ET Pack 2011

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Today I will release a new Enemy Territory pack with the latest updates, maps and TZAC as setupfile included. So every new player just have to download one single file instead of multiple files and patches.

I am aware of the fact that there is an ultimate installer or swine`s et pack already available but well time went by, some maps got changed and I thought with the current situation such a fresh version is needed. Additionally this download includes some useful links to scripting pages, starter guides and other information which makes this pack more interesting for new users. Feel free to share the link to your new gaming buddies, use it in case you have lost all your files or if you are just in need of a clean Enemy Territory installation. I have tested the installer with several CF members and they all had no problems but if you got an error or found a bug just let me know via CF pm. Check the bottom of this post for a full changelog!

image: trenn

ET Pack

  • all latest maps
  • TZAC included
  • low settings
  • should give stable FPS


  • default keys
  • useful links
  • easy to handle
  • just 380 mb big

Release date: 12.09.2011
Size: 380 megabyte
Download: image: et Primary Mirror by GTV
image: et Secondary Mirror by eicher
image: et Alternative Mirror powered by YCN
image: trenn

Thanks to all beta testers, hosters and don`t hesitate to promote our game a bit!

the pack includes:
useful links to starter guids/competition pages and scripting "how-to`s"
Enemy Territory 2.60b
Punkbuster (updated @ end of August 2011)
ET Pro 3.2.6
default key settings
low graphic settings -> should give "better" fps as default
all current competition maps (Braundorf_b4, Bremen_b3, Adlernest, Erdenberg_b2, et_beach, et_ice, tc_base, Frostbite, Karsiah_te2, reactor_final, sp_delivery_te, sw_goldrush_te, Supply, sw_oasis_b3, sw_fueldump, sw_battery, te_valhalla)
TZAC as setup installer
and should work with windows vista, win7 and win xp! if you got any bugs or improvements let me know!
very nice one, would rate it a 10 if its possible :) I hope you included a link to that site where you could download lots of configs.. did you?
ye there are several links to useful pages ;)
11/10 then!
Thanks man :p
Good job!
nice, helped me a bit
Nice but I'm sorry to say I liked ETUI more. First of all I don't like your config which totally will not give the best possible fps. ETUI presettings were better, did u even have any? Anyways good job and nice links etc.
ye, i once had etui..but was long time ago...and concerning hte config: i just made some settings - it is not the ultimate fps tweaking cfg but thats why i included some scripting pages and stuff so everybody can establish his own pwnage cfg ;D thanks anyways!
Well it's nice that on ETUI I could choose between high (nice config) and low (ugly config) + screenshots how does it look like. Maybe you could do something similar.
will add it to the to do list for next version (if there will be a new version ;)
auch minimizer am start?
if you ever plan on updating this, i wouldnt mind providing configs, you could also considder adding lightnings et minimizor (
Thanks this should be sticky.
nice one
Trying to get my mates to use this folder. They are getting kicked for excess flood, then kicked again for invalid pk3 files.

He has saved the ET pack in the (C:) drive and then used TZAC to run ET through the ET PACK downloaded.

Any ideas?? im not the best with computers haha
no other user had this problem. excess flood is something you just get if you spam a lot / if you nickchange too often or similiar...the kick for invalid pk3 is because of the excess flood. so if they stop getting kicked for excess flood they will not be kicked for pk3 stuff

maybe try to just run et and connect to a non tzac server..if that works try to download tzac from the official page and try it again..
Ukplayer - I can help you here. You have to go to then click on get an ET key. Save the download into the ETMAIN folder which is located:

(c:) // Program files // Wolfenstien enemy territory folder (or ETPACK) // ET // ETMAIN

then try and reconnect and it should work. Hope this has helped :)
concerning and empty console - use cl_noprint 0

Is there a place where i can download this pack as above links are not working
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