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Playing Field Ops - by jago

Here I will show you how I was playing fops for many years so you can try this as well if you are
bored of playing medic or something else.

As Fops you should know that your support will always hit the area from left to the right but
it depends where you stay when it says "Affirmative" or "On my way".
Here are two shitty examples:

image: fops1

image: fops2

The most important things are that you have

Finding MP3's

So, everyday I come across posts all over the net about people asking for a certain MP3 you've just started to get into, or just need one for a friend etc.
What quite a lot of people don't know about is 'Google hacking'
This is simply a term simply to take advantage, filter out and exploit Google in ways other than using as a basic Search engine.

Ok, so on with the fun stuff:
Visit Google and in the search bar type in ?intitle:index.of? mp3 artist-or-song-here

CRT, resolution, refreshrate & Enemy Territory

Almost since the beginning of my "ET-career" (:D) I have wanted to learn aim better with smg and pistol. I browsed some pr0 aiming tutorials and I noticed that they keeped mentioning the importance of high refreshrate of your monitor. I was using tft back then and I couldn't get more than 75hz out of it and nonetheless, I learned that flat screens are suckage for fps-games... Fortunately we are rich and we have many computers in home so I stole the CRT-monitor from one of them. I was a little di

Set Wolfenstein in english

image: wolf

For all user who dont have Wolfenstein in english and would like to. At instal, the game set up with the language of your windows keyboard.

Step 1: Change the files

  • First quit game and read on:
    Open "C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\MP\base"
  • Delete the zpak_your.language000.pk4
  • Download the same files in english, and place it in the samefiles.

GamesTV multikills Update 2

So I made app that parse multikills from gamestv ET statistics
journal about it: http://www.crossfire.nu/journals/149174/gamestv-multikills-from-stats
I will update current month stats when it comes to my mind and will have time

Fix the ET prob. @ Vista

I lol'd about all guys here who cant play ET @ Win. Vista.
I can play vista and want you to tell how to fix the problems of this O/S for et and other FPS. But first we have to activate some things. So lets get started.

First we go to our Enemy - Territory directory. Most times C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory.

Now click at your ET.exe icon with your right mouse button and select properties or something like that. ( I have dutch windows so ;p).

If you have the window with the co

Automatic RInput+SLAC+ET start

Hello Crossfire !

image: logoyg7

Most of you are already using it but i feel like sharing this lil tool so you can start your ET with SLAC, RInput, and any other tool you are using to play the game.

-> RInput allows you to override low definition windows mouse input (accurate untill 400cpi) with high definition mouse input (raw input, which is more accurate for high cpi mice). This is certainly useful for games like Wolfe

windows pimping tutorial 2 (in-depth (kinda))

Sup, I was bored and saw the windows pimping tutorial and thought I'd go more in-depth about some stuff. Before you read this tutorial you should have uxtheme patched already, refer to Waki's tutorial.
This tutorial has a fair amount of registry tweaking so before starting you might wanna do a registry backup. However if you follow the tutorial correctly there shouldn't be any problems so don't be scared. There is delicious cake at the end of the tutorial.

Let's begin.
I will take my desktop

How to start your own ET Server (Win/Linux)

Startup & Basics

To launch a server without going through ingame menu's (no proper server should be doing it that way) you need to run it with a modified Shortcut or batch file (or whatever) to give the initial setup. Some settings only work when specified on the command line, as below, and of course you need to tell it to load the server configuration file. An example for both Windows and Linux are below:


ET Moviemakers pack v0.9

image: 3599xyu


ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta*


After the success(?) of Moviemaking Pack, and after get some good and not soo good feedback, i've decided to improve the pack and make it more user friendly.
- ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 *beta* has a pre-installed Enemy Territory version with all you might need to make a movie properly. I've collected some softwa

Media Manager 3.0 The Basics

so i noticed that many people is still using the old media manager version to scan their demos, because they cant figure out how the latest version work at all.
Media Manager 3.0 has a lot of new features to simplify your scanning tasks it shows you each map sprees in a defined time interval from 0 seconds to 1 min which is enough.

So im gonna try to show you how to use the basic stuff.
First of all all do you need is Media manager and your ET game installed. you can download MM from here

Cleaning your devices

image: tut
Every soldier knows: Your performance on the battlefield depends on the condition of your equipment.
Not only the blood and brains of the fallen but also coke, beer,crisps, ashes, sweat and maybe even cum have a negative impact on your devices' operational capability. Keys start to stick, you lose grip and your mouse starts jerking. To put this to an end, here's the ultimate guide to clean your hardware!

Before proceeding

Fixing the MX518 Cable Problem

Disclaimer: I nor crossfire are held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution.

Overall this tutorial will be written purely to promote confidence, I do recommend, if you already have a replacement or different mouse, to try this. A free mouse is always a plus side. The change of the cable is extremely simple; you’re literally a few screws away from it working again.

You will only

Spawnpoint Toggle

image: spawn

Aiming by Raziel


Config folder
contains my own gaming config. The most recent one.
Examples folder
contains some frags and analyze of them.
Hardware" folder
contains a little info about tweaking and windows settings.
Sensitivity" folder
contains the info you need to know about my method to get better aim.
Tools" fol

Synchronizing ingame sounds with video footage for dummies

First of all I would like to state that I so freakin' hate when someone decides to put hitsounds in a fragmovie and they are out of sync (example). They aren't necessary, there are lots of n1 fragmovies without hitsounds, you want your movie to be better/cooler and stand out? THEN DO IT RIGHT!

Let's get down to business.

This tutorial is about synchronizing sounds recorded using wav_record. The way I use isn't perhaps the fast

RInput - How to?


I saw some comments like:

QuoteMy mouse won't move at all in ET now. Great :(

Quotei didn't have xfire open and i still couldn't move my mouse :S

Quotestart "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\RInput.exe ET.exe"
start "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe"
what did i write wrong ? : (
i have to start ET.exe first?

Well i had the same problem and its not rly hard to make it work.
All you have to do is:

1. Make

RTCW 1.0 Pack (Updated)

image: ezpytb9v9f76
Banner by dasBlAcky


This pack is like the etpack for W:ET. It allows you to start playing the game right after unraring the file and has all needed maps and usefull tools.

I've decided to upload this pack for the upcoming RtCW Cup in february/march and also because there have been some changes since last RTCW 1.0 Pack made by Ukrainetwister. PB & all 1.4 mods work now on 1.0 (and all bugs are fixed jus

Making snacks for Dummies Part I

image: dummiesqm5

This is for all the geeks and nerds on xfire who dont know what they are gonna eat when mommy isnt home. This is also _the_ best food in the world and we are worldfamous cause of it!

Everyone knows ofcourse what I'm talking about, about snacks and frituursel ofcourse! Cause you noobs dont know it abroad I made a little tutorial for you all so you can make it yourself! Save some money cause I'm 100% sure you will all buy a Fritu

Overclocking - Intel®

Overclocking – Intel: Pentium 4, D, M, Core Solo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme and Celeron D

image: intelp4mb8 image: intelp4extremepj2
image: intelcoreduolu0 image: intelcore2duoke5 image: intelcore2extremesw0

Update 02.12.11 - My guide for a free and awesome Windows 7

My guide for a free and awesome Windows 7

image: win7-klein

Mouse files

Hey, this is a useful bit of information and links to software which might help you all.
image: mouserate
This is a pack I put together for mice settings, keyboard fixes and random bonus files.
All the files in this pack are virus, spyware and adware free.

//Mouse Rate Forcer
//Mouse Rate Checker
//Apple Keyboard - Windows Keys Replacement
//USBPORT.sys Replacer
//Acceleration Remover

Windows Pimping Tutorial

Windows Pimping Tutorial

Remember, I never pay for anything so if you get asked to pay for something in this tut do not do it cause I managed for free.

1: Microsoft has locked the OS from having any homemade skins (or visual styles as theyre officially known) installed. The easiest way to fix this, which is completely FREE, is to replace uxtheme.dll, the fascistic file in question, with a modded friendly version. Neowin multipatcher is what you need and can be found here www.softpedia.com/get/

No smoke, you'll love it.

image: 3961155369_bd11089904

If you think beating cancer is a battle? Then you should try getting cigarette smoke out of a leather couch.

Ex-smokers and non-smokers alike will understand the necessity of getting rid of smoke smells and smoke odors. Whether the smell of smoke is in your home or in your car, you know it’s one of the worst odors imaginable. Cigarette smoke isn’t a quaint smell like a wood furnace or a fireplace; it

IRC for dummies

Okay, so heres a little guide for those guys who dont know how to use irc. This guide tells step-by-step how u get in crossfire channel : ) First i will tell u some basic info about irc and then ill go deeper.

What is irc?
IRC(Internet Relay Chat) is internets oldest and one of the most popular chats. Its kind of worldwide forum wich chatting happens in real-time. In IRC you can discuss with many people concurrently or in one to one private. The conversation happens wi

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