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Configs, Mice, and Mousepads

This was something I started a long, long time ago with the intention of finishing. This is as good as it is going to get. I hope you can enjoy the read anyway, and maybe take some advice from it.

Using Crossfire: or how not to look like a peon.

Most of you are new to crossfire, something which is evident in both your posting frequency and quality; you appear to have neglected the fundamental rules which govern this website, and for this you should be punished - However, due to negative publicity regarding the fair and balanced nature of this websites ruling overlord, The Tosspot, you will only be required to read this tutorial, multiple times, until you are able to recite its contents in a word perfect manner.

To begin, we should defi

Crossfire 2.0 Theme - How To

For those stuck in the past, necuz created a Crossfire v2.0 theme.



Instructions: Download Stylish, restart Firefox. Click on Tools -> Extensions -> Stylish and then on Options. Click on write and paste the code. Click save, browse to crossfire.nu and hit F5. Good to go!

http://home.arcor.de/drag0/xfire.txt (Hosted b

More FPS

Hi ! i gonna show u how to get more fps first download 2 programs click and click

Step 1

Turn on hijackthis and go to config and uncheck i Ignore non-standard but sade domains in IE.. now press back and scan

fix all program which u dont using my hijack looks that :

Speed Up Firefox

If you're not using Firefox, why not? In all honesty it is the best web browser out there now regardless of operating system. It's a sleek browser that is easily customisable and in light of the latter, I will show you all how to reduce loading times dramatically on a broadband internet connection, which most people these days have. Follow these simple tips and you can notice a huge difference too!

First off, load Firefox and type the following into the address bar:


Useful links for beginners

I thought about refreshing the outdated tutorial as there have been a lot of updates and new versions of programms, and also new discoveries from my side.

No more PB lag

I have tested this scripts (CMD) on a 1 core (2.4 GHz) computer and 128 MB video card and it worked great yes you will have lag on PB but not to mutch and not so hard.

E: Here the right one.

Quote// bAnga' Config Pro - Autoexec General
// version: 1.2F
// ©2009-2010 bAnga-Gaming. All rights reserved.

pb_msgPrefix "^0PunkBuster Client^3:^0"
pb_security "0"
pb_sleep "20"
pb_system "0"
pb_lan "1"
pb_security "0"
pb_LogToFile "0"
pb_SsLog "0"
pb_SsSave "0"
pb_logmd5tool "0"
net_port "27657"

Users with AMD Radeon Graphics and FPS problems.

This is just a helping guide for people who don't know how to fix fps if they have a Radeon card.

Did you get a nice new videocard, but still you're fps is isn't what you expected?

Then there possibly is a simple solution!

Windows XP to Max OS X

Download FlyakiteOSX v3.5 from: http://www.prosoftco.com/flyakite/download/FlyakiteOSX%20v3.5.exe

Then just double-click on FlyakiteOSX%20v3.5.exe.

image: img_73827aea1d935ca66c2789783299790e

Check the options you want to install and click on next.

image: img_603c8b1e3c95829f1590e6fa2513ac63

If you got a 17" or larger monitor then choose 128 * 128 otherwise choose 48 * 48.
And if you got a Wi

Fixing the MX518 Cable Issue!

Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for your mistakes or misplacement during this simple procedure. Opening up Logitech’s product DOES void your warranty, so proceed with caution. Logitech have a really good support base and they will assist you and mostly like offer a replacement as this is a well-known issue.

Link to PDF Version: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5658586/518/Fixing_Logitech_MX518.pdf

Moviemaking GUIDE for rtcw

hi guys , i'll show you my second tutorial here about rtcw and the moviemaking.

It's a video tutorial in HD , the package contains all the things you need , cfg , mod , programs (legal).

i'll just post the readme here on CF but you will need to download the zip package : 210mb fast dl link.


7zip : http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z915.exe

For some reason i can't extract with winrar , only with 7zip.


adamllis: Study of Syncing


I just thought this needed to be here, as so many ET moviemakers overlook the most powerful aspect of a gaming movie, syncing. I recommend everyone have a read, and start employing different kinds of sync, rather than just micro-syncing the effects to the music and giving us a boring movie.


Syncing, the interaction or

Shoutcasts and You

I get alot of queries regarding various aspects of tuning into a shoutcast, here is a brief FAQ that might answer some questions. I wrote this for iTG about a year ago.

How do I tune in?

To connect to an iTG audio stream you will require the common application, Winamp available from www.winamp.com – It is the same with all versions of winamp that you must take the address of the iTG stream, double click it and make sure you allow your :browser to open that file with winamp. Alternativ

OSX look on Windows XP

image: logo

I like the look of Mac OSX so I decided to post this on here for you.

Anyway, here it is.

Install FlyaKiteOSX
image: 1

UV MovieMaker Gold +image.exe

Since the new Uv moviemaker gold compilation didnt work with image.exe , i decided to move my "tutorial" to tutorial's section. HF

There is a litle tool that can help Enemy Territory moviemakers using image.exe tga's with HDR Bloom from UV MovieMaker Gold.

So, after we capture the frames with image, the output aspect will be something like this:
image: 95689773mz8

We can use a li


sol & plekter better have saved this mother fucking tutorial.

Windows 7 Ventrilo Lagging Audio Issues

You can get good quality communications by choosing SFX settings .There are settings in Ventrilo that can fix this problem . The idea is to use a compression sound effect.
1. Go to Setup under the Voice tab, and check "Use DirectSound," which activates the "SFX" button
2.Click on SFX that lets you add and remove effects from Ventrilo.Select Compressor and then click on Add.
You will get 6 settings for the compression sound effect.
Gain 0
This is generally be left at 0, unless you are experienc

Quake Live New Alt Faster Browser

Hello Quake Live players in this short tutorial I will show you some things what you can be interested in.

From some time you can play Quake live on Google Chrome (probably the fastest Internet browser), before that I was used to play on Fire Fox and guess what ? You can really fell the difference between Chrome and FireFox and after changing your browser from Fire Fox to Chrome you don't need to install again Quake Live plug-in, your configs and stuff (like you needed to do it with Internet E

Whine Bans' Parser v.2.3

Hello dear xfire user,

for those who don't know me, I'm Whine the leader of the France french busting community (enemyterritory.fr).

I always wanted to have a tool that allows me to search busts on databases of both references Pbbans & PunksBusted. I wanted to filter the results as well in order to only have busts from one country.
It could be possible web side if I had access to the databases of these sites... bu

SLAC Solution for Mac Users

image: 10gd06e

Since a version of SLAC will not be released in the near foreseeable future, an alternate solution has been found to address this issue.

Method 1. Notify [CB]Killerboy via IRC or PM him at crossfire with the date and time of your match at least three days in advance.

You can find him here: Killerboy.

He will give you validation and let you know if you

RTCW Study - Spreadscale

Hi guys,

I've got hooked on browsing RTCW source code and decided to make a video about the nitty-gritty details that shape the game. I decided to start with the mechanisms that controls spreadscale (recoil) of RTCW guns.

In this video I experiment with shooting guns while trying to explain what makes them shoot more or less accurate. I think it's a great overview for experienced players the sake of completing the puzzles and should be pretty educational for others. Either way I invite the dis

ET Moviemaking Tutorial

Tutorial by: #Infinity-Productions Disciple

Hi all (wnb) moviemakers!

A few weeks ago i decided to start moviemaking with my friend Xaero after i saw what nice things he could create with his moviemaking.
I wanted to learn it myself, so i started asking guys like Xaero, cannonize, ag0n, MYSTIFY, etc..
Now i understand this "moviemaking language" and made some clips myself, i got mailboxes full of questions about how i did it,
that's why i decided to make this for all of u guys.

I couldnt take

The bad interview mistakes

image: notextIt never ceases to amaze me how many interviews I see around xfire or indeed other sites come with presentation left wanting, relatively boring subject material or indeed awkward technique. Especially when the path to making a good interview is for all intensive purposes an easy one to follow.

The brief for this tutorial is to address some of the recurring errors people lull into making and to provide a template for publish

Windows 7 high ping fix

I got a litle update.
This whas my ping before:
This whas my ping after i add the litle update's to my computer:

I found it after remembering back when I was on vista

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted

Go into the command prompt under administrator (Right click, run as Administrator) and right click and paste. Finaly I dont need to g

Blurry look tutorial

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