Make ET running on win 7 /new i7

Well someone told me that ET wouldn't work with win 7 (and new processors i7?)

I tried and I made it running great


When you are gonna installl, go on the wolfet.exe click on it with right mouse btn

Compatibility -> windows xp sp 3 -> check exec as administrator
Install and do the same with the patch -> windows xp sp3 -> simply exec as administrator

once you are done go to c:\programs(x86)\WolfensteinET\ And change your executables (ET, ETED) with the 2.60b

Now click on ET and do the same trick you did for installation.Compatibility win xp sp3 -> execute as administrator

Same for ETED

Don't forget to check the boc "exec as administrator"

Use pbsetup to install pb updates. Give it the right path c:\Programs (x86)\ W:Et enemy territory\

and you are almost ready.

Now if you have nvidia, go to your graphic card settings and enable the "optimization thread".

I had a problem with the resolution. My monitor is 1280x1024
Whatever is your windows resolution, to get the full screen mode, you have to set on et your windows' resolution.

Have fun :)
I don't see what these steps have to do with i7 CPUs, but I added this anyway.
someone told me to have problems after the pc change

I changed it too and now i am with an i7 and win7

I tried to install et my way and it worked out

sincerely i dont know if it's the i7 or win 7 or both to cause problems...

The point is that with that trick, et works and runs fine on win 7 (with i7)
Actually, resolutions other than Windows res are possible and easy to do.

After the first /vid_restart it might seem retarded (windowed, or weird fullscreen with black borders and a small game window in the bottom left corner or such), but as soon as you restart the whole game it works, providing that you have set the resolution to the one you want to in your autoexec.

Also, I don't need to run this game as adminstrator or in compability mode, running Win7 and AMD Phenom II processor.
I didnt make a fresh install since.... I forget...

Actively, I havent any ET installed....

My ET isnt on C: partition and ET dont use any registry..
You just need to copy et files into desired folder, re-setup PB... and that is all.

The confg files can be replaced as you want, ET uses that files to start the game in the new configuration.

More important than the subject of this topic is to make ET to run on CPU 1 instead of CPU 0, and... if CPU supports try to set high priority.
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