfect height for the shot.

I just put together a simple crosshair toggle with echos to cycle through the crosshairs for each shot.

// Supply rifle shots
// by crumbs

// Tested @ 1024x768, 1440x900

set west_

Watching gaming movies!

Watching gaming movies!

This tutorial will give you all the help you need to play any gaming movie (and any normal movie) in the world!


Most of the gaming movies released nowadays are x264 or Xvid. Most people do not know how to correctly play these movies in the right way. Here are some ways you DON’T want to play your gaming movies on:
- BSplayer

capturing image

First, get image here.

To use image, simply execute and point it to your application and where to save the captured images. Once loaded, set cl_aviDemo to your desired final FPS to start recording or use the following key bind for taking screenshots:

/bind x "cl_aviDemo 1000;wait 2;cl_aviDemo 0"

Motion blur and other effects are done transparently so there's no need to capture at higher FPS than you would n

Give back my fps!

Frames per seconds , that’s what it’s all about. Who are we kidding if we are saying we can play ET with 30 fps stable. If one wants to become good at Enemy Territory u just need a decent fps, no matter how good u are. Going from a weak to a good pc makes a huge difference. Playing without 43fps stable is not being able to use your full potential. But having the hardware for a good fps and not reaching that 125fps what u were hoping for is even more annoying. There are some very basic solutions,

HowTo: Install ET

Since I still run into some people that don't really know how to install ET, i decided to make a tutorial (mostly because I'm really bored atm).

First of all, you need to download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which can be found on these sites:


If the site is down or something, or you can't find some other download, simply write "WolfET.exe" in www.google.com or "download Wolfenstein: enemy territory".

If it wont install after

Basics in Quake 3 Connection

Here is some basic and little advanced info on the connection-related variables in the Quake3 engine based games like ET and COD.

Quake3 engine is somehow different from other engines. Its netsettings are not just dependable from one thing but sum of many like FPS, MaxPackets and so on and so on.

I've tried to explain basics on cvars that affects your playing. Cvar restrictions are from CB's configs.


Measured in Bytes per second. This is the maximum rate at which you will be ab

Watch live TV on your PC (free and legal)

image: zattoo_bull_head

Hi, if you watch TV whilst on your computer then this is good for you. Instead of having to look at another screen (if you do) then you can just use Zattoo.

Zattoo is currently available in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

1. Go to https://zattoo.com/en/signup and signup to Zattoo. Make sure you enter your correct details, you may need to activate yo

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