Windows 7 Theme Patch

You can not download a theme and install it in to your "D:\Windows\Resources\Themes" for windows 7 and vista first you have to patch 3 file's.

I got a tool for you guys.
I don't know of it works for Vista, you can patch them or unpatch them.

I have already patch it.
Go to my profile and click on "My Desktop" and then you wil see a link to see my theme.
But if you download a Theme for Windows 7 just look close, most Windows 7 themes are for Vista but not al.
Here a few links for Windows 7 Themes:

My profile

No Virus, No Spy-Ware, No Adware, No Bullshit.

Universal Theme Patcher x64
Universal Theme Patcher x86

no thnx
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