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Mods for Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is not just adapting the general DotA needs but also brings the abilitiy to change almost everything to your personal needs with User Mods and Applications.

HoN Modification Manager
With looking into a bright future full of apps and tools the HoN Mod Manager is an easy to use tool to enable or disable your modifications. It also checks the compatibility with your current version and checks each modifica

Make an avi from wolfenstein engine

Ok this is my first tutorial and sorry for my english (i learned it online)

Ok now, before you start,set up your hardware (To know how, read hannes' tutorial HERE )

Put your movie cfg** in C:\Documents and Settings\yourid\Documents\id Software\wolfenstein\base

Clean "Screenshots" folder

Open game and exec your movie's cfg**. Probably some commands aren't taken (id engines' bug..) Write them manually.

First thing

Windows 7 Theme Patch

You can not download a theme and install it in to your "D:\Windows\Resources\Themes" for windows 7 and vista first you have to patch 3 file's.

I got a tool for you guys.
I don't know of it works for Vista, you can patch them or unpatch them.

I have already patch it.
Go to my profile and click on "My Desktop" and then you wil see a link to see my theme.
But if you download a Theme for Windows 7 just look close, most Windows 7 themes are for Vista but not al.
Here a few links for Windows 7 Theme

Visual Basic .NET - SMTP Mail Application

This tutorial will show you have to create an application to send mail via your VB application. You can use this as an error reporting tool or something similar.

This is one of the many tutorials that I'll create. I will do them upon request as well.

So we're aiming for this:

image: smtpmail

Imports System.Net.Mail ' imports the smtp to be used
Imports MessengerAPI
Public Class Form1
Dim objMSN As New MessengerAPI.Messenger
Dim msn As New

How to stream GV to ET Servers

image: 6b5f5bb78bc1bd80fdf0cbb02d996a87

The steps required to stream your server are quite easier than you think, so here goes.

1) Click here (making sure the game is Enemy Territory) and select either the Windows pack or Linux pack according to your system.

2) Save the pack to an easy locatable path. (For me it would be to the Desktop)
After you have sav

How to install Windows from your USB Stick

This tutorial is ment to help people like myself who are with out any CD or DVD-Burner to install one of the modern operation systems. The tutorial is ment for Windows Vista and it's functions.

- A Mainboard which support booting by an usb-stick
- A USB-Stick with enough space [1 GB or more]
- A Windows-CD or just a Windows Image with the files from a CD.
- [Vista as OS]

" Oh, I don't have a Windows-CD, where can I get the image?"
I aint gona tell you some il

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