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3D Lines Tutorial

A tutorial covering the aspect of 3D tracking in Enemy Territory and process of creating and compositing the 3D Lines effect.

Deploying ETPro Match Servers

The thing with competitive match servers is that they really don't vary much, they're almost exact duplicates of each other excluding a few configuration options such as hostname and passwords. If you go to a GamesTV ETPro server, and then hop over to your own - they will be pretty much the same.

When the servers start to become slightly different however, then problems occur - for example:
  • ETPro match servers not supporting ETTV.
  • Out of date configurations.
  • Staggered u

3D tracking by Nonix

Today we are going to make this:

You need following programs:
EnemyTerritory + image.exe

(1) Make a camera with camtrace3d

1) follow the screenshot:
image: snap2d

(2) Saving the screenshots

1) Open ET with the newest image.exe (use highest vid card settings that you want to use for the fragmovie)
2) Open a demo with your

Floating letters tutorial

Getting the latest ET-Xreal


ET-Xreal is the closed thing we're going to get to ET-2 (in my opinion) and its constantly being developed by Tr3b and his team. The snapshot posted on crossfire is already out of date by a few months. Therefore I'm going to show you how to obtain the latest content through sourceforge/git.

Note this is for Windows Only!

PARAZIT-Clan Admin Tools 1.0.3

image: admintool

nice pack of tools to administer a gameserver. Installation is not necessary, the exe is self-running.

Rcon Unlimited
Jaymod Admin
Demo Recorder
CFG Maker v3
Ban Manager
Cheaters Database
Core FTP
Et Server Starter
Map rotation Creator
ET Buddies
ET Server Setup Maker

Download :


Tune up your desktop

In this tutorial I gonna show you how to make your desktop look [cool].

At this moment I am using this theme:

image: deksktidud

On the left side you can see a thing that is called a Dock, it's like a taskbar where you can drop folders or anything else that would be useful for you.
I'm using Rocketdock, you can download it here.
So, when you dropped all your favorite folders and programs to the

CamTrace Tutorial

I did not know anything about CamTrace two weeks before the end of submissions for the ET Mini Movie Contest. There were no tutorials on CamTrace (the official was outdated and superboyy's was outdated and too complicated for beginners.) I was determined to finish my movie (100% cams) in time for the contest. What surprised me was the lack of tutorials on CamTrace. I put this down to ego movie makers who don't want any competition (please don't start an argument about this statement!) Anywa

Setup Your FFDShow

I was reading the previous tutorial from decoding videos by ag0n and I thought the tool he had made doesnt't fit to my image of adjustable or good decoder. Also others decoding 'tutorials' in crossfire has been quite narrow peaks to setting your PC up to hardcore video watching. That's why I decided to share my modest knowledge about FFDShow and video watching.

FFDShow is a tool for encoding or decoding many video and audio formats,

Common punkbuster/connections issues

This tutorial is for the ones who have problem connecting to a server and getting the following error: PB Guid Auth: UNKN or Awaiting connection... (while your mates are on the server).

The problem:

Something is blocking the communication between your system and cdkey authentication server, it could be a firewall, a router or anything that interferes with PunkBuster. Such as a firewall or other security program.

For the awaiting connection issue it is caused by an appointed net_

Running tournaments succesfully

Almost everytime time I play at a random cup, I get frustrated by the admins. Thats why I decided to write a few words about how running cups could be done better. All this is just based on my personal opinions and experience so this might not be the Universal Truth and sometimes you need to make compromises.

1. Being creative is always nice, but don't implement too many non-standard maps. People like to play cups to show their skills and prove something, playing random maps without tacs can

Ventrilo Music Bot

How to set up a Music Bot for Ventrilo?

its easy all do you need is Winamp and VAC .. i used Winamp v5.5 for this tutorial
you can get VAC here and Winamp

Unzip the package content
image: extractvac

Run the setup

get mp3 songs from youtube

how to get mp3 songs from youtube?

i know i know.. you guys dont care, but you might want to try it or you already know it.. but im pretty impressed by how cool and easy it works with the following programm :)


it should be the FREE FLV CONVERTER by koyotesoft

1) download the programm from the link above.. and install it
2) go to youtube and search for the songvideo you wanna strip of the video...
3) fill in the url of the song you wanna download at the

Max out your FPS [Call Of Duty 4]

- For everyone that missed my last Journal about this, Therefor im making a tutorial of it, I hope you like it!

- Here I am representing a config that can boost your FPS outrageously on Call of Duty 4, what this cfg does is basicly taking away every unneccecary detail of the gameplay.

- Graphics are lower wich will automaticly boost your FPS
- Settings are good and playable.
- Enemy's will still be perfectly viewable
- Last but not least, This config isn't a ugly config. The quality isn't tha

Make ET running on win 7 /new i7

Well someone told me that ET wouldn't work with win 7 (and new processors i7?)

I tried and I made it running great


When you are gonna installl, go on the wolfet.exe click on it with right mouse btn

Compatibility -> windows xp sp 3 -> check exec as administrator
Install and do the same with the patch -> windows xp sp3 -> simply exec as administrator

once you are done go to c:\programs(x86)\WolfensteinET\ And change your executables (ET, ETED) with the 2.60b

Now click on ET

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem ( SLAC )

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem ( SLAC )

Since there were several journals and forum topics about it, I decided to provide the solution for zeh drama.
!! Before reading this tutorial make sure you already installed the latest drivers for your graphic card. !!
Follow the instruction and your problem will be fixed soon.

Step 1: Open the Avira configuration, then do "Extras -> Configuration" and deactivate the automatic updates.

A Brief QuakeWorld Startup Guide

Thanks to Ake Vader for making this tutorial :)

Thinking of starting the journey to become a QW star player but don't know if it's worthwhile? You don't even know where to begin, or where to seek help? I thought i'd just put a little something here to guide potential players to the right place in the Quakeworld community. If you're a totally new player, then you could follow this little guide.

(fQuake) I don't have Quake or Quakeworld, what do i do?
This one is easy. For a couple of yea

Automatic SLAC on\off for HLSW

When SLAC was released, a lot of problems appeared. Some of them were were fixed, some didn't. One of the biggest problems for me was, that I had to constantly switch game exe file in HLSW, so i can play on both ETPRO and trickjump servers. After sometime I've decided to write a little tool which, will automatically use SLAC for all etpro servers, which don't use PB.

Hide that porn

image: hidethemtits

Okay, I know this is a very old method and some or most of you most likely know it BUT, here we go.

1. Put all porn or w/e into 1 folder....

2. Right Click on the folder and hit rename. Erase the name of the folder so there is nothing there.

3. If you try to stop here windows will tell you that you need to provide a name. So to get around this… with the name field still active hold down ALT and press 0160 on the number pad

ET Demo Launcher

image: iCG32

winamp Now Playing in ET

Winamp Now Playing in ET

image: 43746087nn3

- Download Now Playing plugin here

- Install plugin

- goto your winamp folder and open the folder "np_templates" and place this html file in it
Click save as...

- Press ctrl+p in winamp and goto plug-ins => general Purpose , double click on Now Playing plug-in v1.4

- Click on the

Customizing your Quake Live config & how to watch demos

image: dq21ia

A well customized Quake Live config that fits your preferences well enough is the beginning of good game play. Quake is one of the few games that allows extreme config customization. This is one aspect that makes Quake, in my opinion, better than all other shooters and creates extra opportunities.

Config Location[/b]]

Let’s begin with finding the config file as Id software has done a great effort hiding it for us. You can fi

How to add Popups in After Effects

After a lot of requests and questions about how to add popups manually in after effects, I made this tutorial :)

Video Mapping Tutorials

Some time ago I have translated a few video tutorials from a german mapping community (www.level-designer.de), which is now offline. Back then I did so in order to host all kinds of tutorials on www.nextgen-leveldesign.net. Unfortunately that page never got created, thus I uploaded them before they get lost.

Skip Rapidshare, Megaupload and Mediafire waiting/payment

image: skipscreen

Okay, this is annoying when you're trying to download your (il)LEGAL copies of your games. You get the download in parts from Rapidshare and you can only download 1 of them every so often or w/e.

Here is a simple add-on for Firefox that will allow you to skip the timer screen.

- Suports
# Rapidshare (don't click! it's automatic!)
# Megaupload (captcha action coming soon!)
# Mediafire

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