IRC for dummies

Okay, so heres a little guide for those guys who dont know how to use irc. This guide tells step-by-step how u get in crossfire channel : ) First i will tell u some basic info about irc and then ill go deeper.

What is irc?
IRC(Internet Relay Chat) is internets oldest and one of the most popular chats. Its kind of worldwide forum wich chatting happens in real-time. In IRC you can discuss with many people concurrently or in one to one private. The conversation happens with IRC client.

IRC channels are virtual environments where users come together. Many channels have theyr regular crew, who discuss in channel active and keeps it running.

IRC was created by finnish guy Finland Jarkko Oikarinen who is also known as WiZ. Little by little IRC has spread around world and become popular.

Lets begin
First we need irc client, and in this guide we gonna take the most popular one, mIRC. U can download it here if that one dosent work choose good one from here.

Everyone should know how to do this part but ill tell it step-by-step just to make sure.

image: asennus1rc0
Okay, so here is welcome window to mIRC install and advice to close all extra programs before continue. Click next.

image: asennus2db9
Next step is the licence and you need to accept it to continue the install, you can read it if you want but that will be pretty boring so agree it.

image: asennus3jp3
Next install asks where u want to install the mirc, if the orginal is fine just click next. Orginal is normally good if ur unsure, dont change if u dont know what ur doing.

image: asennus4zw3
Next we have to choose what will be mircs name at start menu, orginal is again fine so if u dont wanna change click next. If u dont wanna mirc folder to start menu cross the "Dont create any shortcuts"

image: asennus5vs1
Next we have some extra options to choose
[ ]Backup exiting files(Creates backup if u have old mIRC installed)
[ ]Create desktop icon(Sends mIRC icon to your desktop)

image: asennus6gz7
All your chooses in one window, u can check.

image: asennus7ow1
The install.

image: asennus8gc9
So now we are ready and u have mIRC installed, lets put cross in the "Start mIRC" so we can get mIRC started.

Next step, we have got mirc installed and started

image: mirchd2
Right when mIRC is started you will get pop-up light this. Fill your name, email, nick and alternative nick and after that press the servers page.

image: mirc2kn5
Okay, so we want to crossfire channel so we want our server to be Quakenet, so locate QuakeNet folder, open it and click random server. After that click select and u will get back to the preovius pop-up, press ok there.

image: mirc3wu9
After that locate this button from toolbar and click it.

image: mirc2gx2
After you have connected u will get pop-up like this, if u dont wanna it to open every time u connect uncross the "Pop up favourites on connect". Next write #crossfire to "Enter channel name to join" box and click join.

image: crossifrerv7
Congratulations ur now in irc at #crossfire channel, if u made everything like i said.

How to join #crossfire always i connect
image: mirc6zl8
Find this button in toolbar and click it.

image: mirc2gx2
Now u will get this pop-up again, click add.

image: mirc3ij6
Put options like in picture and click ok, u will get back to the preovius pop-up, press ok also in there. And now u have #crossfire channel in autojoin and now u can say you have irc. You can use these things also to get in other channels, not just the #crossfire.

If u have any questions or something just ask and i will tell, maybe someday i will add nnscript and authing part to this guide. I know my english sucks, so no flaming about that, just rates from the guide.

exla / / #Forsakens /
lovely tutorial, idle & perform @ #forsakens
I cant use mirc =< Too much buttons!
But I'm using irssi. Can I have a tutorial for that, please kind Sir?
I think u know how to use it .__.
Runescapen Suomalaisten Liitto :DD
Really usefull tutorial awsum
useless tutorial -> delete
[@TosspoT] its brilliant, i reckon there are alot of ppl with no clue that irc exists

Scarce hiljaa ;/
I had to have someone use msn remote desktop to setup mIRC the first time I used it :)

It's not the simplest program.
u dont have nothing to do i see :|
thats true, i was just bored .__.
Im using irssi, can you tell me why my ctrl + alt + "x" marks doesnt work?
forsakens still alive? o.O
Yes it is :D, atleast theres someone who remembers us from 05
yes, IronFist also remembered you.

btw. this tutorial might be usefull for our ET:QW beta cup enemies, we have to contact one of them via messenger and then give the server info so he can paste that to their game-thread. -.-
IronFist the Q3 TDM team rocked!
Finland IronFist the founder of .:CTN// :\
if you want a irc guide + noname script guide read this
Why u come say that to my irc guide ;/
Ai siäki oot viel hengis, ei saa unohtaa -SWI- Mortya
Ai siäki oot viel hengis, ei saa unohtaa -SWI- Mortya
chatzilla client for firefox works great here
Nice Tutorial =>
nice life you got there meight
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