Hello comunity, for those that have problems with Windows 7, here are some solutions.

First of all, ET/PunkBuster are fully compatible with Windows 7 and has been since its official release.


Before you do anything at all,

Download the latest PBSVC installer from the following link.


Uninstall, install, then press the "Test Services" button. Copy-paste the entire output from the "Test Services" window in a new note.

If this doesn't work, do step 2.

Check if you have allowed PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB in your Windows firewall (if enabled).
Go the Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel. Open the Windows Firewall icon and go to the "Exceptions" tab. Check if both checkboxes for PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB are checked.

Also check in your anti-virus and/or firewall program you are running. You might have to allow both PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe with full permissions in your security software.

If this doesn't work, do step 3.

The credits of this step goes to HowieDouglas, say thanks to him.

-Open RUN
-Type in Services.msc
-Find PnkbstrA & PnkBstrB
in the second tab over on the top tick "Allow service to interact with desktop"
-close Services
-Go to game shortcut
-Compatibility tab
-Tick the box "Run as Administrator"
-Download the attached file
-Right click -> Properties
-Compatibility ->"Run As Admin"
-Run the .exe
-Run Game

Pb tool v1.1 download:


If this doesn't work, go play solitaire :D

You can say "Thanks" to Punkbuster Support and to HowieDouglas too., and to me :)

I hope this is useful for ET comunity, works in some other opengl games, and this fix work fine in Windows 7 32bits, in 64bits probably works too.

Have fun gaming with 7 :D
Thank you for fix my post :P
gj keep on
: ERROR from web server: 302 found
: checking for PB server updates
: Game: ET
attempting to download htm/ws-00001.htm <please wait>
**ERROR from web server: 302 found

can someone help me with this?
Hi kunqx, click the follow link and read the End User License Agreement, or skip it and press "I Agree to the PunkBuster EULA" and subtmit your problem.


Write the answer here if its useful.

thank you :)
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